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ARIES FULL MOON video + readings for each sign

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ARIES FULL MOON video + readings for each sign


Sweet babies! Here is a WHOLE BUNCH OF LOVE for you. I hope you enjoy this video as I think its a real important one for us to digest. I also wanted to start fresh with a brand new Youtube channel so come subscribe to me over there as that is where I next will be putting tons of energy. Time to reach, teach and support. 

AND ---- Go back to instagram or facebook and tell me what you think! I'll be hanging around to comment over there for this time. Please forward and share these readings with whoever you think needs to hear these words! Love youu!!

xo KV



These readings are written for ALL of them. Blend the messages to get the full story you are needing to hear. 



There is a sudden change or movement that deals with others around you and THIS VERY THING is what is going to get you to reposition yourself better in life so that you are not living for others and are instead doing what YOU need to do to create a foundation that is soft and supportive, like how you need it to be.

So the world swirls around you through the actions of others and this is also inspiring or forcing you to stand up in a new role where you maybe are showing different sides to yourself, but that truly now do need to rise. Decisions are being made because of the new feelings in your body around needing security and safety, and this does mean that the path changes or a new direction is taken where now things will just feel abundantly clear.

Things that deal with your home or with growing something better will be on your mind, and things are coming outside of you to affirm that what WAS does not have to be what WILL BE.

You need to be resistant to how the world tells you to function or the rules for success because you are starting over here in regard to creating your own way for the world to run for you. I feel that you need to be defiant even in knowing you will be going against the grain in regards to what we have been told about what is possible to expand into. It’s like you are finding out that there is another town that you can drive to when all along you only thought you could drive in the town you live in. So it’s like WHOA!!

And there needs to be this desire to FEEL YOUR WAY through life, while knowing you are growing into something better, doing it better this time, and that correction and rebuilding something IS possible.

Now something MAY come in and snatch your money away, but it also can come in and flood you. Like, PEOPLE are all around in this reading and they are helping to get you to the other side where you need to be in life. So even if things have been quiet and you were getting to wonder, now people come in and there are explanations and growth about the process of being away.

So from lack, you will fill up with abundance. And if you are in the place of money being snatched away, breathe deeply and remain calm because like the tides, it’s coming back in soon. And when THAT happens. OH YES. Then you got the Earth Walk wisdom of a journey from confusion to clarity and THAT is what changes how we see you. And as we see you different, from the decisions you are making in honoring yourself and your creative gifts, the world then will bring you the opportunities to just keep expanding and expanding.

But this time is DIFFERENT and it is the choices you make now and that are inspired now that deal with an EXCELLENT cycle coming soon where things just keep rising and rising and getting easier to handle by the day. So a big page for Aries is getting ready to turn and how others keep you from believing in what will be there when the turn does take place is what you need to see. You need lush foundations that celebrate what you bring to collaborations. And if they are not there, you need to look elsewhere for them.

It’s time to hold YOU so that you can do what you need to do for the world that moves things along. But your feelings are showing you what is real and what you can count on and now you just need to take a step at a time and build a brand new world around what YOU believe is impossibly possible. Put gold into the cracks and create something even more solid. From trial and error, walk NEXT something dream come true. Don’t give up on what can potentially be.


Full Moon Contemplation:

It is time for you to accept that the path needs to change and that you need to step up in some role through allowing the new to unfold in exceptional form and NOT based on what you have seen before. Life happens and you really never know, but sometimes we get amped up to make changes built from the mystery or the trickster or things NOT going as we planned. And from those we grow closer to our hearts or our reasons to want to live and be here now. So feel how your body needs change and what it is saying to you that is about waking you up to some dream that IS possible that YOU just need to go for and take a risk on. Where do you need to move where you were feeling stuck or manipulated or controlled? What needs your energy to move forward but with YOU leading and not others pointing the way for you to fit into? Feel that a new day CAN be here and believe that others ARE showing you the way to this.




BIG change is coming for you and you have no idea how much it will change so much of your life. This is something that is going to change the ultimate flow and expression of your life where your voice or what you are sharing is going to be leveling up or growing more abundant. This can be a time where you suddenly see into your life in a way that empowers you to step up and get things going, as in life is too short and there is no time to waste on anything but love.

Something will be tipping you towards the light and towards seeing that this is a really magical world we live in -- and if we are not showing up and believing the best for things, then who is? And if we have the choice to believe the best or the worst, then why would we choose for the worst or choose to believe maybe we CAN’T have faith and trust the great mystery and believe that something will work out? 

It doesn’t make sense to worry for the worst when a process is still creating an outcome. We would never do this on our children, like worrying that they will be losers and will probably not live up to their dreams. For others, we see that our vison for them can be held high, but with ourselves we tend to wonder and scrutinize all the details of choices made and paths created from where we still do find flaws and think maybe we are doomed or have gotten something wrong because of how the process looks right now.

BUT. What this is deals 100% in your mind and with taking in too much information out in the world to the point you are seeing yourself as small and not the big influencer like you ARE. This time wants you to pull within and to focus on what is around you that needs your dire attention as you put things into order that are coming up as triggers in your mind that are getting you to see yourself as small.

