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Full Moon in PISCES Readings

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Full Moon in PISCES Readings

ARIES | the energy to move things


Something is changing for you and it will be coming right on schedule! So be aware that you need to be out and about around where you live because there is something that connects you to a long held dream and it will, in some way, take you OUT THERE and get things moving in your life where you DO feel like you are living again. And it shows up when you release aspects of thinking you need to push your way to what you want and instead learn to flow and trust and FEEL what is really the best things for you. This time brings a bit of reprogramming that comes when we get a real good haircut or feel good in our physical body.

And something is coming to change the way you feel about yourself or the value you hold for yourself and with you agreeing that you ARE A CATCH, you DO got the gifts, and things WILL work out to your advantage. It is ESSENTIAL that you take what is showing up in your life now and you give it the room to grow into something that really makes you happy. You are holding an idea and 100% this is a test to see if you will fall back into your old ways and limit or restrict something that IS to blossom. There is something with you needing to know that you are a winner and that you will get through this thing. This is more of needing to expect that you were just waiting for THIS or this time and to not look negatively, thinking that you are too far gone or something is too damaged to expect a better life or better outcome.

You also will be committing to new projects or disciplines and may be like working on a creative gift or something apprentice-based where you grow something over time. This is important because it is like building a muscle and this needs to thicken and grow stronger in you so that you are bringing things on the upswing, expecting to win and conquer, BUT releasing the urgent timing of things by allowing the trust and your feelings to lead your new life forward. This is bringing change and what was, a few weeks ago, will not be the same as what will be, even in a week. You are shifting around but it’s only to get you shooting for more than what you accepted before.

Something also will come to surprise you that deals with a home or land or something that grounds you. It will come out of the blue or bring a shocking truth. But it has layers to it that will be mirroring the value that is rising within YOU. So expect the unexpected, but expect it to be a surprising dream come true. The changes coming are to help reorganize your day to day so that you are able to move next level in life and begin some new journey. So release the ideas of how you think things need to be or should look and step full on into the mystery to discover the BEST path and ways to go about the new climb of your new mountain. This territory is uncharted, but your feelings will guide you safely. You can trust yourself.


I can feel that a new day is rising and I am ready to do whatever I can to align with what will take me to greater lands where I am able to grow and expand the long held dreams I have held about how life can be. I am creating something new that has not been written before and I will succeed when others limited programming tries to limit me.


TAURUS | the energy to hold things


Oh my heart burst when I stepped into your energy! That is good news! So this is saying that a new aspect of your path is forming and it deals with something where the actualization is happening in regards to something that has heart and soul to you. This may be a creative project or it has it do with something love or romance based. It’s just that things are opening again and revealing what YOU want from life and what YOU believe is possible and what YOU have held onto as wished for dreams for YEARS – and now it starts to reveal and awaken and provide for you the things that really put you into an ASSERTIVE role where you DO have a place and where you don’t waffle around with your voice and hold back what is so strong inside of you with an opinion or idea that SHOULD be leading the way.

The truth of YOUR MATTER is revealing and this needs to shine through because the path before you, as it is programmed to be, is not exalted enough of a path potential for Taurus. This is why the energies have been getting you to make stinks and break rules and draw firm boundaries and go for what others are saying you cannot do. There has been a rumble deep within your gut, curious to what this means, but around now you are seeing that standing up for yourself is what this has been calling out.

The feelings have been to get you to remove yourself from what conditions you and to just sit in that space and finally awaken to your power. And this may be the first time in your life you have been able to look so deeply into darker things that otherwise you don’t make time for. You ran because you didn’t want to go there, thought maybe you couldn’t go there, but now you are seeing that you can and when you DO go there your waters clean up and your ship starts sailing to broader lands where the opportunities ARE.

BUT what we are talking about here is that YOUR ENERGY is changing – your healing, the things you have been facing, the challenges that feel back breaking, the addictions, the patterns that take you into other people’s choices, ALL that you have been looking at, without running from and making negative, NOW is changing “your body” as if you have lost weight. And THIS is going to get the ball rolling on you wanting more sensual pleasure and joy from your life. It’s like you have been in a dark room and now a window appears with a mountain view and YOU WANT MORE.

