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Wednesday: Choose for you today! Rewards come to those who say NO.

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Wednesday: Choose for you today! Rewards come to those who say NO.

well hello W E D N E S D A Y!

So, first off tomorrow we have this REAL big thing come in that is a test where we are going to need to hold this vibration of seeing yourself as the healed version of the wounds done or the places left empty where you were NOT held. And it’s being shown to me early because today starts some process that basically can be like marinating something or soaking the dishes or getting this heads up that helps bring more quality or value to something.

We can feel frazzled today and most likely someone comes in with drama or high emotions that our bodies cannot hold or process. And FEEL that it is too much -- feel that your head may even shake from side to side as if telling you that you need to get away from this.

And this is not about escaping from them, this is about honoring your space, KNOWING that this time is INTENSE right now and part of what will marinate you and soak you and get you to wake up is valuing yourself and saying NO to things, NO to people, NO to the fucked up way things are going down.

We need to rise in this primal way that we want to express what we are feeling and we will be provided things over the next 2 days so that we can really marinate in MOVING US 100% into a new space by the end of the week. We turn something on, get it going again, and find ourselves OUT of some situation that has been SO CONSUMING and not even to the point of being at the light yet.

So this week is real important – but heavy on the same level as last week. Now we are getting used to the heavy and now we move BECAUSE of the heavy. And this is good news! This is what is making us stronger and it’s what you see, too, in people who have been through challenging lives. They wear a different kind of energy, but it’s the energy that nurses have.

It’s the energy that gets you to stand up and fight for instead of hold back and hide from. Valuing yourself gets you to the front of the line. But – we have been programmed to not value ourselves and to think we DON’T have the answers. So getting yourself to the front of the line demands that you always apply the energy or visualization towards the goal. AND that goals are always in your life!! We must seek for changing things about ourselves or our conditions but not from the point of holding back and hiding, as in believing we don’t have the answers.

When we know we got them, and we know we don’t know where they come from, then we surrender into the mystery and get hooked up when we need to know something. We FEEL the answers. We go out into nature and move our bodies or sit in meditation and we GET the answers, the signs, the synchronistic things that guide us to realizing we ARE SOVEREIGN and we CAN navigate the oftentimes challenging journeys of our unique lives – that NEVER STAY THE SAME.

When we can remember that we have our Kali tools and that what is before us is not to be colored in fear, then our personal world shifts into the new world vibrations. It is EASY to get us to merge into this new way and the gateway is that YOU HOLD THE VIBRATION THAT YOU KNOW YOU GOT THIS AND CAN HANDLE THIS – even if you are hanging by a thread and have lost everything.

It is just those first moments of how you process things that needs you to stop and look at them because you DO think failure or you won’t be the one to succeed. And in this QUICK MANIFESTING energy we need you with expectations for success as if you are sure you have all this protection around you, WHICH YOU DO, and that no matter what, you will figure this out some way.

So see yourself in this higher position, from down the road, as your more mature self who HAS gotten through this time or trial. Don’t allow your mind to fall into the programmed way because it is the lie to keep you small. You have power to change things this week if ONLY you stay in the knowing that none of this is too much for you and the solutions ARE inside of you. Get to a quiet place where you are alone and nature surrounds and things WILL COME TO YOU. Just don’t fall into old patterns where you sail away on others’ fears. Stay here. Protect your space. And be open to receiving the guidance that awaits.

~ have a  beautiful day! xo KV



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