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SATURDAY: Side by side, heaven and hell?

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SATURDAY: Side by side, heaven and hell?

well hello S A T U R D A Y!

Moon: | Aries |
Numerology Vibration: | 2  3  5  |
Moon Phase: | Start to get the ball rolling |


I can’t! This energy! It is AMAZING. But. What we all need to know is that something has come into the game, where now two distinct worlds line up side by side where you can see into others’ worlds, but clearly know your life is not their life.

Before we couldn’t see this but now we are aware that there is another way to live so that a different sort of circumstances manifests for us. Or so it appears. The energy is all about illusion so it has us thinking but what is real is not going to be all that clear. BUT. It does get clearer the higher you go.

So again, this week has been so much about teaching us to GO HIGH and to use whatever symbolism we can to get our minds allowing us to NOT GET EVEN or want to hurt others and see them fail.

We stay locked away from a potential world when we stay locked in hatred like that – wishing negative things upon others. Where there is hatred, there is a wound that needs healing. And that is all. But it does need attention. It is not a negative about you, it is something implanted in you that needs correction and something supporting its voice.

Mostly because holding those thoughts is VERY negative to your future – and all the places and ways you inflict harm. It all adds up like ounces. So we must be sovereign and take control of our lives and look at how our wounded places are leading us into behaviors that ARE NOT our true expressions.

We know ourselves to be better than we sometimes show ourselves. And it’s times like now where the Universe is helping us see things so that we CAN open our lid and get to vibing something AUTHENTIC that DOES manifest pieces of the dream we have been holding FOREVER.

Pieces of the dream are WAITING to fall into place for all of you at this time. But like the meteor showers, you won’t see them if you are inside on the couch. You have to GET UP AND DO in order to go for the magical sight outside.

SO EXPECT your body to play a part in you getting something that lifts you into dreaming for more. Our body is getting SUPER READY because how it has been has been going on for way too long and, as if this is our last attempt, all of us know that in some area of our lives we MUST give this our all.

And to give this our all, we must believe we can get over whatever huge feat is in front of us. I am seeing a pole jumper in this reading and thinking of the energy we need to JUST lift us over the top, to exert every bit of energy we have at this attempt in order to DO THIS RIGHT.

So visualize yourself successfully getting over the pole with room to spare. CATAPULT yourself as you dream for how excellent it is going to be. We got power right now, my loves, and we have to use everything we got – and not escape or get lost on others’ paths – as we use our dreaming ability and energy to shift into a new awakened state. We will land there if we shoot for it. But if we don’t shoot for it, then we stay in some old pattern way.

So SHOOT and DO and accept only the best for you.



We know ourselves

to be better

than we sometimes

show ourselves.


It’s times like now

When they come together. 


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