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TUESDAY: Do the work and you get to GO.

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TUESDAY: Do the work and you get to GO.

well hello T U E S D A Y!

Moon: | Scorpio + Sagittarius |
Numerology Vibration: | 2  4  6 |
Moon Phase: | Plant the seeds |


We have a big wave to ride in the energy today! This means stay aware and stick with this reading so you can hear what you need to know. First off, you will wake up thinking over something or processing something, possibly even something that was shown to you in dreamtime.

This hit you hard and 99% chance it’s something that you don’t understand or that is nowhere near the end of the story. But still, there IS something to what hits you right now and I feel things will hold deeper meaning rather than being so obviously superficial. So, expect your mind to think one thing but upon further reflection and going deeper, you will get to something else.

And expect to feel fixated on something – but don’t expect an answer just yet, but be in the position of digging deep and really wanting to stay the course in completing something without the need to push it or rush it into another transformation. Even wanting to understand doesn’t need be. This is more about getting cozy into something, knowing you need to be there, and then patiently doing and changing as things are revealed to you.

We are in a space that is receptive until provocation hits and then we become active. This is important because receptivity is not anxious and sitting on the edge of the seat and getting pissed inside because things are not moving along quick enough. Receptivity does not think in terms of time. Therefore, it is just an openness that has NO CLUE what is going on but, like a magnet, stands in form of READY for when it does.

You also can have some real heavy thoughts that come in today trying to plant mental seeds that maybe you are too far gone or something is too far gone. What this really deals with is others’ stuff fogging up your mind, but we are talking people from your distant past who got you on this core level of a vibration that deals with fight, flight, or freeze.

So a pattern within your love nature that now expresses falsely WILL be in your awareness. This is something leaving your system as quickly as it came, so hold lightly to this thought but shift your perspective to knowing there is a way to heal this and that no matter how flawed we are, we are not too far gone.

On the edge of death is often the edge of discovery and the best life yet. It is when we almost give up and then, OH HELLO. That roller coaster of life that truly never lets up! When you wake up to seeing the ride you are on, you can relax in always judging it unfairly.

Like, the trees leaves don’t stay in the pastels past early Spring. They go green and that’s all you see until the end when they go bold with deep Autumn colors. We know this so we don’t question their cycles. Our cycles operate in the same way. And it is often when you are SO FED UP that finally the change arrives to show you that all that worry and fear was a waste of your time.

We ALWAYS learn that. So now we must wisen up and walk as our higher selves who trust our cycles, knowing that each one is to be relished. Without the green season we have nothing to show for the Autumn season. Without farming our lands and doing the work that is behind the scenes we have nothing to show at our farmer’s market booth come Summer time.

Doing our inner work and facing our demons and looking into the shadows where we have hidden our pain is the ONLY WAY we have to show substance in the new energy of 2020 and beyond.

And everyone already notices that just holding the superficial or the pastel or idea of things NO LONGER WORKS. As this guy I met out hiking said, “A few years ago, if it was pretty, it would automatically sell. Now everything is pretty so it only sells if it’s actually high quality and full of integrity”.

He was a wire-wrapping artist so he was talking from that position but I also saw how this applies to humans! We are ALL pretty nowadays. We ALL know how to market ourselves or broadcast a pastel Spring color that we want others to think about us.

Because of that, we now all have to do the inner work to match the vibration on the inside because THAT is what we feel now in others – and it’s growing stronger, come January 2020.

So “the front” got you in the door in years past but now only the REAL you gets you in. If you aren’t real, you don’t get in and until you get real, you won’t. This is why the past readings, for weeks and really months, have been so teaching-based because we’ve got to GET THIS. We have to understand that all messes we have to clean up are GOOD NEWS in regards to what THEN takes us next level in life. That obstacle is for YOUR WIN.


Do no work
And you got
To go.
Do the work
And you get to go.
Beyond the hard work
is the good life we dream for. 

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