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Kali: The Goddess of KV Life

Kali: The Goddess of KV Life


KV Life: Raising your Kali Awareness and supporting your Mastery of Life.


Kali is what we strive to embody in the KV Life.

Kali is our Goddess and here to represent the strength we are to discover in life. She brings the message that you DO have the tools you need to succeed and thrive just as you dream. You got what it takes, therefore no need to worry or fret about future steps in life. With tools, you are good to go.

She also brings the message that you ARE to use whatever tool is called out of you WHEN it is called out of you. Kali uses her throat to deliver and to never hold things inside, which leads to resentment, or keeping the true self hidden -- nor does she forget her power in the face of others with flashy threats or manipulations and intimidations to get her going small.

Kali sees through all the disguises set to make her fall weak and lose hope in her power, lose faith in her feminine, lose value in her visions.  She is not fooled BECAUSE she has the tools, she is equipped. And she may not know what is coming her way as a threat, but she does have the tools to handle it all.

We cannot choose what befalls our path, but we can handle it and we do have the tools to get through any struggle or challenge on our journey.

The last message that Kali brings is that we are not to think in terms of expecting a fight with life, expecting a challenge from life, being on guard believing that something negative is on the way, but rather we are to surrender to life and accept what is, and just flow from that, while consciously working to create something better if suddenly a challenge arises on path.

Kali walks loosely with full on trust, but acts quickly IF NEED BE. And if the terrain changes, she changes with it, but she does NOT go out looking for a fight. She is not a fighter as she is THE lover, actually -- but if called to fight, she will pull out whatever tool is required and DELIVER.  


Here at KV Life we discover our tools, awaken our strength, and move forward with confidence knowing that no matter what WE GOT THIS.

Kali doesn’t waiver. She is not unsure ever. And she is inside of you just waiting to get out and manifest you the KV Life you deserve to be living. It is there. I will help you find it.



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