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SATURDAY: Go towards the things that support the original you.

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SATURDAY: Go towards the things that support the original you.

well hello S A T U R D A Y!

Moon: | Capricorn |
Numerology Vibration: | 1  6  7  |
Moon Phase: | Plant the seeds |



Okay, loves. Here we go. We continue with those tests from yesterday where your response is what EVERYTHING is about. 

Just getting you to SHOW SOMETHING is what is being tested out of you. And with the greatest of hopes it is that you are showing yourself as this leader who has walked what you talk and who now is changed in regards to a pattern created from a wound inflicted.

This one in particular deals with something of recent years, and not from childhood.So where something let you down recently, you now are to rise as if it never happened, and to manifest from your old self who had more innocence in belief about what life could one day be.

When we wake up from the sudden shocks of life we take on altered states in regards to how we WOULD otherwise respond. The shock changes us. The trauma alters our course.

BUT. We are to never be stopped by what tries to stop us because THEM TRYING TO STOP US is just a test on this obstacle course called life and we ARE now being asked to NOT take on their perspective of things or their energy telling us we can’t do or we are messed up as per their handbook of rules.

THE OTHER plays a big part in our lives right now and we are figuring our way through challenging situations where we DO FINALLY take the high road and do finally rise above how things WOULD have affected us before. So, that thing that ALMOST causes you to go low on, GO HIGH ON and if only because this day is a test and I am letting you in on the answers. You got the answers, so use them.

Now this time is clearing a lot for us where we are facing something, then making a decision and then releasing or pulling closer. Something within our bodies is starting to accept that we don’t need it all to be happy and that taking on too much is TOO MUCH to carry on our shoulders.

Taking on everyone’s opinions and their take on what is possible about life is ONLY acceptable if they are singing a sweet song about what they hope to one day see manifest out of a hat.

And today brings you people who do NOT vibe the sweet nectar that you NEED those around you to also affirm in your own nectar garden that is growing. We need support -- and we know it. And, from the people now showing up, you see who supports you and who leaves you hanging and wondering and wasting your time.

But remember, YOUR VALUE SYSTEM MANIFESTED THEM. So what they show is what you see AND SAY about yourself too. Where they let you down, you have been let down before and now a voice speaks harshly inside where maybe you see you are flawed or been so wronged that you are TOO WRONGED to ever make right ever again.

How they hurt you, you now hurt yourself. It’s unfortunate that all humans do this, but the rise out of it is exhilarating! And in life there are peaks and valleys, and rising out of pain is something that makes life worth it all. Coming out of struggle is better than any temporary drug.

And when that changes, when your value system is back in original form, THAT is when your peoples arrive and the things that help you build anew FINALLY come in to confirm and support and be the other side of something that had been left empty for so long.

So know that this time is VERY SPECIAL. We are seeing things come into completion -- or separation. It is IN, or OUT. But with this crystal clarity of NO MORE or FINALLY.

So as you empty, get ready to fill it up better, or rather best. We continue to transform and are ON THE MEND so seek for the things that support where you long to be.  Release this old completely.




Our sense of value

manifested this. 

Does it make you happy?

If not

You aren’t loving yourself enough

Just yet.

And that’s okay.

One step at a time.


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