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SUNDAY: Look around you. The solution IS OVER THERE.

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SUNDAY: Look around you. The solution IS OVER THERE.

well hello S U N D A Y!

Moon: | Aries + Taurus |
Numerology Vibration: | 1  5  6  |
Moon Phase: | Start to get the ball rolling |


We have some interesting days upon us, my loves! FOR SURE I am being shown two side by side worlds where we need to see that there IS another world potential for all of us. There is something more to live for, to work for, to dream for, and to YET attain. 

The energy in the reading room today is funny because of this point being made. There are bouncing arrows to the other world and all this emphasis is saying LOOK HERE, OVER HERE, THERE IS MORE!

So. Today we are being overtaken in our mental spaces where we possibly ARE NOT looking up and opening to another answer or perspective or take on what is REALLY going on with the situation before us.

We need to NOT think in fear or like we are stuck or there is no way out and INSTEAD be like the eager detective who KNOWS there is something to figure out here and that once attained, things will move forward again.

We need to watch ourselves for where we are holding fear into the unknown or the mystery and see that FEELING THAT is not the feeling we need to lead anything with. We need to feel solid and sure, even when things get off balance in life. And we rise to those feelings, where we feel held and on purpose throughout our Earth Walk WHEN we stay present in the moment realizing it is playing out alongside a bigger process – and that all our actions matter and that all things count.

When we look at the puzzle of our life and see how we created things or expect things to play out, AS PER our programming and wounds, we see that there also is another way that things could play out as per our original selves.

THIS is the new seed that is planted in all of us where we are going to want to grow ourselves new and to give more love and light to the neglected parts of ourselves that keep us manifesting LESS THAN in life. Our wounds do not get us the bounty. They keep us from dreaming. They keep us living in one world, where we look down into the pain and expect even more, through the confusion of trying to hold on to why the pain occurred in the first place.

We must look up at this time and realize THIS is birthing the passion, the movement, and the energy needed to shift this pattern and RELEASE the mental attention staying focused and fixated on the empty pieces in your puzzle of life.  

It’s when we look at what is around us and work with what we have manifested in order to get it looking better that we find this other world potential. We take what is rotten and out of order and we compost it into something better. The old DOES work with the new in that the dysfunction of the old is what inspires the new to be written in the first place. From the empty we say never again.

So we need to transition to being excited when things fall apart or when our lives seem unappealing because THAT is our inspiration to awaken to this other world we can create from WHAT we are dealing with right now. So look into the mystery of this and think in terms of how to support it into a better position. Move this into better. There is a way!





Things fall apart

In order to fall together better.



Don’t give up on the feeling.


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