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SATURDAY: I bet you will choose for home!

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SATURDAY: I bet you will choose for home!

well hello S A T U R D A Y!

Moon: | Cancer |
Numerology Vibration: | 1  2  3  |
Moon Phase: | Bring it forward |


Oh sweet loves. Good morning! Something has taken a bit of a turn today and it’s ultimately an important layer that solidifies something from the Full Moon on Tuesday. What it feels like now may be a squishy mess or something that is very uncontained and not that comfortable in your body.

But this is okay! It’s something like a wave that is building where before there was stillness in the water. It can bring rumbles or feelings in your belly that have you feeling like it needs care. You can be worrying because you notice a slight change and it causes you to think maybe something is wrong. But. Nothing is wrong. Get used to this slight tilt to the day that tries to get you into worrying and feeling that you are out of control and it all is way too much to handle.

Do understand: this energy is not lasting long and you certainly can avoid it and keep from buying into it.

Now, keeping it real, you will be making a choice today and it is about staying at home and nesting in glorious and supportive ways OR going out into the world where, most definitely, you will be bumping into a lot of people or feeling that everyone’s emotions are somehow being felt by you.

It is a day where you stay home and shield from this overabundance of something going on right now -- OR be out in it and see how that goes! It will be wonderful in all places and also torturous in all places. We feel it ALL today. But. Where you are to go needs to come from YOU choosing this. So get ready to choose today and to know this is the best thing for you.

Now what hits you today is going to be emotional and it’s very nostalgic and going to times past where there IS a lot of room to feel regret or to feel that maybe you have gotten something wrong or there is too much damage to heal. Just flow with those emotions and memories and do know today wants you to correct them or to somehow support them into healing.

And how this is showing up is that we need to communicate and write letters and reach out and connect again to people that we have neglected recently. What has been neglected is reaching the light of day because all the pressure is just mounting into too much for us to carry.

So, within this day you will be guided to do things for you that help you to feel safe and taken care of. Because – when you think about it, when we are all over the place and not taking care of things, we then feel like all the windows are open in the cold weather and that everything is sort of out of control. And there are things we can do today that get us feeling safe again. 

For some of you this will mean you HAVE to stay home and redesign and sew new curtains and prepare all the food that your body wants to be eating. For others, it will mean coming together and maybe doing all those things group style because around others is where comfort will be found.

But we DO need to feel held in some environment and if where we are is cold and brittle, do something about it.


Good food,

Space to be creative,

And a soak

Will make this feel better.


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