So like avoiding things is not so good right now because you judge yourself for doing that and every time you are reminded of what you are avoiding, you further batter yourself. So, see and do. Check things off and KEEP THINGS SIMPLE. You ARE going to go next level, but first this tangled sort of stop here is all about getting you untangled so that a lightened version of yourself can step forward in January 2020.

This end of the year is clearing you and clearing the clutter and clearing the garbage and clearing all the things that you should have said NO to that now created what is rather time consuming to correct. BUT it gets harder to correct the more you don’t trust your journey or think you are somehow getting things wrong. This path is rolling along perfectly, but WHAT YOU LEARN ALONG THE WAY is what you are going to be sharing more of and getting more vocal about. But keep facing things and cleaning them up. And be here now with the life that is here now helping you to create an even better future.

There is no reason to think glass half empty about what you are creating or writing or that project that will be shared far and wide that is about rebuilding things and showing that there is another way. Also, with your career, website, writing, designing things, be aware that you don’t need to force or push things as the more you clear, the more others will see you CLEARLY and the direction will be made known.

So things will be slowed down or put on wait if you are still discovering the best way to represent the messages you are sharing or the points you want to get across. But again, don’t negativize (good new word) the steps of the process if they are not going as YOU THINK they should. They wont be!

Your current journey is taking you out of the thinking way and into a way that unfolds differently, but better than your mind can design. This is happening so that you see you CAN trust the process -- AND believe the best, each step of the way. Cleaning up messes comes with inner judgmental feelings, so calm those by empowering yourself with each step and accomplishment you DO make. You need to hear that inner coach moving you forward to this place where you WILL be considering a new role that you will share with others SOON. So savor each step. It means something.


Full Moon Contemplation:

It is time for you to surrender into the mystery and trust this journey with all your heart and soul. It is time to leap into the unknown, but to KNOW this will work out. It is time to design your things that share what you love to do and to organically come to the steps as you continue through the process. And your mental state is where your focus needs to be. Feel where you are pushing and wanting to live up to these other standards. Surrender into there being a plan that you are co-creating with Spirit and where decisions are made by what you feel in your body and what you sense that is not something yet grounded in reality. This is a time when you are to add mystery to the new plans you are bringing together and to EXPECT that things take longer or need to cultivate a bit more. So allow your mind to trust your process. When things DO change, they change OVERNIGHT.




At this time others are going to play a big part in lifting your spirits and getting you to see things about yourself that you weren’t really feeling. This will open your mind and rev you up and get you feeling kind of special inside, like maybe you WILL be seen or your things WILL be valued by people out there.

There has been a link between your value system and your ability to generate money and you have been waiting to feel value when the money comes, but the money won’t come until you feel value. So your life is stopped or slowed down in ways that represent this NOT DOING until something happens, like thinking you will be happy when you fall in love, and until then…

So YOU first need to step up and accept that what you do is BEYOND special as no one is a better database than you. So that alone means you are a dictionary for something and people like me celebrate you for that very reason! I always say that I go for answers or advice from my Gemini moons.

So things are coming in to remind you that you are okay and this will trigger things into position of getting around some corner where you then DO feel stronger and more capable in handling, and understanding, life. Something will reach the light in regard to partnership or something you have been working out with another.

But a load will lighten because of something someone else brings in that shifts your take on things or just gets you to make a decision that puts you first, or at least requires that you get a little more loving and attention. BUT from within, the outward will start to change. We are coming together to wake you up about your value, but you holding it gets the world to shift and start providing for you so you don’t have to worry that you are never doing enough or learning enough or EVER filling some ENOUGH category you have.

The mystery is also working on getting you more amped up too because things will be coming your way that help you see that something was all worth it or that thoughts you were having about being doomed or something being wrong with you were ultimately just being impatient with a process still unfolding.

And something reveals to show you that things can get worse before they get better, but the BETTER that they GET TO is what you need to focus on. Something about your life has things to clean up that require you stay in them, one-by-one and not get so overloaded that you want to escape and not face this thing in front of you. But since the energy is on autopilot to LIFT YOU right now, each thing you do accomplish is going to actually lift your energy and get you into this position to really taking care of what you need to see so that your mind is not constantly processing things as judgment, where you ARE battering yourself -- and then that changes your energy so that you probably aren’t getting enough done or in the ways that would make you happy.

You may also need to hold back on stimulation of other people’s lives moving forward, or even the news or the internet where you are stopping your world to take in other things. That needs to be restricted just for a while as you learn some new patterns with staying in your energy where you are getting your life figured out. The outer can zap you right now because it affirms your chaos and keeps you thinking you need to do more than you are already doing.

For now, you need to lay low, meditate often and do the things around you first so that you can build up this sense of accomplishment. A new pattern with your creativity or romantic life or something that is to give you mad joy IS coming, but you are sort of in the limbo space as it draws near. But focusing too much judgment onto yourself or others seems to be keeping it away.

So all forces are coming in to FLIP YOU and get you seeing your beauty within and how that DOES fit into the world and IS a part of your souls purpose work to offer. Things are COMING. And you just need to hold value within that KNOWS only the best for you and that the wait WILL be worth it. The light finds what you desire it to lay on. So show pride in what you are creating knowing ONE DAY it will be seen.


