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TUESDAY: Oh moon! We love when you go full in TAURUS!

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TUESDAY: Oh moon! We love when you go full in TAURUS!

well hello T U E S D A Y!

Moon: | FULL MOON in Taurus |
Numerology Vibration: | 1  7  8  |
Moon Phase: | Bring if forward |


Oh moon! We LOVE when you go full in Taurus and when you get us to look inside and see where we are following along and not really coming through as our true selves, as you shift this awareness in us and birth a new passion for the creation of an authentic life with land to live on and food to grow and an artistic life to be lavished.

We now get ready to plan something sustainable and REAL and it comes from us using our voice, drawing boundaries, and getting clear on the high value that we all are waking up to possessing.

There are magical things that come like fairy dust sprinkles for all of us as we somehow are just feeling our value rising. This actually is a gift being done to us, as, on our own, we were still so full of beating ourselves up inside and making choices as if we DON’T think that highly about ourselves.

Like how when we were unloved, we chose people and things that showed us unlove. We now have a magnetic system attracting what we saw and things that validate that to our minds – SEE, we will never be loved!! But truthfully it is only because we choose people who cannot love us and who possibly cannot yet love themselves. 

It is a wild puzzle playing out in life and we all connect, stay connected, and play enormous parts in showing what we need to know on the healing journey to getting it so that we DON’T ATTRACT THOSE TYPES. To get out of seeing people who rub you raw, you need to get out of rubbing yourself raw inside. It is ALL CONNECTED.

And right now we are in one of the most magical spaces of our lifetime where we connect things that deal with our value system and how we were wounded, which got us buying into things that are “beneath us” and not at all worthy of the majestic beings that we are to have incarnated at this most epic time, when Earth faces its test of destruction by man.

We are powerful to be here now and to be woke. We were carefully selected and primed and all our life “mistakes” got us to learn the things that now are the tools that will sail us higher. Entry into this other world space is just that first you have to go real low to find your way in. So it’s even more magical like that. 

(I also wanted to tell you that the readings always flow effortlessly, but I just woke up in a way and I don’t remember a word I just wrote!! I was in a trance, writing all until the last line! Ha! Let me go back and read it and then I’ll continue the reading.)

Okay, so WOW. That has never happened before and I’ve been doing these daily readings for over 4 years now. So DO KNOW something is different and it’s why they were pointing to the other Earth in Sunday’s reading. But also, get the messages of needing to go back to better understand who you are so that you can move forward with confidence. Even me going back and reading that gave me goosebumps. I didn’t see those words being written and it made me feel really powerful and like, OKAY THEN.

So we are getting these gifts to our value system so that we CAN be asking and expecting for MORE. It is time to bring on the good days where we discover the sustainability we seek and are able to express our creative souls so that the rest of life just flows sweetly. And it IS possible!!!! We must remember this!

Through the low we get to the keys that get us to the higher lands. So accept what you are seeing and process it in whatever ways are valuing and then get to seeing it improved and upgraded and made into something better.

Use your power and strength to see that you are here for great purpose and choose, from this day forward, to hold steady like a tree with that wisdom. Sway with life as your branches go here and there but connect into Earth with your roots and know you were CHOSEN for this.





I now awaken

as if coming out of a trance

to a higher sense of value

with higher seeking dreams

for what only can grace my space.


I use my voice

to draw these new boundaries,

and confident,

I keep it real, every step of the way

because I have something

important to say

that needs to lead the way.


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