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well hello M O N D A Y!

OKAY WOW. OKAY. So first thing. SOMETHING SHIFTED and now we are in a gateway that has opened for the purpose of COMPLETLY shifting that thing we have been working on that got off track over the last 5 to 7 years that you are THINKING ABOUT NOW because something stands in your way. 

It IS what happened to you by something with force or it was something where you couldn’t say no because of not valuing yourself or it was something you DID have the opportunity to change but because of fear, held back on. THAT is now in our paths and showing us that we must pay attention to this AS WE FEEL IT in a different way.

And for the next several days this VERY SPECIAL PURGING gateway is wide open. So understand too that this is 100% as if you are going to the dump on Saturday so whatever you have, ready to let go of, will be GONE. But if you don’t look around and clean things up then nothing maybe will be gone or changed.

FOR THAT REASON. We may need to be discipline drill sergeants with ourselves right now where we are making our happiness important. And that means all this heavy shit that we beat ourselves up over needs to be dealt with and with love and with the knowing that this IS NOT TOO MUCH to fix. If you think it is too much, if you try to bite a huge piece or gulp the whole situation, YES it may make you sick, but that is what you have done all along and it kept you escaping what needs to be done now.

So whatever. We all fuck things up in this game of life, but LIFE is about learning, not about being perfect from the get go. The more fucked up you are, the higher you go. To falter ain’t nothing to cry about when Autumn finally hits.

But over those years, WE GOT OFF PATH and have limped along making something work, but now everything in you will be opening, harmoniously mostly, to just doing this and facing this, FACING those things that you SO WANT TO ESCAPE FROM.

The harder the task; deal with it now because you will walk in a whole other way after we leave the dump and then that heavy old pattern is GONE. This whole year we have come back to this position and lifted the scab, bit by bit. And all that bit by bit healing is what now will show in your body as a feeling that YOU DESERVE TO BE HAPPY AND SEEN AND VALUED AND ENJOYING the life that is out there still waiting for you to choose for it.

With all the garbage around you, it’s hard to have energy for the dream. But with this push of GETTING IT OUT, with no fear or limiting thoughts allowing you to believe that you will be outdone by anything, you WILL PUSH YOUR WAY to the front because you do not deserve second best things. And they are only around you because your old value system allowed them in. And THAT is changing.

This is your journey to the light, my loves. And I want you to notice inside your body that you are ready for the challenge, even though, yes, NONE of us want to face what we have to in our lives. But we need LIGHTNESS and that which weighs us down will NOT be allowed to remain by 2020. So the heavy that we feel is the alarm and flash light pointing into what needs us to LOOK, but from the perspective that solving this will bring us more happiness in life where we DO feel that others respect and value us.

So how YOU have agreed to stand in your way, YOU are about to clear. Time to find our correct path again and believe we WILL be living the dream.

To fall on our path
is to have the opportunity
to rise again better.
We learn our greatest skills
Down there.
We earn our deeper colors.

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