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FRIDAY: Our feelings are driving us to do something big.

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FRIDAY: Our feelings are driving us to do something big.

well hello F R I D A Y!


Moon: | Gemini + Cancer |
Numerology Vibration: | 0  2  |
Moon Phase: | Bring it forward |


Something returns around this day and it has changed so that now it DOES seem to be working and is a viable option for what was confusing us recently. This brings a sigh of relief and it is also another aspect coming in to show us that we CAN trust life and CAN walk through the mystery and not collapse into a heap just because life is often way more intense than our minds imagined it to be.

This also is softening people and possibly humbling them for the purpose of getting you thinking about your THOUGHTS. It is so easy to think our way through life but we are realizing that walking it and feeling it and discovering more of it, through a lens unique to self, IS also a viable option that we can seek for and attain. And I have never said viable before and now used it twice in a reading! What could that mean?

So. Do know something may come in to change your perspective and I feel it will be from turning it around and seeing it in a new light, possibly provoked from what got you feeling really emotional or unstable. And this deeper pondering into another side of things, from sensitive feelings, sheds light into something that will change a core element of what you declare about what you need to feel safe and supported in this world.

From the unstable, you discover the desire to dream for something stable AF and from this new determination, rising from the depths of your soul, as if you are meeting old parts of yourself who now push YOU forward. So we can feel stronger with the changes coming and I feel sort of cocky in my body as I do this reading. Not negative, but sort of like sure and okay with being who I am and not really caring what anyone else thinks of me or feeling the need to alter who I am to please them or match how they expect me to be.

You will notice this change in yourself and others. When we can be free of worrying so much about what others think of us, we ARE free. That is the key! But. To release that clutch into the negativity we must show ourselves from a place of feeling called to do this or go for this or say this or take this leap of faith. And we all are hearing these calls. We all are standing up and saying something or reaching out and establishing something again. Movement is here, along with where our hearts are feeling super called to do something about this. So it’s unquestionable and it’s also full of meaning to us. 

Therefore, get ready to REALLY feel in the days coming forward but to see that it is guiding you in a way that is downright magical. The energy of people who have passed and of times from long ago is still really saturating our spaces. It’s like most moments will be filled, where you are suddenly smelling that old time or seeing it totally vivid in your mind – being at that park, shopping in that arts district, wearing that hat when you were 8, walking through that hallway and catching a whiff of something that happened 20 years ago, sitting in that lobby of the hotel you were only in once in your life.

We just flash, flash, flash, and this has something to do with the other world we are creating and living for WHILE still walking and living the old world of today. But it can be a trip! Many of the things can feel very nostalgic, taking you back in time.

Just realize it is all to inspire you, ultimately, to live the magic of life and how you have been fooled into living 10% of what you could be BECAUSE of how you process the things of life. Holding yourself into a form that pleases everyone else first is unacceptable. That attracts you a life that does not match your true form.

You must do for what feels good to you, even if it seems to let others down -- and allow that true essence to be what manifests you a life that matches. I see this as being gay but not allowing yourself to truly live it – and then, decades later, finally BEING it. And then, from that opening and awakening, new opportunities surface -- in all directions. Like never landing the dream job and only doing things that felt like they weren’t a match – and then getting the dream job and seeing that IT HAPPENS. 

The life that awaits when we choose from our true selves is magic. Now it’s on you to do so.




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