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WEDNESDAY: Our efforts ARE paying off. The work IS worth it.

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WEDNESDAY: Our efforts ARE paying off. The work IS worth it.

well hello W E D N E S D A Y!

Moon: | Sagittarius |
Numerology Vibration: | 1  6  7 |
Moon Phase: | Plant the seeds |


Something is leading us forward and this feels so good! The amount of support that is around us now, helping us rise to this next level -- or jump on the train as I am seeing it -- is INCREDIBLE.

This week marks a huge change where we see that our efforts ARE paying off and that keeping with the jobs and not giving up on them when we feel so passionate about them IS what we are supposed to be doing with our lives.

This energy wants us choosing the long route that is the better route that is the more eco and heart filled route. We are going outside of the lines and breaking through limiting thoughts that absolutely WERE keeping us locked into these patterns that we now are ready to shift into more upstanding positions. 

We can’t see our issues for good reason and that is so we stumble along, making mistakes and discovering something valuable THROUGH trial and error lessons. And our issues bring things into our lives that DO annoy us and DO NOT rub us the right way. Ooops, that didn’t work, and OH YAY, that did, is another polar expression of life that should always be happening. It instills a desire to want to learn more and get to things better and better.

We also are refining ourselves in the same way where we are learning more about who we are through what we have manifested and wanting to make things better now. No shame, no blame, but do the jobs that need to be healed and put into better position. Pay attention every step of the way to putting things back into order.

Something will be calling you to set something straight with another person or some way that you have been dealing in partnership with others. This can be on any level but one to always think about is that when we have been hurt we then expect another person to hurt us the same way and we DO act guarded where we are protecting a wound.

So at this time pay attention to the dances going on with you and others and see how slight changes ON YOUR PART can usher in a better result on their part.

This week we find more value within ourselves so that we manifest better things from people outside of us. And the magic this week can really come when we learn how to do the dance moves so that we aren’t succumbing to the patterns of our wounded ways and tripping up our life on themes that have played out over and over again.

This week we start a new pattern but we must understand that the old one is so ingrained that these first days are when we really have to be on our game. And with this, being on our game means being honest with ourselves and paying close attention to what runs on the REALITY inside our minds.

Evil in the mind CANNOT have anything but that in the reality of the outside world. ESPECIALLY come 2020. I am prepping you hardcore over these last months. I even heard BOOTCAMP in the reading earlier,but I didn’t know how that fit in until now. But yes, we ARE going to be in bootcamp intensity as we clear our insides so that we are not so mean and hurtful –JUST BECAUSE others have been so mean and hurtful to us first.

We must not follow their lead, we must create a new way to be leaders, and show that our original form does not, in fact, want to hurt or diminish. But from hurt, left as a raw, unhealed wound, will come individual actions that are hurtful in the same magnitude.

So we will hurt and hurt and hurt some more until we heal and face how ANOTHER hurt us first – AND THAT IS WHY we have this “bad behavior” expressing out of us. It is a part of what we are to heal and NOT a part of who we are and what needs to be held in place.

Our work is big right now, but it PAYS OFF. 100% all pain will lead to lovely gain. So correct yourselves, my loves. Ain’t nothing too ugly to face. Your life needs to be free of all the baggage from others’ lives cluttering your view of the better.



Through love, love, love

we get things looking better.

Through hate, hate, hate

we do not.


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