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MONDAY: Do not engage in that fight! Hold tight to your space today.

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MONDAY: Do not engage in that fight! Hold tight to your space today.




well hello M O N D A Y!


Today we may wake up feeling a little frazzled but we aren’t going to let that stop us. There seems to be a lot to think about and something has brought in a sudden change that now we are racing to keep up with. And one big warning on the day is that not everyone is going to be handling this energy with grace. So people can really lose it over things and your job is to just not let it affect you.

This is a day you need to try not to change someone else and instead go with what you are seeing and just let that be okay. Do execute your right to leave the scene if you don’t want to be there but don’t take any of this with you. Don’t give away your day to someone who wants to argue something that THEY are being brainwashed to believe in, or whatever. Like, people are fixed with their beliefs right now, so VALUE YOURSELF and do what is honoring of you.

Now we also are learning this week to release that thing that CHANGED US over the last 5 to 7 years. We look into some cycle where we see how we got off path or something altered us, which then manifested us things that have not made us happy. And this particular issue is one we have been fixated on how to fix this, while not knowing how. 

UNTIL NOW. This week, from the value that is rising in all of us, from the work of last week, we now start to manifest things that show us we ARE loved and we do have a place in the world and things WERE ALWAYS going to work out.

And the shift that happens now comes out of the blue and FAST. So this energy can be where you have waited for the answer and worked something into place forever and wondered about how to rise over some hurdle, and now the gate opens.

We are in a new space now but we carry the tools of Saturn and Kali. So we have this new wisdom to keep with things and to see for the solution and upgrade, instead of the fixated focusing on just the problem or whose fault it is that we now have to deal with this problem. This new heavy warning feeling inside of our bodies gets us to pick our battles and prioritize in new ways.

Now, one thing that is really big right now is that people are VERY confused and you may notice that it’s hard to stay grounded. Your thoughts can be full of this back and forth motion where unthinkable things keep popping in and they may have to do with concerns over money or stability or safety in the future, but again, this is building steam in you to really create and go for a life that DOES hold you and provide for you. So talk them down, but listen to how they do make you want to get away from what they say or prove them wrong. I am NOT a loser.

So you may hear thoughts that say you are too far gone or too old or too much time has passed and, as you snuff them out, I want you to see how it moves you TO DO and not just sit and waffle and go back and forth in your brain, but DO from the thought or feeling that is different from what you used to do. But DO instead of hold back and wait and wonder.

Remember that I’m asking you to live as if you know that you only have 1 more year of “normal” life. Our choices change when we think short term and the decisions we need to make are what we regret NOT DOING when we only think long term. Long term says I should use my money to buy a house and then put all my money into savings in case something happens down the road. Short term wants those same things but operates through the senses and when a feeling rises that says MOVE TO LONDON, the money is used to believe in and manifest that dream.

So long term keeps us in fear, actually. Short term keeps us in the moment. Thinking we will live forever means we let opportunities pass us by. Thinking we are going to die soon means we live on a whole other level. When we get older we regret all the opportunities we missed but we missed them because we were programmed to think long term.

So the world is showing us ways where we need to be more spontaneous and in this moment and GRATEFUL that we have what we do right now. And, from that energy, all the connections and coming together we could need, will start to happen in our lives -- and then FINALLY, WE START TO RISE.

~ have a beautiful day! xo KV 

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