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SATURDAY: Draw your lines and say how you need it to be.

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SATURDAY: Draw your lines and say how you need it to be.

well hello S A T U R D A Y!


And SOON, here comes the decision or the insight or the THING long awaited that finally rows your boat to shore.

Now, nobody is EVEN giving up just yet!! But do know that desire will reach some of you because living in the green and in the confusion has been going on for so long --- and ready you are to show your autumn colors and see the light again in your life. Consider this wish granted SOON. Stop worrying and fiddle sticking around where you don’t need to be giving your time or attention.

You will have a lesson today that says, HEY, you are voting for where you put your focus, so be a leader and focus where it really matters or where the best can be served. A decision will need to be made and you placing value on yourself, as the first priority, is a part of this equation. At least on this day. It’s where you have to make a decision for the whole but FIRST it serves YOU best.

Like, I’m still figuring out how I want to share myself with the world with what I know and how I want to share that. But my new directions are going to be 100% me first. Like, they have to first fit me and THEN they will fit all of you even better.

Where we spread ourselves too thin, we don’t really excel or give anything our all. And boundaries are needed so that we can create a life that supports our bodies and minds being able to follow through on what we desire to do. Like, someone can be a water person and live in the desert for only so long. OR they have to create compromises that help support not being in their true element.

And our boundaries are things that we have to physically express and declare and define. They don’t just throw themselves into place. We don’t just come with boundaries built in. Again, it is something in life where we are learning to not just allow something to be because it comes at us stronger or confuses us or throws us into submission – but to stand up and say NO because it DOES NOT FEEL GOOD IN OUR BODIES.

Each NO drives us into a safer position in our lives where we are clear and with definitions in place.

And, my loves, be aware that bringing boundaries almost 90% of the time brings rejection or an attack or opposition. And that often confuses you. But now you know, so let it go and look at the 4 with the eyes of the 60,000 supporting you.

You ARE SUPPORTED to draw your lines and to say how YOU NEED IT TO BE, no matter how another interprets how much BETTER they think you need to express your feelings. Don’t be gas lit, though it is to be expected -- so like when you hear it’s about to rain, bring an umbrella; don’t just stand out there and take it and allow it to soak you.

Be in the know, but KNOW you are the one to rise here and to express whatever “irrational” in the eyes of others things you are expressing or needing to get off your shoulders. The warning is just coming that others are trying to throw you off track, but if you know, this won’t distract you at all. 

AND it’s ultimately the test that gets you to the other side so that you aren’t changing so much from the power or dominance of others conditioning you to go THEIR WAY. And we’ve all been conditioned like that.

So we all have to give loud NO’s as we awaken our value again to realizing no one should have ever been allowed to cross any boundary with us – but everyone has only known boundaries crossed, so we all walk in dysfunction UNTIL we learn more respect with ourselves. When we value ourselves the world looks totally different. 100% truth. 

But you got to get there to see it. You got to heal yourself to manifest the opportunities. You got to fight the walls that others put into place, holding you into their expectations, and you got to knock those down and put up YOUR OWN BOUNDARIES where they are not allowed to infiltrate your system all willy nilly and decide how your life will go down.

Others have confused you and it’s time to stop. From your rising value all the pieces will come together -- and when it’s time to know, you will know. But do get ready. Because answers are coming and coming and coming.



I’m choosing for me today.
And how you handle that
Is on you.
Not me.
It’s not my problem.



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