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THURSDAY: Something is coming and it’s going to change everything.

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THURSDAY: Something is coming and it’s going to change everything.

well hello T H U R S D A Y!

Moon: | Gemini |
Numerology Vibration: | 1  9  |
Moon Phase: | Bring it forward |


Good morning, loves! Today things are building up into tomorrow and, for sure, you are to comprehend that you are NOT going to know what is going on, and it is BEST that you stay in a lighthearted space as you play with this day and allow it to show you a story.

We also are still in the space of choosing for ourselves and valuing that when our bodies say NO our throat needs to follow, so expect schedules to change and for things to not at all go as planned. The day wants to run wild and it’s full of things connecting us and elevating us to a new position. Kind of like how you were walking the world, minutes BEFORE you met your partner or best friend.

AFTER their entry, your life took on a new glow that you had no idea was on the way. This also can be that you are getting the news you have waited for and it elevates you like magic into a different and hopeful sort of space. So trust that where you are taken is PERFECTO and go with the flow because so much of it is to be like a catalyst that gets things into better working order or into a better balance so that healing can take place.

Like, if we have our door open in freezing weather it is a wound that is affecting everything else. The open door is the problem and finding out what has us leaking energy is where we are abundant with solutions at this time. And like a trustful scavenger hunt, we must go along and allow this natural process to play out where we can have our feelings lead us and our NEW VALUE SYSTEM honoring that voice and bringing it to decisions that need to be made. So expect to see things and to also find solutions that somehow heal them, possibly requiring you to use your voice to state them.  

We also are coming into alignment with what we have needed to know for the past 6 months that sort of set us off course and had us learning some other life lesson. Somehow it was our perspective AND our lowered sense of value that got us choosing for something back then and now we somehow clear this space or see into the other side so that a pressure felt inside is not so intense and ultimately hurtful to self, like keeping our door open in freezing temperatures. 

This also relates to a dream that was being blocked and it’s from something in your mental space, that you somehow are connecting at this time, or another person is showing you by example.

When you get it, and this will be unique for us all, it’s like one of those life-changing things where you can’t ever go back to the old way. Humanitarian things get us like this where, when we do finally know, we can never go back to being a sleep walker and NOT giving compassionate consideration to what goes on behind closed doors and in delivering us our things.

Yes, you buy these clothes, but what was the process and how were people impacted because of that process? There are SO MANY considerations to things that our unevolved minds could never handle. But as we upgrade, our bodies digest these things differently and it’s why we are all changing on a dime with our lives. When we awaken, we are WOKE. No going back from that.

So be out and about and flow today as loosely as you can. There is a lot for us to take in that WILL offer the solutions we need and also change us in a way that needed to be moving along.  This will shift us for sure – and thank goodness.



When your body says NO

Your throat needs to follow.


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