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FRIDAY: A new direction forms! A long awaited dream grows closer!

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FRIDAY: A new direction forms! A long awaited dream grows closer!

well hello F R I D A Y!

Now loves. This is a really weird week for many of you. It’s like you have lost grounding with what is reality or what is really going on. And today I was finally shown another piece of WHY we have all been feeling so heavy. And it’s kind of funny because now that I GET IT, the way I feel about the heavy FEELS DIFFERENT.

So, we have been led down this path where our feelings are really making themselves known but we also realize we need to, day by day, be with them because things change and we wish for things to be easy and this to be THE ONE and this to be THE TIME but we seem to be needing to learn through mistakes or to learn through us buying into the shiny apple and then finding out it’s not so shiny after all and was just putting its best foot forward so as to appear to BE the shiny apple. 

And we all do this. The internet programmed us to do this. So the real of people tends to be a bit in there, further up the way, once you get to know them better. This is the same as dreaming of owning a café and then the reality of owning it and walking THOSE steps.

Where we THINK we can do something, we are being tested to see if we really can. But the journey on paper is not the same as the journey on foot. So -- we need to expect MANY CHANGES at this time, as we need to go with the flow and feel out which next direction to go.

But we all go in some new direction now as a piece of our LONG AWAITED dream is FINALLY being laid down.And this may deal with another person or something that has a real strong connection to you. You may also be doing something with your writing or business or website or something where FINALLY a piece comes together. So hold anticipation today and focus on where you want to go but realize you may be taken to different places if it IS for your best on this day, when we learn A LOT. 

Now PEOPLE are really showing up in this reading and we are coming together with others where we need to make the choice of giving them our time or not. Be clear with people and base it on the feelings in your body but making a choice and saying NO is part of what happens today. So do for you and believe in what you feel called to do.  We are being given experiences where we need to value ourselves and our space, and what happens today is something that clears the slate so it’s important that you do not let someone, with their drama or fighting ways, where you are on the opposing side, even enter your day.

Others can confuse us. And we already have been feeling pretty confused. So as our process settles and actually becomes something clear for us to see, it’s important that we do not give our space away to the point we forget who we are and what WE are feeling.

Now all the feeling things have been HUGE for most of you this week and the piece I saw as WHY was ultimately to get us noticing that we DO need to ground ourselves and be aware of our feet on the earth -- and the heavy feeling, which brought many lessons for us to learn, was also getting us to pay attention to grounding and needing to earth ourselves when we are in storms that have our bodies going to and fro and our minds back and forth in processing WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? 

Without grounding we are more likely to be “taken” or manipulated or led astray but with grounding we can feel what our bodies are saying. And the test of now is that someone is saying something that maybe is not so true and, if you don’t ground, you can be taken down a journey that you don’t need to be on. BUT, if you ground, you can hear the truth and feel which way to go. So stomp your feet hard until you FEEL THEM down there and then feel what your body is telling you, feel what your heart is telling you, feel where you are being guided to make a change and GO towards something that you know is here to elevate your soul.


~ have a beautiful day! xo KV




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