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MONDAY: Absolutely not.

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MONDAY: Absolutely not.

well hello M O N D A Y!

Moon: | Aquarius |
Numerology Vibration: | 1  8  9  |
Moon Phase: | Start to get the ball rolling |



All things violation-al will be on your mind. All things that have kept you back and are holding you under their oppressive thumb are on your mind. The things that hit and run – while denying all accountability – are presenting and our bodies have a lot to say about this.

First off, do know that you need something to ground you today because the air waves are heavy with something that needs you to be practical and not to get too lofty or carried away on someone else’s path that will bring nothing but dysfunction to your day.

If someone comes and throws stones on your path, don’t make anything of it, just keep moving along the best you can. IF you choose to engage and go there and express your hurt feelings then you can and will go totally overboard and end up feeling DEEP in tears for how wrong you got it when you could have gotten it better – and have the tools within your intellectualized way of thinking TO do it better.

You are being asked to value yourself and to choose your battles wisely. Something about the battle of today is not for you. It is THEIR thing and you passing this by IS the test today.

Truly, we can only choose to not engage when we value our space and our time and our energy. Dysfunction doesn’t fit when your plans are getting good things done and living the good life; someone throwing stones on your path should be NOTHING to your day. We really can’t control others … so control or filter the way you have to handle them. Use your power to take and receive and make better. Don’t think like you just have to absorb or partake at all, as if you are some 24-hour café.

DO expect that your mind and your mouth are QUICK to draw boundaries and to declare things unacceptable if they are violations to any and all things.

I have written so many times of us reaching this ENOUGH point. But never before has it had the steam of this moment where, collectively, we are facing the darkness head on and cowering in fear NO MORE. What needs to be tackled, we face. What needs to be seen, we take on what we can and allow others to take the rest.

Inside you will notice that your FIGHT is growing stronger but from this peaceful position of doing it for justice or doing it for future generations or doing it FOR THE PURPOSE of bringing about a better solution. We don’t fight to be big babies, lashing our wounds around, all pissy-pants with each other. But we DO fight to defend the babies or the Earth or what needs us to stand up for it.  Kali doesn’t look for a fight, walking as if she is ready to blow -- but if it arrives she is 100% ready to defend to death. 

Our fight for what is right rises because, the proof is inside, that we love ourselves more, that we value ourselves more, and that change from within lifts us like helium. Now we rise as we defend, we rise as we dream, we rise as we walk whatever world unfolds for us. No more slumping. Sadness is as normal a state as nighttime darkness. 

The path that greets you is for YOU to travel and rise above. So feel the emotions of what is there, but don’t let it steer you into interpreting your life in any sort of negative fashion. The new you RISES with life. Ain’t nothing there to break your faith as it’s only really to empower your passion.




Sadness is but a normal state.

As is nighttime darkness

that moves along just so

and for just so long

to then bring huge shine

to morning’s rise,

where a new day begins.


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