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SUNDAY: Oh MOON! We love you when you go new in SCORPIO!

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SUNDAY: Oh MOON! We love you when you go new in SCORPIO!

well hello N E W  M O O N!


Oh moon! We love you when you rise new in Scorpio with this depth of motion that drives us deeper into our lives and into situations that are in need of our attention. Keeping it real, you don’t always feel good when you come through our spaces, but you are like trips around the Sun where we DO come out stronger and wiser BECAUSE of what you forced us to see – and deal with. So, to begin this journey, we give you respect because what you deliver is 100% for our best.


The IDEAS (the pastels) of life are EASY – as is having sex with anyone and getting the hint of a rush that it gives – or drinking alcohol and getting the rush that it gives.

The ideas we have for our life give us this rush of excitement but, in reality, the walking of attainment means we have to commit to a journey that maybe deals with a long and dark space where we are confused as fuck and will possibly wonder if we have it all wrong and are actually just destined to be huge failures.

I mean, to DREAM of being a recognized artist is one thing, while walking what it takes is another. The idea of it is in our lofty air spaces, where things ARE EASY – but waiting for things to then manifest is when we tend to lose faith and find reasons to affirm that we DO IN FACT have NO value and our IDEAS MUST have been all wrong. 

That is what I called THE GREEN from last week’s readings. The Green comes after the pastel of Spring, with trees just starting to bud (like our new ideas) -- and then leaves go green for months before they then turn the deep colors of Fall.

What happens DURING THE GREEN determines the level of deep color that shows. We just had a wet Summer here in Durango so the Fall trees were a deep red and orange that were not here the year before when it was a dry summer. So when there is more rain (OR -- emotions, tears, FEELING THINGS) the colors are DEEPER, come Autumn. The seasons of trees can teach us so much… 

With this new moon we have the opportunity to awaken to the concept I just explained where now AIN’T NOTHIN gonna break us because something has us understanding things better, like how we attract people who match our value system. Like, if we love ourselves MORE, then we will attract better people and situations in our lives.

And we ONLY LOVE OURSELVES when we lighten up on judging where we are through some intellectualized programming that has us looping into FAILURE over and over and feeling things inside our bodies, where we ARE beating ourselves up AND not just riding this out and waiting for the deep colors to show.

I know when Moon Bear died I didn’t smile normally for a year. I was SO SAD. But that was my green time and I didn’t try to numb it or make it disappear. I walked it and dealt with it and faced it and cried -- and NOW I got FULL FALL COLORS that I never could have acquired without the year of tears and rain when my baby died. I now am unrecognizable to a lot of people who knew me back then. I am on fire, my colors are so deep.

But the programmed way would say, oh you are unstable for feeling this way and you need to be put on something to balance your emotions so that you remain neutral.

And I say NO to that. We are sad OFTEN. We feel let down OFTEN. Our bubbles burst OFTEN. And WE must learn to grow stronger through the storms so that we can sit with them – even when they are so unbearably uncomfortable – and still sit facing the void and limbo space darkness with the belief held deep that soon Fall WILL come and THIS EXPERIENCE will bring the understanding as to why it has to be this way.

We are raised to run from things and hide things and manipulate things and not ever really keep it real. Personally, I would rather you give me your real. And if it means you are a sopping mess one day and full of hope and giddy joy 3 days later – YES, welcome to life. Nothing is wrong with you. You are just in something still green and waiting for it to transform into something powerful. We got fooled into checking out before Fall comes.

So keep with your green and deal with what feels uncomfortable. It’s there for you to face – and then it will transform into something that makes you feel STRONG AF. But if you run away you don’t get that strength.


I take my pain
and transform it into strength.
I take this heavy
and transform it into a better way.
I deal with the darkness
with light on my sleeve
expecting that something
will eventually reveal to me.
I don’t turn back or run away
because this is my unique journey
I was born to face.
~ have a beautiful day! xo KV

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