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SUNDAY: Just snap it down! Snap the bird claws down. (OCT 6)

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SUNDAY: Just snap it down! Snap the bird claws down. (OCT 6)


well hello S U N D A Y!

Okay my loves. I actually stopped doing the readings at this point last week after going through what happened after the Libra New Moon. So I didn’t read any further because I needed a break from feeling all of that in one sitting! You all now know what I’m talking about.

So now I am back and its Sunday and the first thing I feel is that we are facing something that is a challenge and will be a challenge for some time, but we also realize that we ARE connected to what we manifest and our wounds are evident in what we see around us -- and while we had no control with what happened to us or was dealt to us, we DO know that we don’t want to hold the mentality of that wound which keeps us bracing for limitation, failure, loss and all the things we DON’T WANT TO BE CONSUMED WITH RIGHT NOW.

The energy is fragile, yet it is powerful as fuck. It can grab you and slam you to the ground in a heartbeat. It can suck you right in and “own you” in a way. And it comes in ripples over the next year, at least. It is something that has got a hold on our space and therefore BEING PRESENT is our number one concern because we need to SNAP THAT SHIT DOWN and NOT buy into it or think it is what you need to believe in and follow.

But 100% with this energy we have 100% control and when you snap it down, it goes down. This is not something grounded in our reality, so it is airy and fluffy and in our mind spaces. But I am seeing it like bird claws in our minds or over our heads and it can take you QUICKLY to doom and gloom.

We will be losing people around this time and therefore its important you share the readings with them and preach the KV gospel! Haha just kidding. But this is a time when people don’t know and the thoughts can come and they think it is reality, but it is not. It is air, and you can turn it off like turning off the fan or pointing it in another direction.

And also think of swatting away flies and how relentless they are. And this is what it will be for some, if not all of us. In some way, demon claws come in to match the thoughts we have had around failure and now they are trying to get us to manifest them and to throw ourselves into the gutter with no chance of using our Kali tools and just riding out this storm.

So today we wake up to realizing we DO have to work harder and we do have to keep it real with ourselves in seeing how we can change what we are manifesting -- and the bitching and the moaning about WHAT IS wont serve us any longer. And we know that. And that is what is moving us to just get through the plans and check off the lists and do WHAT WE CAN with what we got and with where we are right now.

When I first launched my work back in 2012 I told everyone that we are a ship on route to hitting an iceberg and I said that sirens are going off and WARNING WARNING WARNING is being broadcast that I could clearly hear in my body. And now that energy is on a lower, more palpable vibration and now ALL OF YOU feel and hear it too. And to let you know, its just a low vibration, like base, like something heavy and dense that you can feel in your body.

And its here now so we have to get used to feeling this and not thinking its sad news or something personal about our choices or life. It just is an energy we will feel and its bringing even more attention that we MUST transition away from our wound reactions and the things we are doing to believe in the past. We must walk wounded as fuck and yet manifest the love of our lives, the life of our dreams, the career where we are SEEN. Its time to transition into the strength and into the badass and into AINT NOTHIN GONNA BREAK MY FAITH. 

SO feel that you are knowing a new strength within, but also feel that now you finally get to business in life and now things have to be FACED. And they may be heavy and you may feel that you got them so tangled and made such wrong decisions around them that there IS no hope. But you just putting one foot in front of the other is all you need to think about as you continue to climb the mountain journey that was built for you to discover. Feel low and let it move you into action. Don’t let it consume you into inaction.


~ have a beautiful day! xo KV


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  • Oct 07, 2019

    Thank goodness for you KV I was seriously wondering WTF was going on this weekend and all last week actually. Started with intense anger mid week and then tears and doom all weekend, felt like my heart was being ripped open. I can see now that it’s just another layer of healing getting me closer to where I need to be to bring my gifts to the world and call it that deep love I’m so badly craving. Blessings to you my angel for keeping me supported and on track.

    — Melisah Collins

  • Oct 06, 2019

    Wow this spoke to my soul! My question is the things that are programmed, the old stories that keep playing, how do they change to powerful thoughts? Practice? Like the flys persistence, the thoughts come back, and we just keep batting away with thoughts of strength? What does it look like for this exchange and battle taking place daily? Meditation, journaling, movement, treating ourself well? Reassuring the feelings and low vibration as air? I want to change, and I know answers are within also, but would love your thoughts!

    — Lauren Gregory

  • Oct 06, 2019

    This spoke to me right after I had just been hit out of no where with a consuming dread regarding my current situation (personal and absolutely shit today, this week, and October as a month) I have begun to force myself from that mental state as immediately as I feel it, because it will devour you if you don’t get it as soon as it attaches itself..

    Your post (and I’m crying) was serious confirmation from not just an astrological standpoint but from a spiritual point so deep in my core, that all my ancestors and spirit guides are screaming yes bihhhhhh yesssssssss, you can do it see, here is the proof!!!!

    — kimberly muniz

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