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THURSDAY: Tsunami alert. Get to higher ground.

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THURSDAY: Tsunami alert. Get to higher ground.

well hello T H U R S D A Y!

Moon: | Pisces |
Numerology Vibration: | 1  2  3  |
Moon Phase: | Start to get the ball rolling |



Oh my gosh! What a great energy to step into! BUT. Be aware that not all of us are feeling the HIGHEST thing I have felt in months in these readings -- and you will only miss this boat today if you get tripped up by that person who pulls you into their drama with a tsunami force like some incredible earthquake, way out at sea.

So, first, let me go into that so you can avoid it and not choose for something that lines you up smack dab with being taken down. You will only be in this position if you do not choose for yourself when you FEEL that you should say no but instead say yes – manipulating your body to go through with something that you clearly just do not want to do. 

Our feelings are guiding us to SAFETY and to something that is like a party atmosphere. But the 100% antithesis also plays out today and it seems like we end up there if we don’t honor our feelings inside and how they demand that we use our voice to make a change in our lives.

And get that, too. To make a change, to go against the grain, we have to draw a line or be awkward or state the uncomfortable and that takes something brave inside. It is much easier to just let things go and go along and not stand up to belt out the big NO.

Staying quiet when speaking our truth will bring opposition or possibly dominance in trying to get us to change back and it is why so many of us are in things that our body and our minds KNEW we needed to be out of long ago, but we allowed this to carry on. We stayed quiet on the outside -- albeit battling loud on the inside. 

We reach a time where speaking that and bringing what we REALLY feel is here for many of you. And it came through a tsunami where something got SO BAD that a huge scream HAD to be belted from your body to break through the limitation of things holding you back for WAY TOO LONG. This will feel like an awakening but it doesn’t happen until it happens.

Now. There is also the energy I first tuned into which was like, OH MY GOSH. So. What this is telling me is that a story of our dream is finally now being told. This means a vision we have held in hopes for manifesting is now starting to show on the screen. The movie of your life will start to take on the essence of what you have longed for and really were just about to give up on and were about to buy into thinking you DON’T got it going on.

So. Exhale. Things are changing for a small group of you but this is what grows for all of us. And it’s from serious deep soul work of the most dark that we create this compost that births us new at this time, where suddenly our minds DO have the answers and the people are seeing us and valuing us in ways that FEEL fulfilling in our body. So a tide is changing in EPIC ways – and today it starts from not being taken in by someone else who got hit by a tsunami that DOESN’T need to take you out too. Choose for your higher ground. Choose for you.




NO is hella acceptable.

Choose for your higher ground.

Up there something

SO exciting awaits.


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