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  • September 29, 2020 T U E S D A Y 29 september |Trust Spirit to guide you clear.
    T U E S D A Y 29 september |Trust Spirit to guide you clear.

    LOVES! We got Saturn moving direct today while it's in an exact square to Mars in retrograde - and that means A LOT. What we felt in the past few days, where we feel driven to keep going and to not give up on what we know are the best things for us, is going to go a layer deeper where we are NOT going to back down and we finally see that if we stick with things we can see the change we desire – and also that our hearts are speaking of these new things that we just know we can't let pass us by.

    MANY of you are about to fall in love with something, or someone, and it is going to grab right on to your mental spaces and keep you fixated into wanting to grow this deeper and get this stronger in your life. We are being sent down some rabbit hole but where we are to grab on to this and allow it to grow with life – even if it brings a lot of change or things that will have to come to the surface that you wanted to hide. You may also be stepping out of line and finally speaking up about something that you felt shame over or felt was wrong with you. 

    Compassion is about to hit the air-waves and for that reason you can expect to have stronger emotions at this time, leading you to mysterious places. Allow yourself to be led by your feelings and to listen to how you are led to make a change. You may suddenly feel like you have to hit the mountains or you have to get out in nature or you have to get in the bathtub. You also will notice instant reasons as to why you don’t have the time or maybe are too lazy to do it. But get yourself up and flow to where you feel driven to move FROM THE INSIDE.

    When a vision comes, it came from your guides using a lot of energy to get this message to you. So, follow from the inside and you will open to more miracles on the outside. We are to focus on trusting at this time as if we are listening for guidance and waiting for something to make the next move clear. See that all the focus today really needs to be on YOUR insides – and not anything else – but listening and then going, based on where it sends you – while EXPECTING that it will be something that was not going along before. This space 100% wants you to stand up for yourself but only after you really know what you are standing up for – based on what you feel inside your body. Allow yourself to believe the sun will come out again and a rise that meets your ultimate dreams is on the way.

    Don’t let others confuse you about your own dreams. Where they sink into hopeless fears, rise stronger, seeing a beautiful dream that heals what they see as reality. Be the Mama bird to their dwindling dreams and just plant your own seeds of something better for others to be walking. Don’t take their drama at face value, use your energy to see that something better is on the way. See them through their process by holding the space, not the judgment or the hate. Feel in your body that it feels better to have compassion. You are changing here, love! And this new way is raw and delicate and quite uncertain, but THIS IS THE WAY TO THE BETTER WAY. Through extreme feelings we see that we have our guides built in and really are NEVER alone in this. That gateway is priceless. This is when we start to hook up to Mama Earth and FEEL that she holds our hand. When we know we got our mama, we know we are safe here and we can trust whatever comes our way. GET READY to get more solid ----- but through a very watery and unstable journey to get you there. But know, you are on the road. You will be there soon. Stick with your new life – it's waiting for you.





  • November 19, 2019 TUESDAY: That idea you had, that you dropped? It’s coming back.
    TUESDAY: That idea you had, that you dropped? It’s coming back.

    Well, here we go. Get ready for this to offer some big surprises to what you THOUGHT was going down. With today we have another wake up situation where we 100% thought this thing was great and doable and yes, this is the thing – but now, almost out of the blue, something guides us backwards into something else that actually shows us that what we thought to be true is NOT true now.

  • November 18, 2019 MONDAY: You will shift in the blink of an eye.
    MONDAY: You will shift in the blink of an eye.

    And wow, yes, here we are again, sweet beauties. SO. Now we are really going through something unique in our bodies. There is to be some sort of wave where you go from feeling SO out of place and like maybe too messed up to ever get things going like you dream. But then you will rise, with your chest leading, into something that feels like it has you being seen -- and this will feel so good!

  • November 17, 2019 SUNDAY: To feel sensitive is to feel. Allow it to heal.
    SUNDAY: To feel sensitive is to feel. Allow it to heal.

    Oh sweet loves. Today you need to take it super easy because there are messes going on that deal with making something 100 times worse. BUT – if you don’t step in it, you won’t have to clean it up.

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