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MONDAY: You will shift in the blink of an eye.

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MONDAY: You will shift in the blink of an eye.

well hello M O N D A Y! 

Moon: |  Leo |
Numerology Vibration: | 2  3  5  |
Moon Phase: | Bring it forward |


And wow, yes, here we are again, sweet beauties. SO. Now we are really going through something unique in our bodies. There is to be some sort of wave where you go from feeling SO out of place and like maybe too messed up to ever get things going like you dream. But then you will rise, with your chest leading, into something that feels like it has you being seen -- and this will feel so good!

But where you are on the wave, ya know, who knows? But DO KNOW after this wild journey into sensitive spaces, and then confusion, and then insecurity, you wake up in a new way about something that deals with your career path or something with yourself that needs more attention.

We wake up in a new way around this day because we are finally making space FOR OURSELVES. And that means we use our voices, we share our things, we keep it real, and we ALWAYS stay alert in our mind spaces where we can potentially be manipulated and robbed of our power, essentially.

And we SEE the manipulation through our gut and through the feelings we hold down and try to hide away behind our fake facades – which we can’t be blamed for, but when we honor our feelings, our façade takes on different shapes and flavors, actually. We grow less robotic and programmed. And -- it operates like a wave, too, because you don’t know what is coming in, but if your feelings do change, it is because of something around you that changed or something giving you new data to PROCESS. It’s like you have eaten something, eaten energy, actually.

I somehow just got woke to the sex trafficking trade a few months ago and there are like 26 million people being forced into sex, against their will, at this moment. A market that is fueled to be that large with stories I’ve heard of being with like 30 men a day, and every day.  And. This was totally new to me. I mean not really, but the scope it has become in recent decades floored me – and that it is going on right now destroys my calm.  

It has even changed my social life personality!! See, I feel everything. But I was not allowed to honor my feelings and all the bad I would always feel around people, or men mostly, was something I did not understand until I watched this documentary about the sex trade. 

NOW I KNOW THAT FEELING and I ONLY smile if you are not gross and vile. If I feel that icky, you get none of me. My face is badass and deadpan and I’m swiftly moving by you and far away from you, forgetting that your hurt soul was hurt -- and now hurts another.

But this WOKE ME. And not just to the movie topic, but to MY VALUE and to the brilliance of my body that DOES LET ME KNOW what is a NO. That our bodies do this for us, that they DO guide us. It woke me

And we ALL have feelings that have been hidden. We feel hurt when we don’t get attention or if we don’t feel seen -- and those are feelings that NEED to be felt. Those feelings MATTER. They tell a story of what is REALLY going on beneath that surface, behind that sweet smile, behind those marketed words. THERE IS AN ENERGY. 

And we all are growing stronger and WISER in deciphering the reality beneath the illusion or manipulation. And my loves, this IS a good thing! Allow your colors to flow and roar and do their thing. If you are called to the dramatic, do it up. Make your point. You are allowed to. You have permission to keep it real.



Allow your colors

to flow and roar

and do their thing.


Do you.

Don’t do others’ expectations

of you.


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