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FRIDAY: This new expression of you is ready to rise.

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FRIDAY: This new expression of you is ready to rise.

well hello F R I D A Y!

So do be aware that all of us are getting some tests right now with this open gateway, where people are coming our way and we are seeing the old role we had with them, as we are ready to show ourselves in new ways.

BUT to show the new way isn’t so easy, because if it was, we all would be evolved and not incarnated here on Earth learning all the big ego lessons. So all big leaps of change require we somehow humble to our egos and see the error of our ways as we climb into the mode of correction.

Somehow we have danced with others where we ALL have just been playing by old world rules -- and not that anyone is to blame or any side of anything is really wrong -- BUT we do need to create a better dance where we are coming together and wanting to understand and make things better.

Like, all of you will start to notice where you are WANTING TO HEAL and wanting to go back and make something better and not just let it be when, from this perspective in time, we see that we have things to correct that require us to write letters or send emails where we just really connect again and let go of our hurt.

Realize that energy is attached to all things in our lives that have imprinted us negatively, UNTIL our feeling body no longer digests it as negative and instead it ACCEPTS and sees to the other perspective where power is found from being flawed or damaged or wounded or totally left out in life.

When we go to acceptance is when things blossom in new ways in our lives. And with the answers coming and the things we had NO IDEA were even going on beneath the surface, we now know, and this acceptance is inspiring CHANGE with paths opening, closing, shifting, turning upside down, and totally showing up out of the blue as THE most surprising events of our lives.

This is what comes for us shortly. And what I feel in this energy room is that we are really being assisted to be hopeful and to want to be good and to want to pay attention and to “dance like we need the money” because we are AWARE that if we do this one thing, we get this other thing that can help us do this OTHER bigger dream thing.

So walk gracefully and do one thing at a time but with the attention of doing your best at all times. This is when we most have to be present in life. We have to take it in and not want to change it because it is so horrible that we feel horrible about it -- but change it because it IS so horrible and we feel AWESOME about how we would rather it be.

Like, we look into the negative of the 4 but with the 60,000 on our mind. (Read yesterday’s reading) and not fall into spaces where we lose hope in trusting that we ARE onto something and things ARE going through a process that will get better.

The test is, don’t see the negative as we heal it into corrected form. Don’t affirm what is wrong!!! Just because something is so unbearably ignorant doesn’t mean you have to act or see the same in order to try to fix it. You have to see that the behavior is a cry for help and you can be the nurse and try to fix them the best you can, or be the critical judge who holds them in the position that you so do not want them to be.

This is like looking at yourself in the mirror and being the judge who says you are so ugly and pathetic and flawed to the max OR the nurse who says, “Looking good, babe. Keep up the healing process! Good job at keeping with the self-improvement work. See you next month for your next check up!”

So conjure your nurse and let’s clean up what we see outside of us that often is our own personal mirror anyway. How can YOU see this into better form?


The test is don’t see the negative
as we heal it into corrected form.
FACE the negative
And water it with love, love, love.
Until it becomes just that.

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