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SUNDAY: Oh Moon! We love when you go FULL in Aries!

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SUNDAY: Oh Moon! We love when you go FULL in Aries!

well hello F U L L  M O O N!

Oh moon! We love when you go full in Aries as you push us to make the decisions and get this situation going so that YOU can lead the way into some new aspect of your life that has been in dire need of change.

The confusion dissipates -- and this confusion is from 5 to 7 years ago as what you are manifesting now relates to something that got off path over those years and where now the real you isn’t so trusting of life anymore. AND THAT is what you need to look at. Something in you needs to soften how you have hardened and to rise again into some sort of hope that you CAN do this and you CAN defy the odds. Like, you are NOT TOO BROKEN or too far gone.

We are in a space where we will be seeing connections made with others and how they have empowered us or destroyed us so that we only expect the worst or think that we will never be loved or think that we will never be seen or think that we will live in scarcity and never get out of the gutter in regards to some long held dream.

But it is the connections with others that imprinted or trigger us, making us plunge into self-defeat or reasons to contemplate how NOT OKAY we are and this energy has us “leaving town” and letting go of something that is ready to be rebuilt in a better way. This means we all face situations in our life where we see something that has collapsed or is not what we have expected but now we see the solution or whatever it is that we CAN DO to save what can be saved. 

BIG CHANGES HAPPEN NOW. We will see people manifest things that are near and dear to their heart and pretty much all of us will elevate in some way where a connection is made or the answer comes to somehow free or open up the next level of our journey.And what I started feeling in the readings, a few days ago, was that, OH MY GOSH ---- we are all going to see big changes in our lives that deal with giving us some sort of solid foundation feeling so that we can make peace with things, move on from the pain, accept that we don’t always win and can’t control others -- and then see what we can make from that. Just like at the end of the week, before the farmers markets are opened and the fridge is getting empty -- what can we make from what we got? With what is left, what best can be put together to satisfy one’s senses?

We also are in healing spaces that deal with sex or relationships and things are CHANGING FAST. But what is growing, that I can’t wait to talk about soon, is that our relationships are FINALLY going back to the good ol’ days! Things begin again in regards to relationships -- we want more from them and we want to figure out how we are keeping love and friendship away because of what we saw too much of that has us bracing for and expecting defeat.

So our hearts RISE this week!!!! And things become clear, as we know that there is more to life and that coming together is what it’s all about. From the chaos of what needs to be rebuilt, we focus into community and what we CAN control. Like, if things are haywire in your life then you need to clean everything around you and pay attention to what energy you are putting out there that IS allowing things in and attracting the vibration of disarray.

If your life feels out of control, don’t sit in that and find more reasons to affirm it. Get up and do something and just one foot in front of the other. This time we are in has something to do with TIME CHANGING and it’s where we can get disoriented, as something seems off. And it is! But if you just keep moving and stop waffling to the point of inaction, then you WILL get somewhere into something that breaks you out of some old way of being.

So new days are here and when we least expect it, as if we are on our last breath and last legs and THEN finally we are saved, something is coming for you, my love. Keep with it. Keep digging deep. And don’t make any of this negative, only see pain as a sign for needed change. But then DO and keep busy until you feel relief.

~ have a beautiful day! xo KV


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  • Oct 13, 2019

    Always so spot KV. I’ve had one of the most challenging two years professionally and personally. Your words resonate with my world so often. I love how you are able to guide us so well. Thank you

    — Beverley

  • Oct 13, 2019

    Omg sooooooo true z incredible how accurate this is for me

    — Melissa

  • Oct 13, 2019

    Thank you

    — Jrannie

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