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LIBRA NEW MOON readings for each sign

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LIBRA NEW MOON readings for each sign


This is when everything starts to change for you and it deals with your role in life or how others think of you in some sort of role you play. Something and/or someone is bringing balance to your path and getting you more in line with how you should be functioning, without all the leaks and things that are probably coming through as regrets, where you weren’t speaking truthfully or being yourself and thus manifesting something to now have to clean up.

So the correction rushes in and this changes how we see you or how you want us to start seeing you. This can be when things sort of reboot in the same way we go through healing and we change or when we receive information that opens your mind and answers some long-awaited questions. But things are getting you into position to use your energy in ways that are like a generator.

And it is in you using your voice, and in ways that are not focusing on the glass half empty aspects of life, that you wake up to who you really are and who you want to spend your time with and who you want to BE for the world. Your roles and what you show us are upgrading because you are now getting into YOUR FLOW and your way and how you would do it if you could do it. Something will be allowing you the could to finally do it -- and being yourself, or true to you, is REAL IMPORTANT here.

Like, being in your body and operating how you feel compelled to do, without changing yourself because of how others have changed you is what is important. You may be back in the past thinking of how you have not valued and loved yourself and have allowed things into your space that changed you. And the change that was created is what now is to be a catalyst that puts you into a new role that is the upgraded version, where success WILL happen. 

This energy is showing as you needing to realize that all mistakes or journeys to places that were left unsavory are where you make something better the next time around. It really is all about learning. And with this energy it’s also saying that a big part of shifting you into manifesting better people and spaces around you DEPENDS ON YOU taking responsibility for something and also practicing forgiveness for something else. You will need to commit to a letting go, or not spending time focused on the glass half empty when ultimately you want that in your past!! So we need you looking up and working to heal and deal with emotions and things, where your lowered value system allowed life experiences with others, that you would not repeat if they happened again.

Next chapter. And what you are looking for is more love and beauty in your life so that what you share is more loving and beautiful. Things that come together and benefit one another are around you and aware of this upgrading process where the love you feel for yourself, in declaring boundaries for what is not valuing of you any longer, if ever, has your vibe rising and ready to take you on a new ride that will surpass any ride before. 

But FROM YOUR LOVE, from you realizing you do deserve to be here, to be alive, to thrive, to be in love, to be seen and supported for your gifts. You deserve all that. And now you just need to pay attention to why you attracted what you have and get to the root of where something changed you into thinking less than was enough for you. It’s like following along where others have paved the way so clearly OR going on your own and allowing your own system to lead. You need to be in things that allow YOU to lead and to play that role and to create a world where you ARE supported and sustained and SEEN for what you bring. It’s there. Move on what you feel driven to do.


I am changing in ways I never dreamed as I now know I must reach for what I seek that is unique from what others programmed me to believe. I am coming alive and wanting to share myself true as I paint the foundation a new shade of blue. I have ideas for how things should be and I will follow through and stay committed until they manifest for me.



This can feel like an intense time for many of you where you really have no idea what is going on and maybe there are some things that can have you worrying or feeling like you need to worry but what this is ALL ABOUT is that you are going through an upgrading process where you are really learning to trust life and to not worry about not knowing how to figure it out.

It’s like this time is teaching you to go with the flow but to still give full attention and VOICE to your body and with whatever it is guiding you to do or say. So you definitely can be looking into situations that are scary or that deal with some outcome that MAY happen that isn’t that delightful BUT I want you to notice that your body is still pretty calm through this. It is just your mind that is taking over and bringing instability through thoughts.

And the point is that you are okay and will be every step of the way. No matter where you are right now, you are in something that needs your total attention, where you are present with your thoughts and with finding the ways to bring an upgraded solution or SOMETHING that is not of the norm to all things that are causing you to want to think you need to worry.

Also know that you have all the solutions built inside of you. This deals with your throat and doing things in a totally different way, but where it is 100% unique to you. This means where you may have been quiet or not one to speak up, you are to speak up and in a way that is clear as all get out – even if it shocks others because they are not expecting it from you. And this goes for ideas, for plans, for thoughts that you have on putting things back into order and in balance.

Something will be snapping you awake and really lighting up the steps you need to take, but it comes when you are out in nature or doing self-care things like getting a massage or spending more on good food or even SAYING NO. The throat is highlighted, but coming in unique ways to what you have shown before, so be okay with however things come out of you, even if it’s tears and feeling so unstable and emotional and lost.

You ARE learning how to walk without knowing, and to trust without having any proof that you are correct, but this is all just to get you out of the private worrying you do that really is just others’ programming and others’ fears and others’ things that aren’t even yours! This energy wants YOU to shine through and to remember that YOU need to lead things forward and to hold hope each step of the way as you push the hard projects or journeys forward without backsliding into thinking maybe it can’t be done.

You are to believe it all can be done and to not look at any sign as something negative but rather where it is just calling you to reach into the depths of YOUR SOUL to retrieve the best answer or solution or way to get this done. So all obstacles you see right now are just getting you to wake up and notice how great YOU ARE at coming up with a solution when a problem may arise. Not that you will always have problems to deal with, but when they do come up, you always figure it out. So really, there is no reason to worry. You don’t need to know the whole plan or know it all. You just need to know that you are competent enough to handle whatever, and you are, so let it go and get back to designing things the way YOU want them to be, not limited by others’ fears holding you in their destiny.


