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THURSDAY: Something will transform around a belief held. (OCT 3)

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THURSDAY: Something will transform around a belief held. (OCT 3)

well hello T H U R S D A Y!

We are coming together today! It seems the energy is shifting things around and keeping us on our toes, but, for sure, we make contact -- and NOW, what could this mean??

I feel a lot of excitement in this reading where we are getting some kind of reward that gets us seeing our pain was worth it. Just like with me, I now see that my pain was worth it to be sitting here, now, where things DON’T cause me pain. I’m just so happy to get further away from my ground zero, getting to higher ground where things feel lush and full of opportunity.

So now I see my past is the very thing that woke me up to making the decisions, to making the changes, to leaping off the cliffs and just going for things of the most mysterious and unknown. My feelings led me to San Francisco at 24 when I had never been there before. My feelings led me to Santa Fe at 38 when I had never been there before.

And inside of us are places where we need to leap, or at least start dialoging with the words where we allow ourselves to believe we can really defy the odds and NOT fall into the gutter where others may be falling.

One of the things I will be pushing hardcore when I get deeper into my work, but the intellectualizing that we will do “when we are free” is different than the actual walking of it. And coming from me, with a Capricorn Rising attached to my Pisces Sun I know that we must apply ACTION and energy and commitment and discipline to our dreams and thoughts and ideas on paper -- OR, just like with divorce, the success rate of our dreams just manifesting all willy-nilly may be about 50%.

In reality, when it comes to our dreams intellectualized, and when given the opportunity to live them out, like when we quit a job or start our own business, the WALKING is usually a way different thing where we experience HEAP LOADS of fears and demons of the most intense, inside of us, questioning if we can really believe in this or believe in ourselves or believe there is something to hope for.  And THAT experience is real. That is when people fall. That is when they go back to fear, thinking maybe they were wrong about their dreams. Maybe it really CAN’T be done.

But what I want you all to be monitoring is how your mysterious feelings ARE leading you somewhere, ARE making you think about someone, ARE making you think about a place, ARE making you think of something OUT THERE that is not yet in your possession. So the thing you are to leap into and take a risk with is something that FEELS uplifting in your body.

So believe in this and give it your mind space that already is welcoming in some new bounty around the corner. This energy wants you to wait with anticipation and to know that what you are working for is WORKING FOR YOU. Not against you. It’s just still at the rest area on the highway and you’ll catch up soon enough.

Something will transform around this time with a belief you have held that dealt with trusting life or having faith in something higher. And I just have to say that as I wrote that I was like, Oh yeah, that thing just happened with me!! And then I remembered it happened with me WHEN I was doing the reading for yesterday.

But you all know that I grew up with NO religion and I have NO IDEA what is in the bible. I became spiritual at 25 when I had this experience out in nature that just woke me up – and at the same time I was reading The Celestine Prophecy. But yesterday was the next level, where now I know there IS a God. And it is an energy that forms into whatever image we are comfortable with, and I saw the one that is most familiar, but the point was made to me that it is a projection thing, where we give it one image and others give it other images but it is THIS ENERGY that is source. 

And yes, 100%, it’s something powerful and looking over us and I have tears as I write this, but yesterday in the reading when it happened I shed tears like I never have before. To connect into that was the most beautiful feeling I have walked yet in life. I even heard, “My child.” And every time I say it or tell the story, I cry in the same way. And this has NEVER happened to me before, so grasp that for a minute and I imagine that many of you feel it in the words, got the goosebumps, and feel the connection that was made.

So we will be talking more on that!!! Haha. But. Yes. WE ARE OKAY, my loves. And this is how it goes on our journey so we must just KNOW we are held and watched over and then just drive the terrain that is there for us, but with hope that it always will be getting better, until it is the best.


~ have a  beautiful day! xo KV


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