So expect to get moving and to want to dive fully into something that makes your heart feel bigger than ever. You will feel SEEN by something that is coming and whatever this is, you will move heaven and earth to see it grow because this is your thing and it is ready to celebrate what makes you unique. Dance wildly with creative expressions. What you create has WINGS to grow. So FORGET that you don’t know -- you got it in you, just flow.   


I am now creating a life that feels more joyful than I could have even dreamed. I see that doing the healing shadow work manifests the bounty and now I just want to keep clearing the way and attracting more reasons to feel love on the day to day. What I create has wings to grow. This I know.

GEMINI | the energy to understand things


You are about to walk into something that you have NO idea is on the way and it IS going to change things so that you DO feel more grounded with your journey in life. Something is coming that ultimately will change how you move through life and also with the base energy you hold that then attracts what you expect life to present to you. So there is an upgrade occurring and you are going to get to see a REBOOT so that you do start seeing that things can turn around at any moment and that the next corner you turn may reveal the MOST dreamed and longed for things.

So, this means you will be seeing things come out of the blue and ONLY when you least expect it and always in this way that is to show you another way of grooving through life where you do feel safe and held and okay and, like, even if your career dreams are not here this very moment, they ARE on the way – so life is okay.

What needs to blossom in you is that ability to roll with things and go with the flow and not always be in the mental air space of appraisal that is where all our programming and data is kept. So things are getting you to FEEL THEM and to question what this means for the purpose of getting to wounds within your own system that deal with you feeling like you don’t have a place in this world where you will be seen and also feeling like you can’t be supported for your gifts. This sets you into scarcity mode and the take all, seek all, go for all, there is not enough to go around.

How your system runs IS to operate in this bloodhound way but you are learning a healthier balance with your “things” – because keeping it real, if you are vibing scarcity as you try to figure out how to grow a more solid and grounded foundation then you are building with swiss cheese and you may build up many layers over time but, still, there are holes that are behind your eyes, growing into something that will trip you up later. It’s like cutting corners -- the whole cheating mentality needs to go. It’s not abundance and alkaline.

And YOU need to figure out your NEW PATH but with eyes that are softer in looking out and more valuing in holding within. And the only way you gain that inside thing is through walking life that shows you that you CAN trust the journey, CAN trust yourself, and that there ARE corners where the magic shows up when you had NO IDEA it was that close – BUT IT WAS.

So live the life and learn, my love. You can start over NOW and create something new RIGHT NOW and you just really need to help your body shift back into the FEELINGS of things and FEEL YOURSELF FEELING AN ABUNDANT LIFE. See your career BOOMING – because it WANTS TO. See your role UPGRADING to a new level because IT’S ON THE WAY. You’ve got to put down the swiss cheese and build this new foundation of yours with hemp instead. You have to build it BEST and that means you have to remember to be in the moment, BELIEVING in yourself and this incarnation you chose for at this time. THINGS ARE CHANGING – help them change for the better. Show things where to go by expecting them to upgrade for you. 


I choose for a new life where I am feeling wildly supported so that I can live freely and not have to worry about all the things I think I should be doing. I trust the Great Mystery and know that my purpose will be lived by me when the timing is just right. I trust my timings. I know things are working out wonderfully for me.


CANCER | the energy to support things


The energy is saying that you need to just let this go and realize that something about the answer you need or the light being shed on some decision that relates to getting you more out in the world will come when you get back into the flow of how you were built to be and feel your way through what is next best for you. This time is bringing opportunities for you to see that things come when you least expect it and when you aren’t focused on getting to the bottom of it before its time.

You are learning life lessons around not knowing how to go about things, but needing to figure it out within your own operating system, as in, listening to the warning signs but also bravely trusting and going out on the limb even though there is NO proof of success, but inside you really, really do feel that what you believe is something that can come true. So this time is just about tests getting you to see that when you do leap, when you are ready to come out of your shell and put yourself towards something that is a risk, it WILL pay off IF there is a YES inside your body -- and you know what a yes feels like.

This also relates to investing in something where you are in the wait and working towards a process, like writing a book or completing a lengthy project or designing a website, but you need to think of investment and high value and going for the best in regards to far-reaching things that are out there and that you DO want to grab onto. You need to up your expectations in regards to what is going to come to you next. This is like how empaths shut down their heart because they brace for pain or the feeling of others’ energy. But shutting down the heart is not good for you!