Full Moon Contemplation:

It is time for you to make a decision where your heart is speaking and saying you need to be seen. But the decision needs to NOT be made from scarcity or fears as if there is not enough to go around or you do not have a place in the world. You are to play in life right now and to think like a child who is not worrying about the future that is still being created in this moment now. You are to believe there is a solution, an upgrade or SOME WAY out of all situations, and that they ARE occurring as part of a process that IS to get you to a better place. Feel how you can hold more value for yourself, in the same way you hold it for your cherished peoples, and see what it gets you wanting to create or hone in on that you love to do. This is a creative time for you, so focus on keeping your hands busy and seeing what comes out of you when YOU LOVE YOU FIRST.




Something FOR SURE is changing and a new you will rise BASED on a decision you are making now that deals with your home or an agreement to create something that holds you safer.

You may go through a period where you are sort of crawling out of your skin because you can feel that you need something or you want others to see you in another way, and therefore it’s like your skin is letting you know that change is on the rise.

And what is happening is that you will be stepping up in life, but this is due to others and how they change you to want to be better OR how you now feel you need to be something stronger so as to steer them more like a guide and not like a sponge. Your role is changing, but so much else is too!! This is FOR SURE when a reboot or start over takes place where your passion to DO SOMETHING with what you got and to live life and capture the moments will feel real strong in you.

Something will bring excitement around your work with how you are seeing the day to day situations in your life. And this is to lift your spirits and start letting you know that cycles can close completely as new ones open, and you believing in something better down the road is CRUCIAL. It’s important that you are not thinking in terms of glass half empty or too much time has passed or that glass ceilings can stop you.

If you can imagine a new day, then your mind can create the space to step into a new land or new home or new platform that gets you OUT THERE. Something wants to springboard you into something that is big and that connects – and you making a decision allows for this opportunity.

So know that you now need to use your voice and choose for a path that is YOUR PATH and not what others or the patriarchy thinks or the messages around what you should be doing to get your career or creative dreams out there. Things that you need to get OUT THERE need to be imagined in a new way because this also deals with you feeling your way to the best opportunities in life.

Therefore, you may be in things that need a NO or not yet because in learning to value ourselves we always have to first say NO. Things that come fast don’t tend to be the thing best for us over time. But if over time we sit with them slowly, they DO. Ironic like that. So your unique flow needs to be in consideration as you do things how you feel they should be done. And you ARE coming up more powerful in your role with others, so you leading the way needs to happen more, anyway.

The energy wants you to believe in yourself and to make choices that affect your whole world, but where YOU make them and YOU decide on where and how and what feels best for you. There also is something showing up that you are growing through situations you have had in your past that you didn’t understand but now you see how that strengthened you and has now provided a gift that you DO want to share in your career or in relationship with others.

This may have to do with lifting partners up or transforming so that THEY can follow your lead. If you want to walk into a new world, into a new foundation that will hold you safely, then you have to be the one that shows us the way. Not always, but right now, YES. You are to break through all glass ceilings in regard to what is holding you back or controlling you, and reveal a more compassionate and considerate way to do things – and to lead like you KNOW we are going to follow. There also needs to be FORCE in what you bring as if you KNOW you should be there and KNOW this is your destined thing.

You may even be asked to show up stronger than you normally would or not be personal about things -- to just lay it out there. And it’s important that you do! It’s important that you don’t change yourself to suit others or to get followers or likes or attention. That will come, things will follow, but you first must pave the way for them to understand WHAT they need to follow.


Full Moon Contemplation:

It is time for you to stop living for others and start feeling the way you need to be living so that the outer world supports you and works with how YOU need things to be. This is when you awaken to ideas for new roles you want to be for the world and decisions made will create what you are dreaming for now. Feel how others or programmed messages have been put into you that DO keep you thinking this is all there is or things can’t start over again and regenerate. SEE the impossible and find gaps in your tapestry that are allowing other people’s fears to hold you back from going for things that you DO dream are possible. Go all the way to childhood and see what blocked your vision for a new day and see into another side of this. What strength can be found from the pain that now moves you forward with determination?




Some kind of new perspective is going to be reaching your awareness and it relates to how you have been seeing something in a negative light, or at least have not been able to release its clutches in your mind in how it keeps you feeling shame, blame or guilt.

But now the light shines in such a way so that you awaken to how you have been held to this way of seeing something because of how others have influenced you. It’s like how your parents bought that product so you naturally do too, or they believed in this certain way of thinking and therefore you do too. But something is wanting to upgrade with a story you have been fed that IS leading you to a place that maybe isn’t as lush and wonderful as it could be.

And you can be questioning things and wondering if you can trust what you feel, when it goes outside of the lines of what others tell you it should feel like. So you kind of are rediscovering yourself from seeing the ways you have followed others and followed the way things have been done, and aren’t really following a path that is YOURS to own.

And where you discover this new desire to find a new path that FEELS like home, comes when you see how you are holding back from taking a risk or doing something that takes you to another place, away from some groove that is so well worn, BECAUSE others have in some way planted a huge seed that holds your destiny in THEIR boxed in reality.

You actually need to travel beyond that and to open to concepts that are beyond what was just the way that you learned it to be. There will be a crossroads feeling to your life because you are choosing for something that maybe hasn’t been done or has no proof of actual success. Whatever it ends up becoming, what you feel is what you need to pay attention to and how your heart is speaking to you about this thing that seems to be moving along this month anyway.

