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THURSDAY: Shoot for more! Go for something that feels better.

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THURSDAY: Shoot for more! Go for something that feels better.

well hello T H U R S D A Y!

Moon: | Sagittarius |
Numerology Vibration: | 1  7  8 |
Moon Phase: | Plant the seeds |



Oh wow. I stepped into the reading room and saw all this green and felt Jupiter speaking REAL LOUD with all these arrows pointing up and going towards justice. It kind of felt like a New Year’s celebration! But all in green, like St. Patrick’s Day.

So. Do know this day is LIVELY. There are lots of communications going on and we are all over the place, talking about what we are feeling -- and SEEING that energy also grow in others. The energy is VERY contagious and it blows up in whatever form it is expressing as. If you are around people who are vibing in the same ways as you – then things are going to be kind of lit and 10 times bigger because of this energy.

For that reason it’s important to feel your way through WHO deserves to be in your space-- ESPECIALLY on a day like today where things are expanding through the Jupiter influence of making it REAL BIG so you REALLY see this or feel this.  And in this case it’s about learning from this and making it better because of the process of facing something that DOES deal with change.

So you may have plans with two people but one will shine brighter and you need to choose for that path. You may even have something in your day that deals with a fork in the road because making a choice and bringing change WILL happen.

It all comes from what you feel is best in holding you in the ways you need so that you can be in pleasant spaces today where you are SUPER CREATIVE and talking about how to expand things and take them next level in some way.

I am feeling that an answer is still out there and it is around a corner that can appear within hours or days but today is when most of us will get that to that turn that feels like the tide has totally changed now. And THIS brings huge relief. This is probably why the reading room started as a party!! And green is healing, so this can be that things are finally now being set straight. 

Now, there is a warning that someone can come in and take you off path with their energy that is biased against yours. YOU be the strong person who values yourself and do not step into their drama or emotional manipulative ways. This is happening 100% for you to draw a boundary and choose for you BECAUSE you love and value yourself.

And the energy we are in right now is about things blowing up BIG wherever we are ---- so we can hurt ourselves if we are blown up by others’ drama or negative or hurtful ways. We must choose for things that are better than where we are now.

If you can hang with friends who have good news to share, then YOU TOO will manifest something good to share in a few days. Like THAT IS HOW THE ENERGY IS MANIFESTING TODAY. And we all deserve to be in the party, so find others who are already there and saturate fully. You deserve something better. But, first, you must believe that it is out there for you. YOU must be the one that chooses better for you.



From feeling that you are valuable
it’s EASY to choose for more.
Get out of the discount aisle.
You deserve something upscaled.

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