So you need to be coming towards life with this knowing that you can flow and get all the answers you need if you just do the climb and not intellectualize it so much that you forget to live in the here and now. Something about your travels and adventures will help you to create a better path to walk, so walk while you are walking it and know that the story will come later. Don’t write the story when you are in the experience. This energy wants you to slow down in finding a new flow with what you share with the world, but doing it in one where YOU are more IN the world, living it so that you do have the most tactile and authentic way of sharing stories about it.

Something wants to come that is so surprising and perfect for your foundation, but it comes out of the blue and when you are hanging there, trusting the great mystery to provide the way even though you have no idea which path to take next. This is a test – and it’s ultimately just getting you to show yourself in upgraded ways where you are going next level on something. Because truth be told, to intellectualize and create something from that, is one thing that has been abundantly done.

But to walk something and to be in it so thoroughly that it seeps from you is something we FEEL -- and that gets our attention now. You have something that is changing your role and how we see you but first you must birth this new authenticity from your own soul by walking the tightrope and feeling your way to the other side – where THEN you will show us all how to do it. Trust this journey. It means something important to your future self.


I open my mind to realizing that I do not know how this will go but I trust that I will make the very best decisions and that all things are working to my advantage so that I can create a more solid foundation to launch and support my dreams for expansion. I know there is more and I believe I will find it. I trust myself and am open to this change.


LEO | the energy to brighten things


Oh you know it is on! This is nice energy. This is when you are somehow inspired, in wild and expansive ways, to climb your way out of debt or from things that are like addictions or things that you know are not what you want to be a part of your life as they drain you -- and they do feel like a dead weight. So you can be real focused on things that need your attention and need you to wake up and need you to look at them so that you can see what is yours and what is others – and figure out a way how to get it so that YOU are the one driving things, drawing boundaries, being seen, and going for the things that, deep inside, you have always wished could be.

This may mean you are getting ready for a discovery that will help you take a leap of faith – into something that is not expected or not what is normally done, but something deep inside you will say that you have to go for this. The weight of your wounds or the reasons you have held back from life, feeling that things can’t be done or you are too far gone or there is no way, is going to be so heavy that you are forced to look and to work to heal this and to come up with a plan that is all about being done once and for all – and starting over good as new.

There is force in this energy that is trying to get you to create a life where you know that you are valuable and that we notice you and that you DO deserve to live all the wildest of dreams. It’s like this energy is showing me that you are hiding behind things and not keeping it real. At this time you will be forced to see because it is for your own good and because you are to rise in some real strong and out of the blue ways when you love yourself first and, like, really get that you are SO LOVABLE – just the way you always are.

And from there you are to dive fully into some creative space where you are finding ways to share more of your natural gifts and the things that you so innately love to do. Things about LOVE will be all you want to talk about AS you come out of the cave where you keep it real and get to the nitty gritty of how YOU are standing in the way, or maybe it is your perspective on the heavy that is standing in the way. And elevating how you view things is all it will take to see things change for the better.

You are a manifestor AND a planner right now, so it is time to get into the soil and figure out all the details of exactly how you want things to grow, if coming from the perspective that you can have it all. You need to NOT need validation first, to then dream wildly, and you need to dream wildly from the moment you wake in the morning, knowing that this day is going to only give you the best of what you need so that you can patiently grow AND harvest the crop of your dreams.


I will keep with this until the end and with an attitude of CAN DO, as I plow through what I dream will one day be the harvest that brings me to my knees in gratitude. Therefore, each day I work towards being present with whatever the process may bring, knowing this is all to better me and what my eyes will eventually get to see.


VIRGO | the energy to heal things


Oh my love! This is HUGE and what it’s saying is that this can be like the best birthday time ever where you feel altered in how you want to live your path or do your thing. Something amps up the energy and you will feel good to go in wanting to recreate things or go for things and make changes so that there is more excitement and fun in your life.

Now things are changing your role but you won’t understand how this comes to be just yet. But how you give of yourself is going to be changing where you do want to stand taller or go next level or shift from student to teacher or teacher to student in some way.