But your heart is leading you to where you need to be and your mind is going to have to compromise because the story is not the same place. But your feelings have a grip on you in ways unfamiliar so you KNOW there is something to this. And honestly, where you are requires you to open to a new kind of faith or a new trust in life where you do more leaping and try out these new things that your heart is inspiring you to learn more about.

You also will awaken to wanting to connect more with people from your past or to make the act of getting together and learning from each other be a bigger part of your life. You may be thinking of old times and how these certain things inspire new ideas from you, as you look from this later in life perspective and things seem different now that you are down the road.

You also will have experiences when you are doing your creative things and are in those spaces that are sort of meditative where new seeds will be planted about what you would like to do or learn about or explore. Things are coming into focus for you, albeit through many different things to think about! I see this energy as fluttering, but the pages of a book are going backwards and then forwards, as if you are going “back there” to gain steam or understanding in doing something in a better way this next time around.

This is like going on vacation to a place for the 2ndtime. It’s a different experience when you have already gone back to the place, as in there is familiarity there. It allows for a more relaxed and open experience the next time around. So you are “going back” so that you can walk forward with this new confidence or second chance to start over again.

But remember, your mind needs to be upgraded as you carry the information of people who are not here to be walking your life or deciding for you. So expect to need to stop a fear based or waffling based thought as you do pursue the unknown of a path or idea that you just feel you are being called to explore. Change needs to happen and life wants you to jump into this different thing that lights you up hardcore. So give the new a chance. And share what your heart is feeling because others are ready to hear this depth of wisdom of a life and journey walked and learned from.


Full Moon Contemplation:

It is time for you to see how you are influenced by how others see you or how you were programmed to believe and to find ways to bring more unique touches of your creative gifts to the forefront. Something wants to expand in your life, and it is held back by some belief where you feel you really CAN’T do something or that it can’t be done, so it should not be believed in. And you are to believe in something wild and wonderful that you also FEEL can come true. You will be asked to take a leap of faith and to believe in the best. See where you are not expanding and explore in your mind the words you hold that keep you thinking defeat or that it can’t be done. Give those things a, why not? And a, who says? See who is limiting your growth and make sure you are not agreeing to it with the words you use. There is something more for you. But first, you got to believe it true.




Your life is about to expand in the most wonderful way -- and you have no idea! Something makes its way to the light and this is something that fills in pieces and bridges understandings and brings about a rebirth into something that grounds you and opens your heart to a new angle about life.

So. This is a big time. And it is one with the surprising shifts that come with upgrades to how you have been handling something that deals with your creative gifts or sustaining yourself in the world or sharing yourself with the world. You can have new feelings that bring about insecurities in areas that are not yet manifested or yet to launch.

But something is sensitive here because this is something important for you, and where we are insecure is usually where we have big gifts that just need to grow up some more and experience the life that makes them valuable and solid. Air is not enough when it comes to the manifesting of our dreams, as we must walk a vibration to match the things we wish to be walking or that we talk about one day walking.

This time is when you dig down deep and create the plan for how you want to expand and really find joy and SENSUAL satisfaction in life and with who and what is around you.  Something can wake you up in a flash where you want to ground down and fix these things that are keeping you from focusing on making your life better and believing that there ARE solutions to things.

You are fighting your way out of feeling not seen or that you wont get your turn or that others get to walk your dreams and you just have to watch and NOT get that sort of place out in the world. But be aware that you SHOULD BE FEELING THAT WAY and it’s a part of getting you to RISE with passion into wanting to clean up the messes and get through the baggage and get to a place of clean and functioning farm space so that YOUR WAY can come through as knowing what we best should do and follow.

All Virgos need to be stepping up in regard to what you offer the world or what you do or share to make things better. But first you have to feel like a nobody who’s not good at nothing or who can’t sustain yourself. First you have to feel raw and like you DON’T know what is up, THEN something hits the light and it all makes sense. So you just need to be patient as you move through this transition space because it carries many emotions that need to be walked to get you to this rising space where you are ready to start over and do this year better than you dreamed.

Something is breaking away from you and it WILL open your heart in wild and raw ways, but for most of you it is fear or scarcity that breaks away. You are seeing into something that was holding you back and that stays in your mind space, but it was other people’s stories and fears.

And truthfully YOUR WAY needs to lead the way and to decide on things. YOU coming up with the solutions or the way to do things needs to rise out of you. Your wisdom on things is DEEP. And the things that are YOURS to speak about or offer are growing stronger as you own your power to be a holder of healing solutions. 

You also are in space where there will be a lot of creativity and things flowing out of you that are PERFECTLY timed. Understand that the timing is perfect and any rushing is ego based, so calm that down because you first must learn some things before the next levels unfold. But energy that feels like a HUG is coming your way and it will show you that you ARE taken care of. It will fill you where before there was something held empty and in wait. So keep plowing away in the fields until it grows. But it’s coming fast so be ready to catch this new flow.


