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MONDAY: And now we RUN downhill. This feels better on our knees.

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MONDAY: And now we RUN downhill. This feels better on our knees.

well hello M O N D A Y!

Good morning, loves! Everything has gone lopsided from what we were getting used to and now our focus is on doing things, as in now we are on the part of the mountain journey that takes us on the decline, where our legs can move faster with more things GETTING DONE!

THIS FEELS GOOD. What I feel, which we all needed at this time, was to first experience running on empty somewhere in our lives to then appreciate what we had and grow the willpower to go out there and kick the ass that needs to be kicked to get our things full and overflowing.

So we face things that leave us in confusion and get us on the edge of the cliff and take us out of security or something known and comfortable and FROM THAT feeling experience, we grow wings where we decide to get up and live life and not just watch it or talk about it. 

The instigation to create the new comes from the empty. Just as me doing the 40-day fast inspired me to only eat alkaline plant-based foods now – and to be 100% satisfied doing it. Getting to that empty changed me in the biggest way yet, in my entire life, which is why I will be talking about it big time, real soon!

But understand that the days of only intellectualizing things have finally, in a way, met capacity. Therefore, desires for things you can touch and LIVE, through your emotions, and things nostalgic and familiar and the old ways that we think of as simple and real ARE what comes next for us.

Today we start moving on something that has been in the works and in wait for SO LONG but this somehow will hold us or support us or will nurture us in some way, so we are all about putting our energy towards collecting this up or doing the things to stockpile. Our focus is going in on improving something and we really don’t want to be distracted from what we want to be doing! We don’t mind others joining along with us, but the naysayers, we don’t have time for.

Expect that some people are short or irritable as they are sort of consumed on getting things into place and moving some ball forward that seems to have a deadline or the feeling that it’s now or never. Also DO NOT fight today. Like, avoid that one with all you got because if you are NOT DISTRACTED then you will receive insight that gives you this energy and passion duo to correct and ground things in your life. So feeling free to be you and just do on this day is important. Others can throw you off your game and then you will be in their drama for a few days forward. 

With this new SEEKING for “real life” – that came from us experiencing the empty and that being scary and destabilizing – we are going back to the old ways things used to be done and each of you will be thinking about your little imprint --and knowing that a lot of us are doing this too. So there is a collective energy that is growing, where the small people are feeling more powerful, TOGETHER.

Therefore, we also are thinking about having people in our lives and not just doing it all alone or only for ourselves. The idea that we are doing inner work FOR generations to come really needs to sit steady. This is all worth it, but it’s not just about us anymore. We are moved to the edge of the cliff so that we can fire up our passion – WAKE UP -- and get it focused on saving what we can.

When looking at our lives in this way, we FEEL for our futures and we don’t want to stay focused on the regret of our past so much that it eclipses our hope of what can be rebuilt and grown again in a better way. There is a way to start over again and we are all stepping into something now that CAN be better than our past.

~ have a beautiful day! xo KV

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