Things are not to stay the same because it’s finally time to get you AWARE of how much you are creating the situations in your life because you oh so tend to naturally go negative on WAY TOO MUCH. Just keeping it real here, but the guides are firm with this reading in saying, a wave of light is coming and it is to show you to watch your mouth more, watch your thoughts, watch that tendency to complain -- and TURN IT AROUND to your Kali vibration who knows you may be at the edge of the cliff and JUST ABOUT to fall off, but there is no one better to figure your way out and start calling in your bounty from that edge of death than YOU. YOU KNOW you can figure it out and do it best anyway!!

And others are not going to be as good as you – that is why, in this incarnation, you must walk those scary as fuck journeys where you just don’t know and all you can do is go day by day and step by step. You do that to walk the energy first in the blueprint, you lay down what others will then have to cope their way through. So you doing, REALLY DOES make life better for others. It’s a Virgo thing.

But now it’s time to take charge, to take control, to tackle the big messes, the debt, the addictions, the things backed up, and not really working, as they should be. And what you really will notice is that you are looking to get more solid on Earth so that you don’t feel like you don’t have time for all the things in life. If you complain about so much, you spend all that time complaining instead of doing and accomplishing.

SOMEONE or something shows this to you so that you really get it and start steering your life upwards where it wants to take you anyway. Things will be coming out of the blue and in ways that are with your reputation or website or something that shares what you are doing. And this new light shining on your value leveling up will have you sort of strutting. THIS IS A GIFT TO YOU so that you will continue to change for the better and make your life better RIGHT NOW. THIS MOMENT NOW is going by way too quickly and you need to take it by the horns. So get ready to get the lift that gets you wanting to hightail it and run. It’s coming and you deserve this. Now, call in more because the world deserves Virgo being grounded in reality and manifesting from that solid space.


This is my new day and I am going to do it my way where all things work out wonderfully and the light shines on all steps I am about to take. I believe in change and I want more from my life so NOW I step firmly with what is my authority and I proclaim THIS IS ME. I’m going for it this time. My dreams are finally becoming my reality.


LIBRA | the energy to bring peace to things


Oh I like this one!! But do know that life is still kind of on hold in some way or where you are waiting out some process – so don’t worry or don’t even go there wasting your life in that way because it IS coming together and there WILL be some sort of huge and epic shift, actually.

This is kind of special because you are being granted this opportunity to switch gears in regards to something that was out of balance that deals with how you may steer into a negative tone or expectation about life. And what switches is that you are suddenly going to be very spiritual and hopeful about life! Like, when we HAVE money it’s hella easier to manifest more and, for that reason, surprising and wonderful things are on the way to get you remembering that you can trust the process and you can go through it and let it play out and see that you DO win in the end, you DO get the best person, the best thing, the best opportunity. It just requires that you wait and wonder and work out life as the pieces come together to dazzle you at one special time.

The thing you need to see, too, is that this is happening to GET YOU TO FEEL. Air signs are all lofty and communicating and reading about things – but then life hits in reality and you don’t tend to be as solid as you could be – and it’s only because you forget to trust yourself and trust life and trust the great mystery. Your words become loose pages fluttering in the air as your ass hits the ground – as you then flutter about, trying to collect them to ground yourself again.

That doesn’t need to be and your lesson is to learn to know that falling is when we learn wonderful things that change the power of future steps we will walk next. FROM the fall or near death or devastating experience or horrendous mistake, we walk our next days with more life. From the uncomfortable we live life more palpable and with determination to open our eyes and SEE it this time.

When life gets rough, we savor the shift that follows and awaken to the teachings of what the challenge was all about. So you are being asked to see the teachings YOU WILL SEE merely through holding trust that this is what you need to feel in order to heal in order to drive your life better this next time coming – that you can feel is coming soon.

You need to decide more about how your life becomes and that will be designed from you getting more in touch with your feelings and more compassionate and forgiving in allowing things to be just what they are and not so negative or potentially something that you cannot handle. When you get in tune with your feelings you won’t need the papers to keep you feeling grounded. You will feel that you GOT THIS and that even if confusion presents on which way to go, you won’t go negative in thinking about HAVING to make the decision, as your feelings will already be showing you the way, showing you that you CAN TRUST THIS and you can trust yourself, and when things slow or close down or pause for a minute, it’s just a part of a process playing out, but it’s ALL getting you to things better for you. You just got to trust it to manifest it.


