Good Morning Love

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We are days into this energy so be aware that this is already happening to you. We are rebirthing into a higher expression and the birth canal is quite painful for many of you. Just know that you SHOULD feel like you are in trauma and are not comfortable in the world as we see it. You should feel tired and maybe with joint pain, digestion pain, headaches and mild depression. There will be some nights that you just CANNOT sleep and will toss and turn, especially around 1 to 4am.

This is getting us ready for a huge shift where our view on things will change. But be patient because this is just like going forward and now stopping to start going backwards. We literally are about to move into a new direction, and it requires trust that things WILL be okay and patience because things are not moving as quickly as planned. There are a lot of people to upgrade, but when you go through the feeling awake between 1 to 4am, you are CLOSE to shifting into a gear that will make you happy. DON’T WORRY. We need to empty before we get filled back better.

BE SURE to eat everything your body wants to eat, and likely it will choose for carbs. Be sure to be creative and work with your hands as much as you can. Allow yourself non-judgment on the couch as you watch all the movies. Be okay feeling like shit and not feeling safe in the world. THIS IS NOT STAYING AROUND. It merely is a catalyst to eventually get you off the couch and kicking serious ass. UNTIL THEN. Do and don't do with ease and allow it to just be.



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Energy update!

Be aware that you can feel super emotional this time and needing space. Allow the mystery and be what you need to be.