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THURSDAY: Do your thing and learn from this. Bring change.

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THURSDAY: Do your thing and learn from this. Bring change.

well hello T H U R S D A Y!

Good morning, loves. So this day feels wet and wild and going off in all sorts of directions. But I want you to start this day with the knowing that something is going to come in and test you in regards to what you have learned or what you intellectualize about or what you SAY you know about how things are. And this brings lofty ideas down to the ground, in reality, to be tested.

Now this day seriously has A LOT to it. I feel like things change in the blink of an eye and they keep transforming into something else as we surrender into the flow of life and find a new rhythm based on the value rising that has us using our voices and demanding our place and honoring our space.

Today you may meet up with someone, as a perfectly timed test. There is something where they drain you or their problems or side of things is manipulative in some way and you are to use your voice and declare your boundaries so as to make it known that this is NOT okay with you.

We are having to go against the grain or to use our voice when we would rather not but to do this AS A TEST where we are experiencing opportunities to believe in our value and to oppose others who are crossing lines or who make us go smaller or think they can have their way with us. 

And this energy is testing how we respond to others or dance with others and whether that creates a ripple in our own day OR we just flow through it and not take it on so that it affects the rest of our day. We are learning to be clear with our feelings, even if others think we are not clear with our feelings -- and how holding back or morphing into someone else DOESN’T feel okay.

Now we also are getting little “treats” with this energy where we are invited into ourselves and invited to explore things that take us to the past but that most likely deal with the patriarchy in some way and how it has held you into a life that is like sex trafficking. Like, a powerful force that is only exploiting you and not considering a single aspect other than using you as a tool to generate money or to keep you trapped on some treadmill -- using power and force to control you into living this other life. We feel that way now with the mainstream world and how it manipulates us to believing these things to the point we feel void of hope and constantly battered by another thing that takes us into fear of the future.

So FEEL that and know that you can feel better if you don’t saturate in the ways that mainstream media and the programming has put into place to CATCH YOU. It is the same as us using our umbrellas to keep the bird claws off our heads where they feed us with negative thoughts and fears about what we are dreaming of doing and becoming.

Realize feeling sick when you watch those things is saying you don’t need to watch it. We got a short life here and if we fill it with so much fear there is no way you can manifest your dreams. It’s like having a sink load of dirty water and adding the clean dream water on top of that. It will NEVER clean the old dirty world water. We have to drain the water first. THEN add new world dream water.

So use your voice, declare your boundaries, BE TRUE TO YOU and what you are feeling, and do not change any of that to suit another person around you today. Draw a line and go. We are learning something about how we dance with others and a strength needs to be showing through where we are exhibiting value for self in knowing this is not okay and it’s not good enough for how we expect it to be. End of story and now get to finding the dream somewhere else. Don’t let someone steal you from this day.

~ have a beautiful day! xo KV

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