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SUNDAY: Big readings like this require YOU ALL TO READ THEM.

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SUNDAY: Big readings like this require YOU ALL TO READ THEM.

well hello S U N D A Y!

Good morning, sweet loves! SO. Today is a big day for all of us and it is when we start to notice parts of ourselves that are not the same as we were even a few weeks ago.

The last few weeks were sort of squeezing out old parts of ourselves that were maybe CONFUSING to see and understand but TODAY where we stand is in a different position on our view of something from our past and how it has affected our futures. Something about looking at all our chaos and darkness and lower life things got us to REALLY want to put energy towards love and life and growing things that have needed our attention. So we have faced a lot and starting today we get to see that we are changed because of it.

Now do be aware that someone arrives on your path and you will come face to face with others where strong emotions come out of you or even where you feel something under the surface and don’t really know what it means but ARE noticing that your feelings are heightened.

Also be aware of the feelings you are holding because, with something that comes, you need to DEAL WITH THIS – and it IS something you have needed to face, even though it confused you and therefore you have been pushing it away. But someone comes to bring to your awareness that you need to handle this, check it off the list, and keep with the beautifying process of getting your life clean.

We all have messes to clean up but they are not too much to handle. They are just annoying to have to handle. But we created this. Something with not saying NO allowed this other path to become what we now must take off of our plates so that we can MOVE ON.

We are ready to MOVE and our bodies are ready to GO, so what is dragging us down is all we will really know for the next few months. Consider this amazing because we all know how good it feels when the house is clean after it got a bit messy and neglected. We know it brings the feeling of rejuvenation. And what we cannot be holding any longer or trying to make work or NOT dealing with will stay in our mind spaces, going back and forth in some sort of battering way, kind of like an alarm, in getting us to make changes that are MOSTLY subtle in nature. They mostly will deal with misprogrammed thoughts that we still think of often and that eclipse the view of what IS the potential for us.

As we clear the way, what blocks our path will stop being there and we WILL see what to do. Answers are coming but first we chip away at all the things we couldn’t deal with before that 100% need our attention so that we can get to the life that is waiting for us still. All is NOT lost.

So as today brings someone or something that challenges your ability to have hope in justice prevailing, or to ever getting ahead in life, FLOW with this as if it just something on the to do list that will be forgotten about in a day or two.

The important thing is that we are FEELING inside of our bodies like we got this and we CAN handle what is here. If we hold fear, nothing will go the way we planned. We really cannot escape this life lesson right now where the universe is demanding that we learn to let go of the fear of the unknown and condition ourselves BACK to trusting the processes.

Autumn should always be a time to see how we can trust the process because, before tree leaves die, they go BRIGHT AS FUCK. Then they fall off and compost into the earth and serve a purpose for what crawls and grows down there. Then the tree goes dead looking and in 6 months comes forward with ANOTHER bright show. What is that?!  We are these same unusual things as we transform and transmute our density.

And I just thought with the trees -- they come in with HELLO (spring) and GOODBYE (autumn) while the middle is just green normal life and in the same form. But with goodbye it is not sad!! It is a DEEPER COLOR than spring brings with soft pastels lining our streets. Fall brings a deep reflection to the life we have lived OUTSIDE of the intellectualized thought we anticipated our journey to be.

So we think in pastels and walk as something that looks like it isn’t changing, but then we get to the end of a learning process or experience and we show the DEPTH of color from what we have learned. Then we let it go (OR share what we REALLY know) and start over again. THIS is walking your talk and having PROOF in terms of vibration that you have changed.  In pastels we THINK we are. In deep color we ARE. If you are still in the green, no worries! Deep color comes next.


In pastels we THINK we are.
In deep color we ARE.
If you are still green
No worries!
The end will bring your vibrancy.
~have a beautiful day! xo KV

Comments on this post (3)

  • Oct 20, 2019

    A day late for me but bang on ! Thanks so much for helping with the sorting and filing of all these emotions 😘💜

    — Tay Tay

  • Oct 20, 2019

    To the core, so much gratitude! 🥰

    — Lauren

  • Oct 20, 2019

    Dearest KV,
    I feel supported by a large collective after reading this today. I can loosen the constraints, knowing I’m surrounded by love warriors on their own journeys.
    Thank you for holding this space-trust, it always comes down to trust for me.

    — Kerry

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