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WEDNESDAY: Accept this. Learn from this. And do something.

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WEDNESDAY: Accept this. Learn from this. And do something.

well hello W E D N E S D A Y!

NOW BE AWARE. Our minds are so on overtime and I promise this will change when Mars moves into Scorpio. I’m not much of a fan of Mars in Libra because I always noticed that it makes my mind stay in the space of evaluating things that otherwise would not be in my thoughts.

I don’t THINK how I normally do in Libra things and especially Mars. But the negative things I will tell myself about myself and my life and my choices ARE NOT THERE unless Libra comes in strong with the energies.

So I always feel for Libra loves because they don’t get to just turn it off. They have to learn to balance those thoughts, carry all those thoughts, process down all those thoughts and not be weighed down by the negative to the point of creating a life that then is filled with that.

I always say the hardest signs to incarnate as are Virgo, Libra, and Scorpio -- and they are right there together in the Zodiac. Then I say Gemini, then Aquarius, then Pisces. But. That’s all perspective.

BUT anyway. All the air signs, in my opinion, are the hardest to walk. BECAUSE they live in the mind spaces mostly where they are automatically pulled and where their systems NATURALLY run. This is not a negative statement to say you operate from the mind -- if you are an air sign, you just do.

I am a water sign and I operate from this feeling way where my thoughts work with the feelings in my body but never just up there all alone being in power doing its thing -- like how it will be for air signs. Water signs have it easy creating a meditative mind – through leading with their dominant FEELING sense. So when they focus in the gut, the mind can go still. Even focusing on asking, “what am I feeling?” quiets a Water sign’s mind.

Our sign gives us a dominant position within the mechanisms of an element. And THAT is how it goes. BUT. We are working to understand how we innately run so that we can see how we do get in our way because of something we have allowed and not stopped instead to reposition and get it functioning in a better way in our life.

We allow instead of LEARN FROM. We think negative thoughts about how maybe we do got it wrong or maybe we can’t really trust the things we believe as hopeful things, or punish ourselves in our minds for things that are long gone and in the past where there is nothing you can do to change what was done.

EXCEPT ---------- accept it. And THAT is where Libra energies can get stuck in us, where we just weigh it and balance it and do that 200 more times and NEVER do anything about it. So this energy wants us to DECIDE and DO and stop with all the allowing of things to stay in places that are not valuing or honorable of you. 

Are those thoughts you are saying about your potential love future or career future or happiness future, are they valuing of you? Because they need to be. And timing is always going to mess with us on the journey of manifestation, as the other option is to give us everything straight away and never give us another thing later on. Isn’t it better that we still keep working for and getting rewards around corners that we have no idea will be there than to know it all right now?

This wanting to know it all right now has actually damaged us. Our thoughts matter and the space with which we give our thoughts matters. Therefore we can do harm by taking in too much. And we all have statements that we heard or learned and now they can never leave us.

When I lived in Santa Fe I kept meeting people who had such negative feelings around Astrology because of Astrologers who told them things that just really locked the person in to buying into a negative thought and never letting it go. And it’s the reason I studied Astrology through research for 14 years before giving a reading or coming forward to teach you.

For all those years, I inhaled this Sacred Medicine because I did not want to throw my idea seeds into your plot of soil and be responsible for that unless I REALLY knew what I was talking about. NOW I know Astrology to speak it in the ways that won’t do any damage to your future.

It is the same as our wounds and how, where we were hurt by another, we EXPECT that same pain. We manifest the most tangled lives in need of healing BECAUSE of what others planted in our plots of soil.

 This energy wants us all to wake up to that fact that we are a database, which also is a great thing – but where we are allowing programs to run and diminishing ourselves or doubting that we will be seen one day needs to be ADULTED with some Earth grounding coming in to say HEY NOW, click uninstall. JUST because you CAN toss ideas about in your mind, doesn’t mean you are to FEED them all.

When you value yourself and trust your unique process, there is NOTHING to bash in your mind. So where are you not valuing yourself or your process?

Admit that this
Is really
You just wanting it all right now.
Don’t plant negative
Because you have to wonder + wait.
Use this time
To wonder with good thoughts.
~ have a beautiful day! xo KV

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