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SUNDAY: They all bounce back!

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SUNDAY: They all bounce back!

well hello S U N D A Y!

Moon: | Capricorn + Aquarius |
Numerology Vibration: | 1  7  8  |
Moon Phase: | Start to get the ball rolling |


Wow this time has been heavy. I feel that we all have been pulled into soul-searching, questioning where we fit in or how we rebuild what has turned out to not be what we expected.

And I want to let you know that the level of heavy is a good thing in our lives because a MASSIVE movement is about to take place where we ALL shift onto something new that puts us in a new direction, where the view is changing and the potential is expanding. 

But this is timing, like the amount of time needed before the moon reaches completely full. This shift is finally coming close and it will open a gateway as something reveals itself to us that DOES get us amped up and excited again about this new path or proposition or opportunity or connection that reminds you IT IS ALL WORTH IT, AFTER ALL.

We are about to get LIFTED where we had been plummeting and questioning ourselves and really feeling in the dark about things. But in there, in that experience you have been going through, were the things that hit your heart just so in order to awaken this new compassion, this desire to not inflict harm, this awakening to wanting to improve things and help make a difference.

From the stings, the shocks, the reversals, and the heart breaks, we all will be demanding more for ourselves and looking to the horizon on how to get there.

Our victim states, that are merely plants others have kept hidden in dark rooms, are not always to be plants staying in dark rooms. WE are to take our wounded parts, those plants kept neglected of light, and WE are to move them to another part of the house where they are getting what they need.

The “I” in the equation is what we must remember. I must be the one to move the plant. I must be the one to save the plant. I must be the one to go inside, into my vulnerable sides and find the plants that were mistreated by others that I now continue to treat in the same way OR manifest others who treat me that way.

We see something clearly today and it brings insight into what has been left neglected that WE can now make a difference in regard to.

Do know that how this awakens us may still feel a bit traumatic for some of you. It will be either you feel exalted and awakened and ready to shoot yourself to the moon with energy -- OR stuck still because the insight brings something that is going to take a bit of processing.

This brings change and new plans, so chew slowly, and don’t rush the confusion until it is ready to reveal. I feel about 2 in 3 of you will be in the high feeling way today but the 1 in 3 got zapped and they may be a little stunned for a minute. And that is okay.

If you are high as a kite today, do go out and sprinkle your love dust to those who look stunned. We all are moving forward in the next few days but not all of us are ready to see what this means. So make this a day to be out thriving because others need to see and feel that energy you are vibing. It’s like giving others some drops of agave into their unsweetened tea. Be of service in watering others plants for them as you overflow the good energy.




Neglected plants

Need water, love, and light.

And then they bounce back.


Neglected parts of YOU

Need water, love, and light.

And then you’ll bounce back.


It’s certainly true.


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