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WEDNESDAY: Energetically. This is one busy day.

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WEDNESDAY: Energetically. This is one busy day.

well hello W E D N E S D A Y!

Moon: | Gemini |
Numerology Vibration: | 1  8  9  |
Moon Phase: | Bring it forward |


There is something that totally comes out of the blue and it gets you feeling real sad for someone who has died or for lost opportunities or wishes that you could have done something better. Do just allow this to flow and to pass you by because it’s not something to take into a low place, but rather it’s just something like wind passing on through to let you know that life is precious and it needs you living it more AWARE and conscious of the ways you CAN make something better. 

We are to take what comes into our mind spaces and just observe the way it makes us feel. You may even feel real busy with thoughts coming back from all over the place, like that smell in the kitchen when you were 4 or when you were 16 and doing that thing, the feeling of your Grandpa or something to do with their world. We can just be fluttering with wild memories coming back in where we are THERE with the smells and feeling of it. It really is magical! And it’s basically for the purpose of getting you to wake up now. Hello my loves!

So. Today you are being asked to be out and about and there will be the need for you to show yourself or talk about something that is higher focused. We are transferring something with each other right now and I don’t exactly understand this but it seems that we are matching for the purpose of connecting with people who are giving us signs of what is to come in our future.

This means you can see things or hear of things that * HOPEFULLY * are success-based with things that you are working on, too. This is happening to give you faith in your creative gifts or some project that you want to sustain you.

ALL of us are onto something right now and with this energy today we see the things that are to come for us soon, through the messages of others talking about them now. BUT we are to hold them with excitement and not even 1 ounce of fear or feeling like you are left out or going into scarcity mode.

YOU MUST NOT use your powerful mind to take this abundance for another and turn it into a lack for you. That was the old you. The new you rising is full of self worth, so if not now, then later. No question to it. Not now means the best is yet to come and THIS thing right here is not good enough down the road.

We learn to stop the battering this week as last week got us looking at how mean we can be with our inside thoughts. Seeing that opens us to shifting something inside because, when we value ourselves, we don’t have a mean inner voice. I ONLY have a mean voice inside if I eat gluten. Otherwise, at my age now, and for a few years, my mind is silent, taking it all in as the witness, or hoping for the best. No whips are cracking in here. But I worked to get to this – even though I didn’t know it was possible.

So, when you see something amazing happen for someone else, be stoked for them!! Be so stoked that it CAN BE DONE. Be thrilled that this person manifested a life that seems so supportive and valuing of their purpose. Savor the love that another is getting and be really happy that they get.

We forget that living scarcely means we always think in terms of there not being enough to go around. So we were programmed to be jealous and envious of everyone and to classify people into privileged or those who get more advantages than us. We say, damn you for getting it so easy when I have had to have it so hard.

But that is not the way our true selves want to handle life. We don’t want to look at things and think we have to fight for what we need. And we need to transition to how our eyes flutter and look out at the world so that we are inspired by what we see and not always racing inside to now beat the crap out of ourselves, or others, for what losers we are in this lifetime or how unfair it has been for us.

If we can love what we see around us, that is a blessing for others, then we will heal something inside that has never gotten love and it WILL change our vibration to the point we attract different things in life. We are ON TO THIS right now so embrace this “healing journey” and be inspired to get out and see what attracts to you today. It says something for you. The messages are everywhere!



Be happy for the good you see.

It means your future

will also bear similar sweets.


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