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TUESDAY: That idea you had, that you dropped? It’s coming back.

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TUESDAY: That idea you had, that you dropped? It’s coming back.

well hello T U E S D A Y!

Moon: |  Leo |
Numerology Vibration: | 2  4  6  |
Moon Phase: | Pull back to process |


Well, here we go. Get ready for this to offer some big surprises to what you THOUGHT was going down.

With today we have another wake up situation where we 100% thought this thing was great and doable and yes, this is the thing – but now, almost out of the blue, something guides us backwards into something else that actually shows us that what we thought to be true is NOT true now.

This deals with a shift in perspective and it’s totally as if we are all standing on a hill, looking out to the valley, and how we all see different things from where we stand. But if we take a minute to move to another side of the hill, where others stand, we see their perspective is totally different than our own, as we see where their eyes were coming from.

We are stepping into a change like this that has us totally choosing for something different. Expect to hear of and see others making changes that maybe don’t make sense, but this IS it. And it is a further upleveling of our take on something.

But do realize that the timing that has played out, that possibly took you on many detours, reversals, heart breaks and not at all what you expected, was PERFECT. Nothing you did was wrong as it all was just from where you were on the hill. If you were standing low, then you weren’t seeing things that others above you were seeing. So you HAD to choose from this unknowing position.

This is the same as getting older and wisening up. You go UP the hill in life and you choose different, the more of it you experience. And we all are feeling our way through life and saying, “HEY, I MATTER and I don’t have to play small or choose small or believe small, as I don’t have to accept anything less than, and I WILL climb to a better position and hold a higher perspective so that I don’t feel cheated in life or as if I really don’t have a purpose and can’t find a way to get my dreams out there far and wide”. 

That is what is rising in your soul. You are getting up when you have to go to the bathroom instead of sitting there and holding it. You are asking someone to close the car window if you are cold. You WANT BETTER. You want to feel good inside. That is it -- you want to feel good. Now that you know those feelings matter, even if they are often 75% confusing and you are still getting to understand, STILL they mean something undeniable. And when you value yourself, you speak up for them.

The energy blasts that have been coming through are upleveling us on the massive. And the more you feel, the higher you go on the hill, because your feelings will get you UP AND OUT of that situation that does not honor you or support the continued growth of you life.

When we love from within, the world we see will be beautiful. It is only vile and horrendous because inside, hidden with buried feelings, was no love shown in the first place. Those most wounded do the most damage in life. I was one of those -- I have done so much damage. And this is what we all need to wake up and see about ourselves because WE ARE DOING THINGS that attract the same situations that hurt us the most in our formative childhood years.

Because we saw, we brace for more to come. And we shift out of that pattern, HEAL into a better way, from seeing another perspective up the hill and then choosing to live a life from that point. And when our lives get all tangled and messy, THEN we have to value ourselves enough to not batter our way through the correction, but rather love our way through the creation of a new foundation that WILL hold and support us. The healing process takes us back to home so we can rebuild again, with the gold, with the love that finally can BE, where before it was left lacking.

We must step out of the lives we are creating from how others have cast shade because others cast shade on them. We must make a change, move along, try something new and keep at it until it feels like home. It’s the new way to travel.



We must stop believing

we are here to live for others.


Who is living for us then?



We must come back home
to ourselves.


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