I am learning a new way to flow and it helps me to see that I can trust my feelings to guide me even when I cannot figure out which way to go. I trust myself and I trust the great mystery to keep me safe and protected as I go out to live my destiny. I breathe in and I breathe out and all is good in my world. Magic will arrive when it’s set to. And so it 100% is.


SCORPIO | the energy to get to the bottom of things


Oh, love! I like this energy because what it is doing is getting you back to yourself, to your element, to your level, but now showing up in this more impressive and stronger way, like when you come back home after moving away. There is a RETURN to the energy but where, now, you are elegant and knowing and ready to do more with what you got BECAUSE you walked this journey and it opened your heart in the ways that it has.

The surprise that comes will be more confidence rising in you so that you can make the ends connect and get yourself to this space where you feel supported in the world. What you are working for is getting some solid plan in motion so that you can manifest the steady flows of love, money, and exciting ways to feel like you are being seen and doing your thing for the world.

So that which stands in the way of you growing those solid roots into what Scorpio is all about, that knowing way that you are, that detective and gifted one at figuring all the things out – what keeps you from owning your power will no longer stay hidden as something in you is feeling a season change and the need to hunker down into a new path that is not to be discovered so quickly maybe, as a detective may have to work over time to untangle what has gotten tangled, but you know there is something here and it is speaking up in your heart area and it deals with being seen or not being seen, and with you eventually standing up for yourself and drawing boundaries around new things that you were willing to accept before. Something has changed and now your value system leveling up WITHIN YOURSELF will demand that whatever surrounds you keeps up with that.

So. There is a process playing out and what you need to know is that you ARE in full power of manifesting all the things you need to sustain you. YOU GOT IT IN YOU. But you got to listen to YOUR heart, not from the point of scarcity which will have you reaching for any and all things, but you need to focus on luxury and bring the energy of expecting the universe to manifest you all the best things and to bring them out of the blue and to even shock you, like back into life, because this is such a magical world – or so you are soon to see – if you hold steady to the visions of the most impossible dreams. And expect them because you are Scorpio here, my love. You deserve to be seen.

You rising in confidence will have synchronistic opportunities coming at ALL of the very last minutes – to show you that your power to dream is epic and that believing that you do have the power within to FIGURE IT ALL OUT is the whole point of this full moon. You are waking to the truth that when you choose for you and make your needs a priority, you end up creating an umbrella that is good for the family or for the whole group, so it behooves you to shine the light on the path of how YOU think this should go down, and then you can pave a way for us to follow. Lead like you were built to do. Create a world of visions and ways that improve upon what we see today.


I believe that there is a way to make this better and that I can make a difference in what I see, from what is already inside of me, waiting for me to remember my gift to figure out even the most intense complexity. I own that I got it in me and that nowhere else need I be looking other than inside my own guide that always steers us to what will keep us on the rise.


SAGITTARIUS | the energy to envision things


A change is coming and this is what you have been waiting for! The confusion is going to be releasing in regards to what has you feeling unstable and confused about what you are expecting to hold you safe and sustain you. There have been feelings that you are floating on water and can’t really bank on what is real or stable right now.

What you didn’t totally realize is that this time has been teaching you new levels of how to navigate life, which WILL upgrade you in some way in regards to how others see you and the role that they use to describe you. So the scarcity or feeling held back or not feeling safe and sure about what you THOUGHT was something pretty solid was really just to get you into this new role where, when you DO get the solid feeling back, you will then use it different and walk life different and show up with even more presence in regards to what you DO have.

You may even notice a blossoming within yourself because when the light gets turned back on you are going to be SO GRATEFUL. And yes, there it is my love -- sometimes we need the lack in order to get us realizing how great we had things, and just how much we were not aware of it. So you are going through some sort of lesson like that, where something was gone and now it will rush back in and it may even feel like a wave of water! It can be like monsoon season where it is dry as a bone and then suddenly gushing with something you have been missing for some time.

