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SATURDAY: Believe in a dream that is better than anything yet seen. (OCT 5)

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SATURDAY: Believe in a dream that is better than anything yet seen. (OCT 5)



well hello S A T U R D A Y!

Okay, so first off we now reach the bottom of the moon mapping wheel and this means it is time to put things into action and finally start to see that things are moving again or you are up again or life is happening again. 

BUT. There is some sort of super big test that is like going back to your past or being in a haunted house Halloween thing where you KNOW you are going to get scared, but you can control your emotions and responses and outbursts so that it doesn’t frazzle you or get you losing your footing. 

So do know we enter a haunted house and we KNOW things will leap out at us to scare us, but KNOWING THIS should change how your reflexes are so that you aren’t being changed by what is around that is not going to change anyway and is just on this autopilot pattern of expressing something that is old and played-out and tired and something you ultimately want nothing to do with, anyway.

BUT this is familiar material. The limitation and the sad things are familiar and the story they wear that is like a cloak IS blinding your eyes when you are around it, as you FEEL how sad it is to hold hopelessness around futures and you don’t want it to be contagious and affect you, too! But the lesson is just to hear this out and be skating again today, where you are weaving around people and talking maybe for a minute but NOT buying into their story being the only story here.

It’s a big, vast world and there are many stories to tell and believe in. I live in Durango and it’s sort of fairytale land here – and it’s what I get to believe in and see. So it really helps me manifest more. Every day I go down this street that runs along the river and has all these sweet, feminine curves to it and then smells of cute, little, well-cared for and cooked in homes, with a vibe of safe, creative, alive, and working for the betterment.

What we have been talking about this week and what is building up is that we will not get anywhere if we don’t work for it. Like, that bumper sticker that my friend in Santa Fe had that said, “Dance like you need the money.” That always cracked me up!! It’s worn off now.

But, like, we need to live like we are not going to wake up from our sleep 1 year from now. We need to dance like we need the money. We need to love like they are going to die next month, UNLESS we love them. We need to leap, to save, to think with an urgency of NOW, because it’s here and because we feel it is calling us to do something about this.

We need to DO to get to the dream. And the one thing that holds people back is that they stop the doing and get frustrated at the time that things take and then they lose faith in themselves. MOSTLY it is that they talk about their dreams and things with people who live in the old-world ways who would never leap for such things. And then that eclipses the seed of hope they had for their new dream – like walking through a newly planted garden.

Some people want to stay fixed, even if the fit is miserably tight. Others, like you and me, want to be sitting in sensual luxury where we are living life like the street I drive every night. And it’s right there for us. If we DO to get to the dream. I started driving the road daily to DO, towards the life I dream for. Something so simple, but it IS towards my planning of the “DOING to get to the…”. It also inspired me to want to buy a home for the first time ever in my life! But lean into the dream because why not? Even if it’s not here yet and others have a million reasons for why it can’t be done, still DO towards it eventually coming true for you. Why not? You are for the win, so create something that feels like a win for you.


~ have a beautiful day! xo KV



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