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FRIDAY: An old part of you is no longer a part of you.

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FRIDAY: An old part of you is no longer a part of you.

well hello F R I D A Y!

Moon: | Capricorn |
Numerology Vibration: | 1  5  6  |
Moon Phase: | Plant the seeds |



Okay then. Buckle up, loves. A part of the journey changes for us today and what this 100% deals with is that we are separating from an old pattern way – over the next 3 days.

How this plays out will be kind of unique in that a scenario is already in place but the triggers are waiting for us to experience them and SHOW how we respond to see if we really are walking our talk and vibing the truth inside, away from the pastel colors of an idea we WANT to be seen as.

So this can feel like a test in that you may get hit, over and over, by things asking you to remember how far you have come or what you have learned in ways of handling things better in life.

The test will come a knocking and you are being watched to see how you handle this. It ALL is perfectly timed to test you in regards to a next level opportunity to upgrade or improve a situation in your life.

BUT FIRST, to get through this gateway -- outside of the words you say and ideas you believe in -- WHO ARE YOU WHEN TESTED? When sitting on the edge of the cliff or feeling that the tide is out, what are you vibing inside? When feeling left out or as if you are not being seen, what are you vibing inside?

The tests that come today to see what is really going on inside deal with themes around your past and how something from back then is what is now holding you back.

And when provocation comes and you are tested, what inside of you is blaming something else OR looking at there not being enough to go around OR feeling that you were limited back then and therefore others have an unfair advantage? You may even need to get mad at expressing something but to feel what has blocked you is important -- and the test revolves around how you handle it THIS TIME. So when something comes in to challenge you or knock you down, what are you going to do?

Because of the tests of recent weeks we are getting real strong about dealing with heavy things in our path in a way that is like a warrior just doing the job that calls us to it. We have been learning to see how we use words that batter ourselves if we think we aren’t going fast enough or living up to some ideal we have been programmed to keep up with. 

And if we batter, our future lives take that battering. Those steps we have to walk next take that battering. Because, whether you want to believe in it or not, the energy we put out there DOES manifest what we then walk into.Things don’t happen lightning fast all the time, but we do eventually see the harvest of what we have grown. There really are judgment days where we show what we have sown.

That alone gives us passion to want to grow better next time, to learn by trial and error, and to see that when we fall we have the opportunity to do something better the next time around. We learn things deeper when we fall. Sit in the gutter of poverty and you learn the value of joy from living life when you no longer sit at that uncomfortable level. From climbing out of your wounded manifestations you earn the passion of never going back there again.

So today show what you have learned. Don’t go back to some limiting, fear-based space where all you see is what is wrong or what cannot be changed because of something already in the past and long gone. SEE for a new way, a surprising solution, SOMETHING that sheds light on rebuilding all things with love. Take what you have learned and walk your higher self today. You HAVE learned the lessons. You CAN pass these tests. Be a good dog. You got it in you.




Be a good dog.

You got it in you.


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