Full Moon Contemplation:

It is time for you to get down to business in facing what needs you to face it as you CLEARLY come through and offer your ideas and plans for how to make your life better and get things solid and secure. This is when you create YOUR PLANS and create boundaries with others so that THEIR thing is not affecting YOUR thing. Feel how others have shaped you to go in certain directions and explore what you want to let go of as YOUR ideas can now lead the way. Play around with all the new plans that are coming to you and choose for things that VALUE YOU. Don’t go the cheap or compromising route on anything. Remember your power and the world will give you EVERYTHING. Own that you got the power and others will come RUNNING for what you got.  Use this time to understand how you run from or deny seeing your power and authentic gifts. 




Well look at this big shift! In some way something is going to happen as the final pushing point where you make a big decision about your life direction based on something that happened in your past, where you have been conditioned to follow along or where you said YES when your body was kinda saying NO.

With this Full Moon something happens to change HOW you want to be seen where you may unleash something or come forward with something and seriously start taking life by the reigns. Where you sat back and accepted, you now will step forward and greet. There is a new path opening that deals with you “breaking through” with the real you and this will have you wanting to grow roots with life and to really GROUND INTO reality instead of staying in the mind spaces so much and wondering about so much.

You may even notice that you are feeling things in different ways, and this is helping to guide you along with your decision making processes so that you can be DIRECT when you need to and not holding back or staying confused when a lot of things in life just need you to be efficient with them and quick and to the point and on to the next. So the feelings can come in sharp ways where they are getting you to that point of just dealing with it and moving on to the next.

You also will lighten your load, in a surprising way, but where going to the depth of a relationship in regard to WHY you tangle the way you do and how that has AFFECTED and influenced you to be a certain way, will reveal a new strength within yourself. And the surprising aspect comes because you won’t know that you are on the path of discovery, but you are and when it comes your mind opens and then you see how YOU have contributed to this, in a way, or your response system keeps this pattern in place.

And when you change, your energy hits others in different ways. So you are learning how to drive yourself forward where you dance in ways where harmony can be achieved and where you show yourself, very present and HERE NOW with what you want to bring. You are shedding skins and it is time to stop living out your past because of what your air dominance keeps you locked in.

So sudden things are coming to wake you up to the idea of a very good NEW future where you are supported and are being seen for those special things that you bring. So be yourself, my love. The big message is that this is your time to show up and show them what you got, but from YOUR perspective, your take on things and in the ways where you break through the old mold of your past and come forward in an upleveled way as the teacher or guide or someone showing how something can be better done.

You are learning something about the transformation or healing or death process and not judging the aspects of it, while rather focusing on riding the waves of what you need to see and not turning away when things feel too difficult to face. You are going to be fighting the demons of your mind that carry the programming of others and that WILL keep you thinking maybe something is wrong or you are too far gone or you CANT handle that money situation or that debt issue or that thing that you need to ground you. 

The old you sponged those fears right up and walks hesitant now BECAUSE you hold all that intellectualizing information in your computer database. So YOU have to break the pattern and shift it away into always paying attention to the thoughts by allowing them, but not staying in places that are doom and gloom – not devaluing yourself that way, as if you ARE destined to lose or there is something wrong with you. You are learning to move along when it is best for your health and sanity and to not give of yourself trying to fix everyone else or compromise your own needs to keep everyone else happy.


Full Moon Contemplation:

It is time for you to see clearly into what your feelings are guiding you to do and to change about your path so that the REAL YOU is coming forward. This time is when you are to discover a new aspect of yourself that is ready to rise and surprise others. The world wants to support the REAL YOU, and your ideas around scarcity and fear that you WON’T be valued were programmed into you so that you stay confused. So step BOLDLY into what FEELS correct and just move along from there. Condition your mind to NOT think defeat. That is other people’s clothes you have chosen to wear. SHED THOSE LAYERS. Feel the new you rising and the ideas coming up about how to live this next year as your best year. 




Some sort of decision will be made that deals with a forgiveness or something  where you are shifting your perspective and seeing another side to things. And with this comes freedom AND a new faith or belief IN THE PROCESS.

The work really being done is going to reflect in areas that already have been on the upgrade process for a long while now, but it relates to how you take information and translate it into something glass half full, or empty. And this time is to look at, not how you intellectualize something, but how you really walk it and how you handle life when things do show up that were not as planned.

Aspects of your personality that are critical or quick to judge will be examined as you look into your past to see what influenced you to be that way, to be triggered by certain people or to be jealous of certain people or whatever it is that brings some pattern in you that plays out where they show up as stimulation where you then are tested to think negatively about them, OR NOT.

Life is just like the boardgames with all the tests and the rewards when we pass things. It really is! Life cracks me up like that. But you are getting ready to experience something, that is like karma swinging back, and the work now is just on getting you into the best position so that you drive CLEARLY with this next year and show up in a new role that is very much near and dear to your heart and where you are known for your creativity or creative gift.

Life wants to align you to something that grounds you and VALUES YOU and supports you through sensual ways that keep you purring. And its kind of on you to release some burden of shame, blame or guilt and release some mental hold on punishment or feeling like you won’t be the winner. You need to free your soul up to trusting the process and allowing the layers to play out in whatever way they need to, as you wait patiently, expecting the best, only, and knowing the answers will come when the time is right. Surrender, my dear. That is your new way.

You also may be going through a highly fertile time where your mind is coming together with others and discovering new solutions about how to get along and create peace and harmony so that we don’t just intellectualize the peace movement but WALK IT. And we are always learning how through our relationships and the things we think of as karmic partnerships.

