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FRIDAY: Awareness and a plan will save you. (OCT 4)

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FRIDAY: Awareness and a plan will save you. (OCT 4)

well hello F R I D A Y!

 And now we know something, and it is moving us forward in a brand new way, where we maybe need to think about rebuilding and seeing what we can NOW produce after this bit of information has hit us. 

So how we expanded yesterday is where now, today, we want to create a plan or think through how to walk this and bring it to reality, staying conscious that we have to be in this now and dedicated to the process of breaking through the obstacles and limitations that keep us BELIEVING that things will be harder than they need to be.

Our addiction to horror movies, with terrible things surely to come, has played out in our lives where we too apprehend and hold ourselves rigid, thinking everything not rosy and nice is something negative and a sign of our demise. It’s no wonder we brace ourselves, but our muscles can learn a new way and it takes the rebuilding process, where we move through the pain as we do the new things, where maybe there is no gain in sight, but still, inside, we are on our plan, climbing our mountains and keeping with some dedication towards a better life or view or opportunity or experience than has been known before.

And we stand in this important space, as we level up and finally declare that we will do the action, with the dreaming, and believe that whatever we need, will come true. I was just shown the image of roller skating around the rink and how that mentality is what we need, because we are on skates, which is not normal for our day to day, and we have to be conscious and aware because we don’t want to fall and we know how easy it is to do, and then we could hurt ourselves which would hurt our future. Instead, we focus only on the experience and living it and feeling it and figuring it out and being the climber who is 100% present with where to go and what to do next.

Like, listen to the music, weave in and out, and plot your future moves while remembering you could fall on your ass at any minute and do serious damage, but NOT if you stay present at all times as you do your thing.

On the road ahead I do see some issues with some tests to come and that is why today we need to get into this new form within a plan so that it can be where we stay grounded when others come at us to pull us down into old memories or paybacks or things neglected that now are brittle and dry with need.

We do need to pay attention to this, but at the same time, be warned it has a lot of love draining energy to it that can shift you into depression or sadness or things that make you think something is wrong with you for being the way you are. So just be aware and SKATE past this and see it like a row of challenging hooligans to get around, keep your eye on the vision ahead and GET to that open space where you can then not have to feel down because others are doing things that make you feel down.

Just do this step by step and keep going around the rink, looking for open spaces to rest and do your thing. Others ARE there and you CANNOT control that, so stay fluid, but know things are saturated and they can hit your flow, bringing you down low. And each step needs you paying attention where you KNOW you are executing a plan, and that it will not last forever. We don’t live at the skating rink. We go there on occasion. This too is an occasion that will pass. So don’t stay around in any ruts and keep your eye on the prize.


~ have a beautiful day! xo KV


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