Do know that this gateway swings in a big way for you and you can swing the door even further if you got it in you. This means that your mind has power to create an environment that is like a start over or reboot or GOOD AS NEW sort of situation that WAS totally consuming you into fear or confusion. So, even as the steps come together, you are helping your new crop grow quicker by showing it where to go, through guiding it to the big, strong, grounded, safe, abundant, and expansive ways that you want things to be for you.

If you believe you can start over, then you CAN. YOU are in the power here to reboot from the ground up and see that all your things start growing again, just like they do in spring. There is some element of spring that needs to be in your thoughts and in what you are doing, maybe even cleaning the house deeply or doing things that bring the element of a new life force. You are creating the space for what you want to be in your next future days, and something has turned you on again and what you WANT is better than what you thought you wanted when you were suffering in scarcity ways. So listen and get ready to MOVE. This time is ALL about movement and it finally going in the ways that you dream.


I can feel that something has changed and now my path is becoming clear as I see there was more for me to reach for than I thought before when I thought there wasn’t enough to go around. Now I believe my crop will grow all the veggies I can dream, so I focus on what I really want to eat. This new clarity reveals rainbows and my foundation now holds me with peace.  


CAPRICORN | the energy to build things


Okay, let me just say that I squealed when I jumped into your energy!! That was the best news ever! And it dealt with getting an answer or finally knowing or something so long in the wait will finally reveal and launch and show you that you CAN TRUST LIFE. So this is a game-changer time for you, my love!

Getting you to the gold of the understanding or that which you will awaken to is really also coming from the world that has been managed wrong. The way you are built to just follow along with that, so effortlessly, is what needs to change. And the energy, for about a year now, has been trying to show you to stop following others’ ways – to stop looking to the old way to always guide you, as if it really is where safety is to be found. IT’S NOT. We see this clearly. In the Age of Aquarius the corporations are to sort of collapse. We go back to the old days where we got things from nearby and felt the love and value of looking into faces as we supported businesses; often we even knew who ran the place.

You are sort of doing that same thing with your life where you are finding yourself again or finding your path again, where you decide for you and, in doing this, you start to see your life expand and a huge new purpose will take over in how you walk or how you feel when you walk. Actually, you can expect your path to be changing and for something that really lights you up, that you love to talk about or share about, to surprise you by falling into place and seeing that this is just the thing you love to do.

So, there is expansion into new lands that you don’t even know about yet BUT it all becomes from your first steps and where there are MANY steps to follow. Something about a long haul or rebuild is just what you need to start disciplining your way towards a more abundant life. Release thinking you don’t know and start tipping your glass to half full, KNOWING you will figure it out or bring healing to what is out of balance or get whatever in your life needs to be put into place so that you do feel like you have a way to get your things out there or get your dreams out there or share what you know and broadcast it wildly.

You may be working on something where you redesign or look at the words or colors of things to upgrade them from this new flavor you possess in seeing that there IS another road to travel rather than the well-worn out one. So going back to make your creative efforts more in tune with new ways that your mind is opening is absolutely to be expected. As your mind opens to this new, your path opens and then pretty soon you will get a wonderful running start that has a big leap where you jump into something that is beyond your wildest dreams. You are creating it now and it’s all growing on your ability to trust in the magic of the great mystery, to open to that which is not based on your old reality, and to hold the highest hope that you CAN soar and do things that no one has done before.


I dedicate myself to looking beyond where I have looked before and believing that my dreams can manifest when I give them existential form. I feel that I am rising with something special to bring but I know that how I do it needs to be with more magic and mystery than I have been programmed to believe. So I break through what has limited me. I have a new idea that now is set free.


AQUARIUS | the energy to apply the upgrades


This is SUPER!!! Although it may take you a minute to start feeling that way, this, right here, is a game changer on your path so you want to stay aware of the test that is playing out. Basically in some way you will be focusing into something that is lack or debt or no love or too far gone or never gonna be supported on Earth - fear based. It is looking into a dark pit and thinking that you can’t get through this, finding ways to come up with seeing how the negative will play out, or your past will continue, or you will come out the loser.

BUT. This is the test and 100% all you got to do is be the boss you know you are and steer the energy towards knowing that THIS is a graduation day test and YOU need to not keep going like a magnet to those places you swear you will never go again because you are WOKE, right, and you can clearly see that the scary monster or the feeling that you are just about to fall over the edge IS just like in the movies where that actually leads to the best thing ever. We saw all that action, go figure, we have to also walk it now.

