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TUESDAY: We got to do deep to get you lighter.

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TUESDAY: We got to do deep to get you lighter.

well hello T U E S D A Y!

Okay, we are TOUCHY with each other right now, so be aware that sensitivities are heightened as others’ things just hit us in ways that are TOTALLY unexpected.

You may even have one thing that you thought was nothing, but it triggers this other feeling inside about not feeling like you can believe what you HOPE will happen in life where you are FINALLY seen and celebrated. SO it can feel like a bubble bursting or making you think you are delusional and can’t trust that you will be loved or live your dream or get over some hurdle.

BE AWARE that this is just a test and where someone certainly can get you running back into escape mode where the challenges at hand DO seem too hard to face. We must accept that going into our depths and doing shadow work and solving all these inner mysteries is always going to come with resistance or some polar opposite thing slamming into it in the process.

The great things seem to come with big opposition. So you doing the great thing that is clearing your baggage and fears and negative nilly things MEANS opposition will come in to try to keep you from rising, which happens when we clear. So this is just like, hey it’s going to rain, so bring an umbrella instead of being taken off guard when the opposition comes in. Be ultra-aware that something wants to get in your way.

But don’t brace for fear, see it in this positive way where you are just so ready to get there, and you are expecting challenges BECAUSE you want to be in the know and rise over them as quickly as possible IF they do occur. Not fear that they can take you down. That is the thought we need to lighten up on in our minds. We need to stop expecting that others will win or that we will lose in regards to not getting and not being supported or seen. We must be like the summer trees and wait for when autumn hits, knowing that our process is unique but always moving along.

This time is busy with things hitting us that we won’t understand until tomorrow or the next day, but when we do understand, it’s one of those next level things. So as we move through “the green” (trees when not in spring pastel of hopeful inspiration or autumn deep color of actual manifestation – the space between our ideas and what we manifest = “the green”) we must expect that we have no idea how long this will last, when it will shift, what our eventual will look like BUT we know to go into the direction of our autumn color sharing times.

The process doesn’t stop. Just as the leaves then fall and serve another process in decomposing on the ground. Nothing stops or ends as it all is transforming into something else and then something else again. And you need to just stay forward with the process and NOT run back into the past that you are so ready to walk away from.

Opposition will try to pull you back “home” and you need to be DEDICATED towards this part of the journey in doing “the green” of this time where you walk your talk and figure your way to a new path that is lush and full of life, like you KNOW is out there, like deep inside you know there is something better for you as you heal yourself and value yourself.

So this time has been about showing us that we don’t know until we get into that day and THEN WE KNOW. So A LOT hits us and gets us further dedicated on opening to this path where our hearts are speaking and choosing for things that bring us joy. But who knows what we will suddenly feel the need to leap into or take a risk on until we get to a day that shows us something and THEN WE KNOW. We are close to that day! So hold on and keep with me. We gotta do deep to get you lighter.



The great things
seem to come with big opposition.
You are a great thing.
Expect and flow with opposition.


~have a beautiful day! xo KV

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