Things may be changing and upgrading as self-love and awakened worth will bring in changes that need to occur where things were stuck and in this mysterious confusing space. A decision moves things into a new role and this is ONLY about upgrading. So ride the waves, cry the tears, feel the joy, tune into your heart and believe a new role is unfolding for you where things WILL be reaching people far and wide and where new opportunities WILL be something always to climb up into with endless mountains to explore. Your mind needs to think in terms of endless and one thing transforms into another thing, always moving forward, but often not understood until miles down the road.

And the wisdom that is gained at that point is where you sit right now, and that wisdom can change our path forward. So you may feel in a pause, but you are about to IGNITE and a plan needs to be seen after you awaken in the ways you will in regards to how, and where, you will walk in the near future.

The desire for more now has you wanting to correct what went wrong in your past and it is your feelings that will guide you to WHO needs to hear something from you or connect with you again. You WILL be softer over this next month as shattered breaks from your past will be finding ways to be healed with gold because THAT JOURNEY from chaos to correction IS what life is all about.

We mess it up and we fix it. We learn and we correct it. We trial and error our way through. We don’t just walk any easy life. And thank goodness because where we fall and pick ourselves back up is where we experience a feeling that changes our passion or focus. So we need to FEEL that thing. And a NEW DAY and NEW YOU is on the rise. Patience and the surrendering way will break this right open when the time is exactly right.


Full Moon Contemplation:

It is time for you to surrender so deeply and work your intentions into seeing how you can soften, release judgment and bring focus into healing in some way. You are connecting dots or bridging some situation or seeing another side that sets you free and totally changes what you thought to believe. So it’s important you resist how you think you are right, and FEEL your way through clashes or challenges that are just asking you to upgrade what you GIVE OF YOURSELF in really bringing the peace to things. YOU are being asked to show yourself higher and to believe that through all processes things CAN be brought into balance. See how you automatically think about things and be on the conscious of shifting it upward.




This is bringing some good news! A restriction you have felt on your sense of value or with feeling seen and that supporting you is now going to lift! You have been in this test where you have been thinking about how your creative gifts or the thing you love to do fits into the world and supports you.

And we gain from the things that stop flowing for the purpose of learning to digest them in different ways in our bodies. When we have something, we don’t tend to think too much about it. But when we lose it, a whole other world of feelings comes into play and usually we do tend to blame ourselves or question if we are the ones who are NOT going to get it right and who will be left out in some way. 

You may even be seeing others with big gains or wonderful news on their plate, but don’t let that make you think you are being passed by! What you see like this is coming up to show you that you TOO have that in you to manifest. But right now you need to focus on YOU and not others and hone in on what you love to do -- be proactive in creating a life that will make you happy. Feel this stuff out and let that march your feet forward in going for MORE LOVE.

You also are going to be stepping up in regards to doing something to face an area of your life that you have not really felt clear on, as in unrequited or kept in some limbo space, and there now is light shining into dark areas and solutions are THERE.

So all the hiding now will get you seeing that looking at, even if you would rather run from that bill or that debt or that “issue” with that person or shadow wound --  that facing this is actually clearing your life and mind and health and vitality to go out there and accomplish any and all obstacles that may be on your path.

When we get in the pattern of making a left and diverting the pain, we make it harder for us to look at the pain because we know the groove of the diversion so well. So we have to PURPOSEFULLY reposition ourselves.

And remember, the energy to run from is the same as to open to, but one keeps us on path while the other manifests us situations reminding us to heal what took us off path and caused us to RUN FROM THE PAIN. So we never do escape the pain and it’s like, look now or keep being reminded to look through experiences manifested forcing us back to that point again.

You are to make a decision that brings the upgrade or solution so that you can bring momentum to a corrected path where you are giving your souls purpose work in some way. This will make your day to day world a bit busier actually, but this brings excitement and where you are doing something that you really love to do -- and this thing SMILES ON YOU.

So there is feedback in this reading as in pumping you up showing you that your gifts and the things you do in the way you do ARE BEING SEEN. This is to fan your journey forward where you get to seeing that timing is not under your control, but when the light does reveal you see it was ALL WORTH IT.

And synchronicity is bringing you those insights and flashes and rewards for past struggles walked, FOR the purpose of getting you into a faithful position in life where you trust the process and trust your own inner guidance to lead the way. Sometimes we have darker and emotional times that take us off our game, but the wisdom we learn is EVERYTHING when we get to that point of learning. And then we don’t really regret the places we have been.

As things come in to show you that you can trust yourself, step into a world of YOUR creation where you start asking for things that your heart needs. It’s time for your dreams to be supported and for YOU to make that a priority.


Full Moon Contemplation:

It is time for you to see the world and what is the potential through YOUR eyes, and not others. It is time for you to create from the depth of your soul and to choose for things that are supportive and that SEE YOU and what you love to do. It’s time to level up with what you are manifesting and to believe ALL THE MAGIC is right around the next corner just waiting for you to discover it. So feel what makes you feel sensitive and NOT seen. Feel how you are not real when struggling to fit into others paradigm of how THEY need you to be. What can you do to break through some limitation and reach for something that will make YOU happy and help you feel essential? What needs to transform and break on through to the other side?




