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THURSDAY: Your mind is yours to own. OWN IT.

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THURSDAY: Your mind is yours to own. OWN IT.

well hello T H U R S D A Y!


Oh wow! I felt such a shift in this energy and it’s NOW FINALLY where we are getting the answers, seeing the way, receiving the insight and knowing what we need to pay attention to and put into order so that this OTHER thing can happen.

We are still not yet in what we dream but something ignited us with a lightened load by seeing where we WERE getting in our way by holding a perspective or one-sided vision of this thing and not allowing there to be anything but that.

It’s like one of my greatest teachings for you. If you are dealing with opposition or people hating on you, imagine a whole baseball stadium full of 60,000 people. And now point to the 4 people who hate you. That group together, over there, point them out and see THOSE 4 hate you.

When you can see all the others that LOVE YOU, you can see how easy it is to shift your mind to seeing that you are NOT ALONE and that you don’t have to focus ONLY on those that challenge you. 4 or 60,000 get your attention at all times and most of us have a value system that allows us to sit at looking at those 4.

This last Full Moon WOKE US to how we are allowing and accepting way too LITTLE as if 2ndbest IS enough – and BECAUSE that is what we saw or that is what we were told was possible or that is what we read about and therefore EXPECTED to come true, we HAVE seen these things come true.

Our minds are SO PRECIOUS. And we need to own that they are OURS TO OWN. Our minds are our own. Others have put their seeds in your plot of soil and your mind now plays that tune as if it was your own BUT it is not. So we must wake up even if it is painful to see because the load we been carrying is WRONG. It is not our potential reality. And all the negative was never supposed to be planted there – or at least not farmed and raised by you. It is to be FOUND by you and then kicked the fuck out BY YOU.

We now ingrain BRAND NEW PATTERNS based on what needeth be kicked the fuck out -- as if we suddenly find this and awaken, like waking to realizing you have mice in your house.  

But remember that we need this sort of passion to get us going. We need to sit at empty to want to fill it up again. It is how lazy (programmed) humans are.

We got so distracted with the back and forth mind spaces and never settling into something solid and grounded. BUT NOW. Something really big changes and we all are looking out, knowing that now the game is on.

So put your things into order and know that you got ALL THE ANSWERS and the endpoint is NEVER going to be negative or punishment in any way, as that was patriarchally programmed into you. Bad YOU was the program voice. Remember that.

What you do is what you vote for and what you vote for is what you plant in your plot of soil. So DO with conscious attention, knowing that it ultimately does matter and all these in the moment things matter the MOST.

Again, that we are programmed to want it all right now, to skip all the work, to just get to the prize, we have to remember that all those ways keep you in the future and not seeing the beauty that is around you right now.

When you see the love right now you create a better future! We are in scarcity vibration when we focus only on what we don’t like about our lives. But there is always something to cherish and love on more!! Are you only focusing on the 4? Do you need to look again and see how much IS working out or IS in your favor or IS a good feeling thing? Tilt the scales. ENOUGH of that old view.


Are you only focusing
on the 4?
Look around.
There is a much better
take on this!

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