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Oh hello PLUTO moving into AQUARIUS! The last time Pluto was in this sign was over 200 years ago. This sort of shift does not happen every day! IN...

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Okay loves! Get ready to feel a bit fiery about life and to want change RIGHT NOW. We are SUPER fed up with certain aspects that are not moving as...

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Free Daily Readings

THURSDAY 26 January

THURSDAY 26 January

Today is going to get you by surprise where you suddenly feel like you are not good enough to manifest your dreams. So be on high alert that a wav...

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WEDNESDAY 25 January

WEDNESDAY 25 January

Today continues with what you left off with yesterday. But things will start to settle, and you will see why you were feeling what you just were. ...

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TUESDAY 24 January

TUESDAY 24 January

You are going to have really strong feelings today around things that do not fit or that need to be upgraded into a better form. You may even cry ...

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Let's help you create change.

YOU CAN DO SO MUCH RIGHT NOW to bring about changes. You are not alone and there ARE tools that will help you.


Life Coaching Sessions

I'm Kerryanna Vanzo and I am someone who can project your brilliance and show you the truth of who you really are. I also can see where you need to be and how you need to use your throat to get there. I am your friend for a month or longer, with meetings every 2 weeks.

Working with me, things will come quick and with grace. I promise a lot, but so far, my clients all are seeing it come true. Together, we can get you to some place hella better!


Astrologer. Writer. Life Coach. Activist.

Kerryanna Vanzo

Sun in Pisces. Virgo Moon. 1 degree Capricorn Rising. 4, 6 Triple Split Generator with only the throat undefined. Mars in the last degree of Sagittarius, in the last degree of my 12th house, in a T-square with Pluto/Black Moon and Sun/Mercury. My Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in the 11th house in Sagittarius is in a sextile to my Venus in Aquarius in the 1st house, which is in a mutual reception trine to Uranus in Libra in the 9th house. I was born to support you in these changing times.

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The Elements

The Elements

FIRE SIGNS ARIES. LEO. SAGITTARIUS. These signs are action oriented and very much about THINK and DO. They are ready to move on and start over ag...

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The Modalities

The Modalities

CARDINAL SIGNS ARIES. CANCER. LIBRA. CAPRICORN. Cardinals initiate and start things. These are the ones who say, “Let’s do this!” or, “Let’s get t...

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Moon Phases

Moon Phases

NEW MOON. DREAM ABOUT THE DREAM. As a rule with NEW MOONS, know that this is a STARTING POSITION. It is great to start and dream things that will ...

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here to support you.

Life can be hard.

It is a roller coaster ride.
Where NOTHING stays the same.
Not one single thing.
Our world view is accelerating,
and the mysterious feels can be some of the strongest
your body has ever experienced.
But I promise you!
We are in special times
where provocation births your gifts and passions
and new drives that are going to set you all free.

We are REALLY close to something REALLY different
and we are collapsing and falling apart in order to
discover something deep inside of us
that we forgot.
We take advantage of
or feel no value
with the things that really ARE our gifts!
So we stop believing or even think our things matter.
I didn’t share my gifts until I was 41.
And I knew I had magic about me, but
I didn’t feel that my gate was open or that it was time to come out into the world.
Not until I was 41, and got fired again,
So finally then felt like it was time
To get up on stage and tell you what I do!
Now, a decade later, I step higher
And become more supportive in
Being there for all your needs!
Allow me to empower you into your dreams!

it begins.

The Birth Chart Books.

In 1999, I was told that I would be channeling High Vibrational Astrology.

Over two years I channeled hand written pages, 12 at a time without lifting my pen, of information I didn't even know I knew, and that I was told would reach millions to help wake them to their truth.

None of my work comes from reading other people's work. It is 100% channeled and everything is an original work of art.

the signs.

Hi'ilani + Human Design.

In 2002, while living in Queens Creek, Arizona I met the very first student of Human Design. I had been working at First Watch in Scottsdale, Arizona, and she was a customer.

Hi'ilani asked me for my birth data one day and showed up with my Human Design chart (that's me to the left!) the next day. She said I would be able to look at the chart and know what it means without having to study it. I can't say that was the truth back then, but now I absolutely can!

Hi'ilani was the 2nd person to see me, behind Harry Belafonte being the first one. She died of a heart attack right before she was to reach that 4,6 golden time around age 52. I hold her in the highest esteem as being one of the most gifted people on this planet.

got the name.

Aquarius Nation gets a name.

My career was in a dreaming space until 2012 because I am a natural mystic and I could never work a corporate job even though I excelled with math.

I was using the name Galileo's Vision -- because I believe I share a soul with Galileo -- but on February 8, 2005, while living in the Bay area, I heard the name Aquarius Nation in my mind while out in my backyard, and raced inside to buy the domain.

she launches.

Our website goes live.

From 1999 to 2012 I didn't really know what to do with the information I had channeled.

Finally in December 2012 I figured out how to build a website on weebly and decided to share my work to see if anyone was interested!

Well. Turns out, I was 6 months booked with Birth Chart Book orders, and all over the world within the first few weeks! It was a wildly successful launch that was rushed in no way! But it WAS too much to handle from day one!

she goes deeper.

Galactic Guides bring news.

While on vacation by myself in Ouray, Colorado, I met these Higher Level Guides, where there were 12 people and one energy. They taught me the Galactic Vision Teachings and told me I would be doing daily energy readings. WHICH -- I did not think the nuances would be enough for me to do daily readings! When I tried for the first time, I realized I can access this space called the Reading Room where I can call upon any day, past or future, and FEEL what is going to happen or what did happen. In June 2016, I started the Moon Vibe Guide with weekly readings ahead of the times. Now they are called Good Morning Love and are a daily newsletter.

she evolves.

Crystals bring messages.

Up until 2021 I NEVER felt any energy from crystals. Before 2021 you never even heard me talk about them because I have to walk things to teach them, and since I didn't feel their power, I wasn't going to teach their wisdom.

But that all changed when crystal miners placed a handful of just mined Staurolite from Taos into my hands. THE MOMENT they were in my hands, I woke up to the energy and now I can blindly hold crystals and tell you what they will do! Wildly, my neighbor, who is born and raised Taos, can do the same thing!

So we now offer Crystal MEDICINE with prescriptions that can do specific things!

she finds home.

Kerryanna Vanzo

It's pretty wild that I have a name this rad and I never even thought about using it in my career! -- even though my family had a bar and restaurant for 99 years under the name of Vanzo's! So I KNOW the name is successful! But, I wasn't encouraged to put myself forward and to bring light to any gifts I possessed, so it DOES make sense that it would take me a minute. Took until 2022, and I wonder what took me so long!