You will never walk in the same way you walked after this Full Moon. This one comes in and shakes things up in regards to your foundation and what you thought you could count on or was safe. BUT -- it gives you am amping to want to GET UP and do something towards bringing change into your life that is way better than how it has been before.

This time will be when you realize that you DO want to show up different to the world and you do want to make some changes with the role that you give off or that others perceive you as. What rumbles your foundation is a part of your NEW RISE where a decision will be made and then a new you will unfold from that new path that reveals when the decision is made.

Before the decision is made there will be clutter and confusion as to what this means or what this is all about or what to do or what direction to go in or how to design this thing so that it is REALLY unique and YOU.

But then AFTER DECISION, things will go fast and will fall into place where you WILL be saying that you feel like things have started over or you are getting time back or something where HOME is here and it changes how you FEEL about life, your safety, your place in the world -- and with this will come a NEW REASON TO WANT TO LIVE.  

As most of you know I did a 40 day food fast and only drank water and some herbs, but NOW 3 months into eating again, I EAT SO CLEAN. I am Alkaline Vegan, with zero processed foods and now have the strongest passion and love I have ever felt in my life so far when I am preparing, serving and eating food.

I did not feel that way before the fast and I had NO IDEA I would feel this way from the fast. It was all a total mystery how it would go down. But now when I am in the kitchen I feel the same as someone newly falling in love. I am giddy. I got music playing. I’m dancing. I’m cleaning the dishes as I go, making hemp milk and ranch dressing and dehydrating some watermelon. It’s my favorite part of the day, well it’s in a close tie to hiking twice a day, which I also added in from the fast. So before fast I was NOT vegan OR hiking twice a day. After I made the decision, they have become my LIFE -- and I don’t plan on giving them up.

But our decisions matter. And sometimes we make leaps of faith and it looks crazy, but if we really felt that we should do this, IT WILL BE what we need it to be. It may mean more lessons to clean up, but if so, those lessons are OURS. And we need to wake up to seeing that what we attract is what is ours to face and deal with or heal or bring peace to or whatever.

But this life is not a mistake and you are learning that you DO have a place and have a right to be here, to live, to thrive, to find a comfortable spot that will hold you so that you can just generate and not have to worry about all these man made patriarchy things that DON’T REALLY MATCH YOU.

So allow your new world to unfold and step forward into opportunities that come from things from your past returning to greet the NEW YOU, or new role you are wanting to give off where NOW things can flow in a new way. So a gift comes from your past and this will do something that makes things make sense and therefore you can open freely to seeing how you need to release your clutches on fear around things holding you in some outdated model.

Believe that now is your time to be held and to rise and to change your life 180 and to THEN show the world that it can be done. Don’t get down on the outdated model, get inspired to break through that with all your growth and stories of support that you will be able to offer others on the journey.  

You are totally a winter tree that goes into hibernation and looks all dead and too far gone, but then come spring it’s all good to go and flashing its thing. So you need to believe that you are getting younger and not getting older. You need to see that things are getting better and not taking too long or are unfixable. You need to expect the answer will come and that things ARE moving along now.



Full Moon Contemplation:

It is time for you to open your arms to what comes as a jolt, and honor the message it brings in how you DO need to make a decision that will change how you are being held or supported in life. So watch the signs because THEY ARE THERE. Feel the changes that are inspired, and be open to things coming out of the blue, and taking you where you least expect it. Just feel the new road it inspires you to travel on. Feel what you need to start over so that you can find a place where the light shines brightly on what you bring so that you can rise into a higher position in life. What do you need to feel safe? See yourself there and plant those seeds today. CALL IN THE NEW DAY.




So this is when you GET IT and figure out the way to get your things moving again OUT THERE. Something is opening for you and it means that people will be seeing you or talking about you and that this somehow gets things rolling along where you can be writing, creating or talking a lot -- but seeing that a new foundation IS forming and things ARE looking to be starting over again in some way.

You are not exactly there just yet as work still is being done and synchronistic connections ARE THERE as you go through this MOVING ALONG sort of space. What I feel from this is that things are changing so much and what you need to do is not judge things from how you think they should be done, but really open to a new way of thinking your dreams forwards where you ARE seeing others sides to things and are seeing that justice is served or are seeing that the garden was just growing quietly and now is starting to show some big growth. So the seeds start to pop out now and then the change can sort of snowball.

What is most important is that you do not buy into anything old world, and instead tune into all things pointing you to hope and trust and faith and belief that a process is playing out -- and therefore we must not judge any parts of it fluttering into place. And what is also important is that you SEE how you do tip things to glass half empty and DO naturally have places where you see something out in the world and it triggers you to think defeat or that you won’t be successful like you dream.

So see it when it comes and tip it upwards immediately because it’s time for you to own that you are creating things way worse than they need to be because you have SEEN so much not working out in your past. But something that is a belief inside of you is burning your future steps right as you could step into them because a part of you BELIEVES or has that split-second reaction thought that maybe you are a fraud or a failure.

And you need to see that now so that you can step up and grow more confident in you being an essential piece to EVERYTHING, actually. But the weight of others’ manipulations and false programming keeps you looping into those low feeling spaces. 

