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SUNDAY: To feel sensitive is to feel. Allow it to heal.

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SUNDAY: To feel sensitive is to feel. Allow it to heal.

well hello S U N D A Y!

Moon: | Cancer + Leo |
Numerology Vibration: | 2  4  22  |
Moon Phase: | Bring it forward |


Oh sweet loves. Today you need to take it super easy because there are messes going on that deal with making something 100 times worse. BUT – if you don’t step in it, you won’t have to clean it up.

So the point is all around getting you to FEEL YOUR SENSITIVE space right now and go 100% towards self-care and doing things that support and nurture you. But if you don’t choose for, you will not get this, as self-care is also built around you standing up and drawing the boundaries when you can CLEARLY FEEL that inside, your body is saying something or feeling something that has your radar.

You may even have an upset tummy today or will want to curl in a ball and just go into some upsetting feeling. I was shown those black roly poly bugs. And oh, seeing further, we are being shown that there is something magical about today that goes from one thing to the other, but when pulling into ourselves we are able to COMPRESS something where we have been overextending and clearly are in a situation that is not working as it functions now. This is NOT sustainable.

And the only reason is because something with self-care was not factored into the creation or development of what is around you. If it had been, it would be a different thing – it would have manifested different. Now I do know that even that statement can make some of you sad. But the point is not to stay there long, not to fall into that trap where you actually put yourself back, like months or years, because you haven’t learned to look at the pain of regret -- and transform it into a new plan and action towards satisfaction.

We are learning to FEEL OUR FEELINGS and to allow them to guide us to something – instead of running from them or shaming ourselves or feeling so horrible for the choices we have made – WHEN TRUTHFULLY they were just made when you didn’t value yourself enough to honor self-care that would get you learning how to say NO and YES and not just operate in this other way that you were conditioned to do.

With the pain that comes you are to BE SOFT with yourself! 100%. You are to see that there is a way out and that with a plan and step by step by step, going forward, YOU WILL GET OUT OF THIS and you will rise stronger in some way that shows your authority or basically that you ARE walking your talk and have learned something.

So this can be a painful day, but also one that is so incredibly satisfying to the soul. When you choose for you and create a day that supports whatever your body tells you that you need, then you will be in a sweet flow that gets you REBUILDING next week and really seeing that you ARE moving away from your past.

When we leave patterns, we have to fight the old pulling us back into those ways. And our regrets are to be chapter 1 of our dream stories where we wake with inspiration to do something better. Don’t stay asleep in the regret. That is just chapter 1. Chapter 2 is when you take control of that and do something to correct what now causes you pain or regret. We were conditioned to believe it all ends in chapter 1 but there are still 333 chapters of potential that are available for us to re-create. If only we give ourselves what we need so that we can think straight. It is on US to do this.



Look at the pain of regret

and transform it into a new plan

of action towards satisfaction.


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