So, yes, you are the superhero hero here and, yes, you got goods that are good to go and needing to get more love and value seen from YOU -- first -- because thinking that you can’t do is showing that you don’t see that you have value and that you think you can’t figure things out. So the universe will also be giving you all these things to figure out and get to the bottom of, but this time we need you first knowing that YOU ARE LOVED and therefore we are bringing you blessings as surprises that come to shine the light on you, your creative gifts, your ideas or as people coming in to help further your things.

And love heals. What we have here is you being so in the remembrance of the rough road that your scars are the deepest and it means YOU have to remain conscious of the ways that you operate so that you can steer yourself into a new pattern with seeing glass half full, OBVIOUSLY, for what is to manifest for you, my love, because it’s true. It is true that you are steering things here AND that magic is coming to light up your heart so that you can start seeing you ARE in fact a work of art.

DEAL graciously with any scary stuff that may be on your path. And don’t nosedive into fears. If you get to your last $5 -- perfect, because that will motivate you to finally get up and kick some ass. You need something pushing your lofty air sign ways to the limit at this time -- so welcome it and welcome how you now know it is time to go. The answers will come when you really need them to. So trust this. It is ALL good. It just may still be in the dark until it blasts with shining light. You are the one to DISCOVER the answer and it comes from your body


I believe in myself and I DO trust this path of mine will bring miracles up the way when I hold 100% steady with my energy focused, feeling the gratitude and appreciation I will feel when this all works out. I will defy the odds. I will manifest my dreams. Just because I look at empty now, doesn’t mean it won’t fill up by this evening. I believe.


PISCES | the energy to bring the magic


This is the Full Moon that changes your life in the hugest of ways, so get up and dance because this one IS what you have been waiting for. Who you are to the world is going to be going through a reconstruction period, but FROM the depth of you going in to understand your sense of value more so that YOU are not the one holding yourself back when you think it is others or other situations in life.

This is a time when you take responsibility for your life and monitor what sort of journey you have taken in learning your life lessons, which translates to making the mistakes. As you see how far you have come, there will be a new desire and passion birthing, where you are going to step into a new role in life based on how others are seeing you different -- and this means opportunities will change to match the vibration you are holding on the authentic.

For one year exact we have been getting you to find home in keeping it real that Pisces IS very special and NOT AT ALL like any other sign out there. To be at the culmination point is special in a Karmic sense. They all play an important position, but last plays a bigger position in the Zodiac. And you have forgotten that YOUR way is actually a SUPER WAY to go, that you got the goods coming from those hooked-up senses. The intuition that sits solid in you was BORN good to go but nothing in the world encouraged you to trust your intuition so you made it existential and learned to hide it away, in the same way men were programmed to not express their feelings.

You are now learning to move yourself forward and to show different sides that maybe were not ready to show before. This time is about you stepping into a new level that comes from the depth of you realizing YOU DO have great value. The feelings YOU HOLD are what will manifest 10-fold in the next 6 months. So this time is magic because you get to create yourself new and bring it and break the rules and do things YOUR WAY for once.

Trust yourself because you can and you leading is going to help a lot of people because you are to bring healing to what fractures the world through the ways that you are – in YOUR ORIGINAL FORM. You will be meeting a person or an animal or there will be a new energy of ‘coming together with others’ and this will change things with your career AND home as it somehow holds you just right and completes you or brings a new, solid foundation feeling to your life.

Change is coming to get you sitting more comfortably, where you are seeing that you can start over at any time and it is NEVER too late to do your thing and to dream your dream. Something new about you has power and it is a message, a creative gift, or a way that you will share yourself -- and surprises are coming BECAUSE you value yourself. So you know what to do – get it out of you. It’s important that you do. NOW a foundation forms to FINALLY hold you. Your authentic form attracts these supportive elements, so keep it real and broadcast it wildly. 


I am focused on doing more in the world through sharing myself clearly as the mystical and emotional and keeping it real person that I am. I hear the call that it is time to change and level up what it is that I am here to bring. As I change, the world around me is changing. And this is making my heart smile, for it is love and value that grows stronger in me, and therefore love and value abundantly SURROUND me.