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MONDAY: Your better life is SO on the rise. Patience, my love.

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MONDAY: Your better life is SO on the rise. Patience, my love.

well hello M O N D A Y!


Good morning, loves! So the New Moon in Scorpio hit late last night so therefore we also celebrate today. Although I have a feeling that many of you are still in some space that is a bit shocking or that brought a light to something that you maybe were not ready to hold just yet.

But realize, we never think we are “ready” or think that we can handle certain things in life -- but we DO. And we grow stronger later on because of it. Ask all people over 40 who have officially awoken from the dream of what they thought life to be. They all know we somehow got through it all and are stronger now because of it.

Something about time is hitting us and this brings the feelings that so much of our life has passed too quickly -- and we want to make more of what we have left. This energy MAY come as a depressive sort of feeling but don’t misinterpret it!! It is the same as the change a car makes when putting on the breaks to stop and how your body has to adjust to that different flow.

This feeling can have you feeling sad because it brings change to what was just going along but also, it is coming as a notification that change IS on the rise and things stuck and not moving ARE about to get moving in a whole new way. THIS feels exciting to me and I got goosebumps as I wrote those words.

Like with birthing and what we have known so much of the past few years, things sometimes feel harder before they get better, but they DO get better. We’ve been in so much harder for so long that we all are a bit confused about what we can believe in and how we can really find a world that we feel safe in.

And that is why we must continue on and keep through “the green,” KNOWING this is something important to face and that dealing with possibly making a decision around letting something go or releasing something you have allowed to just go along with WILL be called out of you. 

You may have someone who forces you to draw your boundaries and to speak a loud NO. You may even have to give this NO to yourself as you finally now HEAR how you are saying words you would never say to another person and with this negative edge that is not being fair. It is HURT expressing in hurtful ways. And this NEEDS to be seen because this sort of energy just pushes things away! As do our wounded expressions push away the love and care we most desire to see from our lives. 

So we have to SEE how WE are contributing to what we see around us that needs to be untangled from us. And if this means we need to protect ourselves and put up boundaries because of too much being allowed in our spaces, then so be it. An open-door policy is so “kind” of you, but setting boundaries is so honoring of you.And honoring means you will be a better you for everyone else to enjoy.  

Notice that you are feeling stronger and dedicated to getting the jobs done. This energy comes as relief for many because it has been so hard TO DO, but now something will sort of lift you and get you going towards what needs to be dealt with so that you can start feeling free in life again. It is coming. A new cycle is officially born and unfolding. So listen to what you are hearing that needs you paying attention to it clearing itself out of your way. Something blocks you and YOU have to decide to face it this time.

A new cycle
Is officially born --
And unfolding.
Allow this new way
To reveal your better life.
~ have a beautiful day! xo KV

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