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SATURDAY: BIG SHIFT!!! But big test, too. BE PRESENT!

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SATURDAY: BIG SHIFT!!! But big test, too. BE PRESENT!

well hello S A T U R D A Y!

OKAY THEN!! Here is the shift, it is here – and now things roll along in a totally new way and I feel people are REALLY ready for this.

But what I first want you to sit with is that all the pain of recent weeks or even months, for some of you, got you really yearning for something better and got you standing up and paying attention more than you were last year.

So the pain awakened a yearning for the things we need to feel safe and sustained on this planet of ours. It’s like how you don’t think about something until it’s almost gone or gone and then it’s like WHOA. We go into a totally different stance when we are about to fall over the cliff or about to lose something important to us.

And all of us have needed this wakeup call with our lives, where we are living beyond the wound and how that shaped us to be who we are today. The fear and the scarcity feelings are all a part of the programming and NOT how we need to assert ourselves in life -- with a shield and the instant feelings that we need to fight for or defend. If we DO, we will know, but we don’t need to start with that.

Scarcity means you think you are going to be the loser. Abundance means you think that things are going to work out. And really, my love, which one would you rather focus your mind around? Which one feels more like the visions you do hold for your future?

GUIDE your thoughts. Do not allow them to stay in the position of failure as the test today is seeing if you will and if you do, you are not remembering what you told yourself to do the next time you lost faith in yourself or your creativity. 

Something or someone may come in and plant some seed that gets you doubting yourself but this is to get you to springboard up and snap that down and walk FIRMLY into knowing that you ARE, IN FACT, accomplishing your goals and manifesting your dreams -- no doubt about it.

Today is that day when it’s really just like a joke of a test and when we pass this trigger we don’t get tested on these days anymore. Instead, what happens is that days like today are when we are seen in some way, where others respect what we bring, and opportunities come because our essence or vibration has changed.

So know that you are working for betterment at this time with what drops on your path that gets you losing hope in yourself. ACTUALLY from that low you are to yank yourself up with feelings of self-worth and that we CAN CHANGE and that we CAN HEAL and that we CAN GET BETTER. The low we all have been feeling was just to get us to WANT those things and to “dance like we need the money.”

We have to put energy towards and work for in order to jump up on the train of our dreams. Something deep in our soul has to say I AM READY FOR THIS and we have to do something to lift our bodies up ONTO the train. Or we can stay on the couch and watch movies about other people jumping on the trains.

From the low of last week we now know that we are ready to get moving into the life or project or love relationship or new job or new apprenticeship of our lives.

We are ready to do it this time and the energy WANTS to give us what we dream. So stay alert and focused but be aware that drunk drivers are out there and YOU need to see what they don’t.

We need to be PRESENT because that is where our body is telling us and warning us and waking us up. And with the change rising and the out of the blue coming, we MUST be here now to pass the test and get UP ON the train with the Full Moon rising in Aries tomorrow. LET’S DO THIS!!!

~ have a beautiful day! xo KV


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  • Oct 13, 2019

    Thank You for the effort to share your beautiful self to the people Who are open for this, like myself. It’s a big support! Today i’m going to reveal a secret i carry with me since 10 years… i feel supported by the universe and your Words help me to have trust and confidence to get this out of my system to heal and for the better. NAMASTĒ X Esther

    — Esther

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