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WEDNESDAY: Seek for higher grounds and believe in peace.

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WEDNESDAY: Seek for higher grounds and believe in peace.

well hello W E D N E S D A Y!

Moon: | Pisces |
Numerology Vibration: | 0  2  |
Moon Phase: | Start to get the ball rolling |



What a fresh new space! Peace ushers in and the balancing of something that has been left hanging for some time. This is new and unknown as much still remains in the mystery – but towards balance and high value we now do GO.

You may even find yourself needing to get to higher grounds or will be lifted into other areas because something in you does naturally go TOWARDS HIGH VALUE.

We feel empowered to take the depth of what we have experienced recently and to really get up and FIGHT for the good life, to DO, and not run or escape from the challenges of finding balance within the dance of life. 

People are coming for us and there is the chance that they can sort of mess up our plans or muddy something with how we feel around them or what they are going through. We can sponge them up and feel sick because of it and totally off track and now wet from the emotion of their wave.

Today, what we run into is NO MISTAKE, so if the flood waters rise and come for us, then so be it, there is something for us to experience here. We do need to flow with this and not expect anything in regards to seeing into the light or solution or end of the cycle just yet. We are to flow towards an answer, knowing it will be there, while being receptive to what we need to see right now, as pieces bring us closer to something coming soon.

You may have unusual stability problems now and will need to tilt yourself or lean in a certain direction to feel balance. This is the energy showing up in your body and not all of you will feel this. This is like that coconut water that sometimes will be pink when it’s extra special. So if you lean today… you are finely tuned to how this energy is getting us all leaning towards something pulling us in a purposeful new direction.

On this first day of this new space the energy seems to magnetize with a feeling where we just flow in a certain way. We can FEEL this is moving us or something is here with us, helping us along with the changes in our life. So surrender into that and just enjoy the ride. To be confused and in the unknown is what we all should be good and used to by now! So walk your talk and ride this new flow, towards peace and resolution is where we all will want to go.

There is something really creative here right now where we are flowing and finding the solutions that will help things rebuild in a way that is REAL and authentic and sustainable. You also will notice that signs are showing up with messages of good news, where you see that people are not so bad or that your interpretation of them is changing because of what you are seeing.

What I want you to know is that these are the first days of when we really start this new movement of not wanting to inflict harm, as we soften in order to find that strength within, to not go low when we feel hurt or disenfranchised by another.

We don’t need to hurt another because we are hurt. That does not work. Today we get that. Pain hurts. But hurting another never heals us of the pain from others hurting us in the first place. The only thing that heals us is feeling our pain and then knowing from that pain that we would NEVER want another to feel the same.

When we tune into the vibration of things, we see that hate inflicted outside can only be done when hate groweth inside, and hate is from hurt that has not been understood and processed just yet, as sadness is like night, before it rises with the wonder and glory of new day.



It’s all good.

Allow this to flow.

You will arrive on time

and be where you need to be.

So enjoy the ride. Breathe.


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