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TUESDAY: Waffle no more! Feel this to figure out the way.

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TUESDAY: Waffle no more! Feel this to figure out the way.

well hello T U E S D A Y!


Okay, I got shivers in this reading and it felt good because it was like giddy up in regards to getting out of waffling spaces where we never do make a decision or never do get anywhere on the changes we are wanting to see in our lives. And today we see so much, as in finally, the pieces begin to come together or things just make sense and then from that we see how we created a situation FROM having a piece in the wrong place -- from way back when.

We may have made a decision where we didn’t value ourselves so we said yes, when clearly the signs were NO, and now we are connecting something that needs us to CORRECT SOMETHING and get started in this new sort of way. This makes me think about how I am now Alkaline Vegan, which I did not know would be happening and  I never could have been without doing the 40 day Dr. Sebi fast.

If I had not cleared the slate, I couldn’t start with such a pure plant-based diet and keep with it. If I went from goat cheese to this, I would still be thinking about goat cheese and it would be hella easy for me to slip into my old eating habits.

But not eating anything for 40 days and clearing the state COMPLETELY altered my discipline around food and, for real, I don’t crave ANYTHING but what I get to eat, not even 1%. The potato chips, which I could have lived on before, now do NOTHING for my desire to fill a belly.

But we too have to clear and clear and clear and clear to get to the truth of things. And we have to keep at digging and improving upon and shifting and keeping at the work to rebuild the new worlds we are creating THIS WEEK for ourselves.

FROM THE DEEP VALUE we feel inside is where things finally start to grow by the end of the week. This is another big week, just like last week was, and it can feel frazzling, heavy, emotionally overloaded, but also where the brilliant solutions DO FINALLY COME.

So, just as with childbirth and how primal it can look, we too are going primal in our needs to MAKE THINGS BETTER and we can feel an urgency within that keeps us moving towards the light, because really, what have we got to lose?  None of us feel built to accept defeat anymore, as you are noticing that inside, your mind is fighting down the demons and all the fearful thoughts of being a loser.

This is something NEW FOR US where the next year, like I said, we have that support that will help us as if we have an umbrella that we can grab and put over our heads to keep the bird claws from getting to you and planting all those dark thoughts about how you CAN’T DO and need to die and do not have a place here and will not be able to sustain yourself here and will not be SEEN here.

In this energy, the bird claws plant those things in us a lot, but we got the umbrella if we want to use it. And if we use it, the thoughts can’t ultimately touch us. They touch us if we believe in them, and then feel that way, and then manifest things to match what we are feeling ----- as that IS law in this universe, just as gravity is. What you feel is what is then attracted to you. 

More than ever we are thinking about what we ARE FEELING because of this heavier energy that isn’t going away for a while. But notice that even feeling that way is actually a door opening to get you to feel so much more and to really know that these things matter and being compassionate and caring, for generations to come, MATTERS.

If we have stone-cold mental hearts we can talk all things away and out of sight. When we feel, we can’t hide that there IS SOMETHING going on or going wrong. We smell the rat when we are in tune to our body and holding value for ourselves. We hide the no or deny the no or run from the no when we are only in the mental spaces in our lives. So we are pulled down to start feeling all the things that ARE speaking to us in our bodies -- and when we listen, we lighten the load, we hear what we need to do, how we need to think, what we need to change.

So, truly, we do need to feel to heal, but our new way is now to feel, KNOWING that this will bring the solution or the idea for how to upgrade. Never run again from the feelings! Inside there is something coming that we will take and RUN WITH.

~ have a beautiful day! xo KV


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