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MONDAY: You need to avoid this! Don’t let it hit you. It doesn’t have to.

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MONDAY: You need to avoid this! Don’t let it hit you. It doesn’t have to.

well hello M O N D A Y!

Moon: | Taurus |
Numerology Vibration: | 1  6  7  |
Moon Phase: | Start to get the ball rolling |


Something about yesterday was trying to get us to look at something else and to not only give our attention to this one thing – allowing it to fixate us. We were to take where we were feeling magnetized in a negative way and shift it to seeing that this is NOT all there is!!!

Usually the best solution, when stuck, is to get things moving and to NOT accept this as defeat but rather to move along and allow the solution to come to us over time.

Instead, we hammer into things and force them to move, FORCE the way to reveal itself to us. When we force like this, we DO move things along – but what we are seeing in our lives is that when we force it to move, it ends up not being exactly what we want in the long run. It’s a quick fix to some emotional need, but it’s not the best thing. And we only see this down the road when we finally look back and question why we felt the need to rush things along.

So allow your hindsight vision to already be in your day because you HAVE TO AVOID THIS THING and it’s something that can frazzle your brain and totally keep you from finding this other world that is available for us to hook into right now. There was something about “heaven or hell” here now and we are actively pushing the boat in whichever direction we float.

This means people are OFF THEIR GAME and many are drowning and reaching out to anyone, freaking out because they just can’t handle life anymore. I just hear, what am I supposed to do?? The anxiety in this reading is intense because it’s also so influential.

And to SEEK FOR THE OTHER WORLD is what we have to anchor into at most moments around this Full Moon because of this gravitational flow of those in pain, wailing and pounding things because they are so incredibly done with this.

BUT. You, my loves, who have found my readings can feel safe in this energy because AVOIDANCE is the name of the day. And it’s like how I say I am THE BEST driver -- but I also am super crazy in the moment because I TRUST NO ONE on the road. Not any of you get my faith where I just relax and trust. I am aware of everything going on around me.

The other day this big rig was going too fast, or all of us were, when cars ahead slammed on the breaks and he was in the lane next to me, but behind me, diagonally. I already saw what was about to happen with him so I yanked my car over to the left as far as I could go to give him room to come in my lane -- and he followed me. Giving him those extra feet kept him from slamming into the car in front of him. It was beautiful and my best move yet!! Although, upon further processing, if we had been off, he would have slammed into me and I was up against a concrete median wall so I would have been a smashed penny on the railroad tracks. I didn’t factor that in at all though!

Anyway, it showed me that avoidance got us working together and we all ended up okay because of MY INDIVIDUAL CHOICE. I am always avoiding accidents as you’ll often see my car sway out of line to avoid something. I DO NOT ACCEPT accident and most people do! They fly right into them.

And you need to NOT FLY INTO what WILL BE on your path today because we can’t waste your day to what it would become if you got in a car accident with piled up traffic and cars. So honor and value your space and remove yourself from places where bad things could explode. Look into this other thing and choose for the higher road.



Keep it real and trust what you feel

– is this situation possibly explosive?

Then remove yourself.

You have permission to choose

For the better day.   


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