And this Full Moon will get you serious about the corrections of how you inflict harm to your own path through your words or thoughts, and ELEVATE you with something magical that comes out of the blue and around that corner that SHOWS YOU the wait was worth it, the apprenticing was worth it, the journey is perfect and you CAN trust the process. Go fly baby! You CAN if you think you can. I KNOW you can. So I’ll look for you up in the lights.

But seriously, you can have something totally different from what you have if you only put the energy into really holding space within your body where you DO honor yourself like a temple and a God or some very valuable human who WILL get to the top and who WILL bring the essentials when that day does finally come.

But you must not allow your mind to tell you that you are a mistake and that you keep getting things wrong. There is nothing you could get wrong as your mountain of life is asking to learn THIS and to then be an authority on it guiding others along the way. You are to LEAD but first you must know in your body, spirit and soul that you believe in yourself and that even without evidence or things exactly yet as you dream, still the hope for one day needs to be in your every day. Because it is there for you. It IS there for Aquarius. It just takes you longer and there are more unusual journeys into what the old world WOULD call a mistake. But for you, it is where you find the gold. So carry on, with deep faith and high hopes. And get ready for BIG CHANGE. Once you decide on something, its ON.


Full Moon Contemplation:

It is time for you to clean up your act and get your thoughts pristine and in position so that you can manifest opportunities ON THE WAY that will expand your life and begin some process of a starting over or doing it again sort of situation. Where are you leaking energy because your thoughts pull out the rug on yourself or throw you under the bus? What makes you feel competitive or like you will be the loser? Be with those feelings and see how they inspire you to take better care of the thoughts you hold about your journey and timelines and how it looks to others. Plant seeds of belief and be in anticipation KNOWING seeds ARE about to sprout for you.




Your journey is taking you into the thick of something emotionally heavy and where you may be in shock at the realizations or discoveries that are made, but this is perfect for your SOUL GROWTH and something that deals with patterns that HAVE needed to change.

You will move along in something that gets you thinking about what is valuable about life and how you can be the one to make the difference when coming from a place of value within yourself. So you are uncovering, in surprising ways, places where you have not valued yourself and have let things slide or were not willing to look at them closely, and when looking with this Full Moon you will see a trail that has led to HERE, but it could have been different if you had allowed yourself to say NO or YES to something that WAS IMPORTANT to you.

And when you hit down into this hidden wound or pattern where you are accepting less than, you will SHOOT UP in the most empowered way you have seen yourself rise.

So love, you NEED to fall, you need to emotionally collapse, you need to question yourself, you need to sit in scarcity and wonder if you really can get yourself out or will ever see a better life – and you need to see those so that you can light your fire and get OUT OF THOSE by executing a plan and rebuilding your world. 

Things are not at the light just yet, because first we need you growing new soil around you where you are putting your heart and your needs FIRST. Something wants to grow and step up in vibration and it deals with love and your creativity being something that helps you to feel seen.

This is when you are to be working for things that add those puzzle pieces that provide the stability so that you can focus on being The Dreamer and not worrying about money or other people controlling you or things in the mystery that still hold fear over you. It’s time to “dance like you need the money” and when you are ready to bust ass the universe will bring you opportunities that will be the very things you need to feel safe so that you can focus on more fun things in life. 

This energy wants to position you into FUN and first you get to feel a sting of something making you oh so desperately want some more carefree days in your life. And they are but a page away in your dreaming journal where you need to step out of the manmade world and do things YOUR WAY and how you feel they should be done. Old world is really squeezing in on you now because you ultimately are the one LEADING US into this other feeling and dreaming way of life. So the old world squeezes to get you standing up and doing something about it. You must DO at this time, but get ready to see quick results and things raising your value as YOU first realize you hold high ranking worth.

Some decision is made in regard to a debt issue, and with that big change will come that frees you to use your mind in different ways to see things that before you were limiting or holding back. So your thoughts WERE creating and that is what has been holding things back, but now your mind can open again and create with trust that you don’t need to do things the way that others are doing them.

There is a new blueprint for you to create and follow. But YOU have to direct the way. You will have to direct your life and point your fingers and REACH for what you want.  And at this time it’s about cleaning up the messes that are keeping you thinking you are bad and that something about you WONT be seen, as others will get the light and you will get the shadows.

RELEASE needing validation or confirmation or the external things moving you along. Inside you need to focus on the way you wish things would be done and go along that way until reality matches up with your dream. It’s where your focus need be. So as opposition comes, be Kali and KNOW you have the tools or wisdom to get through ANY challenge and that all of them are earning you rewards that VALIDATE your AUTHENTIC wisdom vibration. 


Full Moon Contemplation:

It is time for you to own your worth. It is time for you to step into your things and do them the way YOU WANT TO DO THEM. It’s time for you to share what you love to do and to share it with the vibrations of love, and not fear. Where are you leaking energy because of others or programmed fears or money fears or fears of failure? Be with those feelings and see what they inspire in you to reboot in regard to how YOU think of your worth. Create solutions that are unique to what others are doing – allow synchronicity and YOUR inner knowing to lead the way. You DO have a position that is waiting for you and others are giving you signs now as to which medium or position suits you best. Feel where you are going to grow and see things making sense as if you are the Eagle looking at the full vision of what this all means.