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TUESDAY: Dip down, and then rise it into correction.

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TUESDAY: Dip down, and then rise it into correction.

well hello T U E S D A Y!

Moon: | Aquarius + Pisces |
Numerology Vibration: | 1  9  |
Moon Phase: | Start to get the ball rolling |



We are coming upon a huge closing, where something will finally be no more and a new flow will take forth in our lives! Be excited but know the journey to birth this new space has a tight and watery and illusive feel to it that is full of illusion and us needing to be clear in how we take on what is possibly trying to fool us.

So expect to almost go low but then to pull yourself back up and into a better way of seeing something. We can always focus on one small, negative detail but there must also be something there to focus on that is positive. 

Like, beating down a kid who is messing up OR bringing empowerment so they want to KEEP making better. With kindness and compassion we teach the world to be better but if we were not treated with kindness and compassion, first, then we have to learn to treat ourselves that way THROUGH running into people WHO DO NOT treat us that way. 

Them hurting us awakens our desire to see what empty part of us magnetized them into our worlds to then let us down BUT from within we manifest what we attract. So if they do not value us, then something inside of us magnetized them to give us the opportunity to say NO and, from them, we learn how we need things to be better.   

So. We are waking up to what we need better – and for many of us it comes in ways that brings big emotion or instability or something that washes over us out of the blue, like a bolt of lightning. But know that this is a gift to us as we need things to be shaken up so that we can get back to feeling life more and allowing our compassionate hearts to lead the way.

The other day I was on the phone with this customer service person and I was so grumpy and short OUT OF THE BLUE, after having a fantastic day of being first in line at the DMV and the dump, with things being accomplished left and right. AND -- I NEVER am hurtful with customer service and haven’t been for decades because they DO help you when you are nice -- and I learned that long ago. Service workers are NEVER fucked with by me. They got power.

So, on the norm, I love on them. But this time I was short with the hour-long process and I wasn’t hurtful to her but my tone and attitude was in the dumps. And I don’t act that way, so every second of it I also was sort of out of body, watching myself act so pissy.

Then I got off the phone. And it instantly hit me, bam -- I was SO BUMMED that I acted that way. I was SO BUMMED that I did a hit and run and acted so rude to someone who is doing the best they can and obviously working hard and living straight.

I was such a selfish bitch and acted so disrespectfully and it broke my heart that I did a hit and run and inflicted that harm into another person’s life by being her customer. I gave her stress. I showed her that customers can be annoying. I gave her an experience that she will probably want to run from when she gets off her shift, like escaping into something to take her away from people like me. I may have even made her cry – I mean, the person who hit my car and did the hit and run I talked about in the New Moon in Scorpio video, made me cry.

AWWWWW. I hated it. I sat there and cried and cried for showing myself that way. But from that pain I realized I REALLY wanted to send loving energy that persons way, because there was no way I could ever apologize and give love with words that could reach her – to let her know, let that go, that was ALL ME.

I sent blessings and visions for things totally bountiful and amazing to saturate her life and to get her into jobs where all clients value her, get her loving herself so that her jobs only had clients that affirmed her value and helped her grow into an even better being.

We DO need to give energy more and give blessings where, through heart and soul, we FEEL a wish for someone else and FEEL how loved we want them to be.  And we learn it through something that makes us cry and feel just awful for what we have done or what we said or how we did something so wrong.

So dip down but then rise it into correction because there is something good about this energy bringing an upgrade to your own life. You fall and then find the solution.  So allow this process to play out.



Inflicting harm is now going

to be felt by you

as such a harmful thing to do.

So feel how you do wrong

and decide to not do it again.

We don’t want to hurt each other.


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