I now design the life of my dreams as I weave through my ideas that bring healing and correction to things with broken seams. Where there is pain, I face this. Where there is confusion, I work to understand this. I am here for a reason and my connection with Spirit runs deep, therefore I stay present and aware, no longer desiring to escape.



This is going to feel like a new day where something shifts in a dramatic way from something now shining the light on you and allowing things that have been feeling neglected to finally get some love. This can be like with depression and how you are in this thing and just going along but then something in life happens and it flutters you awake and then that awareness gets you seeing life in new ways and that seeing life in new ways gets you to manifesting better situations or solutions to the things that were stuck and not providing you the happiness you had hoped or expected to be seeing in your life by now.

So now is when you really start choosing for you and believing for you and not allowing others to dictate or manipulate you into following this other path that is NOT along the lake, but instead, like, along the parking lot. Enough of things that aren’t seeing you and that instead demand that YOU morph into what they expect of you. Life is too short and you know this. Death faces you in some way or it faces someone near you and this message is just a jump start to get you dreaming to get out there and work for more than what you have had before.

This time is about laying down the foundation in a serious way, as in with full on power, where your heart expresses, no matter what. So expect some shock or sudden or emotional behavior to come in and declare a new way is in order. Things break apart but they are all about coming together in better ways. Things are being fixed and put into the best order.

So, just like with needing to set a broken bone, things MAY hurt and you MAY feel sensitive and you MAY feel out of place and like hormonal or like who is this? But know. This is setting you straight. And what comes out of you is the new way your heart needs to function and flow. You are ready to get things moving again in regard to upward motion and solutions being applied. Enough of just seeing the problem, what can we do to move this along into a better expression? What, from within your own heart, can you do to soften or bring peace so that others fall into line with where you want them to be? 

This time is when you should be a little selfish in seeing your side of things. Something had you seeing too much of the other side and now focus really needs to shine on what YOU need and how things make you feel insignificant or having no value. So things that deflate you SHOULD get you feeling sensitive to the point you access your heart and then demand that things be better. But you may have some sort of rock bottom where you really lose faith that things can get better.

But the better you dream for is just beyond where you show the energy to go.  And you have to believe it can get better in order to discover the ways to do so.So allow your selfish heart to be self-focused and for that to be okay!! Go back to thinking of yourself as a child or think of what you would tell your own child and dream that what you tell them, they can manifest for THEIR world. But play around right now in thinking about starting over and also doing something better this time, like with more consciousness AND joy. Because happiness is what you need more of and you are aware of what dampens your flow and your mojo. 

And isn’t it time that you get some attention? Believe the time is coming and see others valuing you the way you long to be seen. Grow this dream into reality. Don’t doubt it away or keep it in the category of its WRONG state. Things are manifesting in the vision you are seeing them to be. THINK ABOUT THAT. Choose for MORE because it makes your heart feel happy.


I have an ache in my heart and it longs for correction of all that seems to be falling apart. But I don’t stand in defeat as I witness what is out of place, I now breathe life into spaces to be filled by solutions and upgrades that DO prove I have a place here and that I will be held safe. I am on the way to better space.



So you are figuring your way up the mountain and something about how the tide has changed requires that you pause for a moment and get a new sort of grounding within your life, where you are not DOING because you feel that others are doing and you must follow. Instead you reveal, in some organic way, that it maybe IS about saying no or not just following along because you THINK you should do something.

You are being slowed down or stopped so that you can recreate your future steps with new thoughts about how you CAN do this and how there CAN be balance and peace and a safe place for you to find home on this planet. Something with how you may feel reserved or cautious or worrisome about the future needs to upgrade so that you start over in this new sort of way, where you sit at the opposite side and believe that you DO have a place and you will be seen and supported for what you bring.

Change is in order and a contract or something that is long term will be considered and slowing down IS important for the purpose of getting your mind straight so that you leap into this with hope and faith and not with fears from the past or anything that deals with there being scarcity and you being someone who does not receive.

All things slowing and all things stopping you are just so that you are REALLY making sure that the traffic is clear before you walk out into it and where you are not just operating on automatic and status quo and must do and keep up with and OTHERS BASED. This time is when YOU find YOUR groove and that will open the door on a whole new space unfolding that IS about starting over and doing this again, in a better way.

Something with your energy and what you put out there needs to be pure. And it needs to be where you first consider a lot of things before moving your body and putting things out there. This is just like waiting until something fits you. And keeping your mind positive and glass half full about things AS YOU WAIT for your perfect feeling things to find you.

What is a test here is that there WILL be wait and maybe even things tripping you up so that you do honor the NO and not just push through and be aggressive because you have been conditioned to climb the mountain and do, do, do. There is a better flow that keeps your energy pure and it may be sporadic -- and THAT IS OKAY. Better to be sporadic than to run yourself dry and fizzle yourself flat through doing what everyone else is doing.

Something outside of you WILL actually be a catalyst for the change though, as it somehow drives something home in you that wakes you up to seeing that you DO know of a better way and it IS okay to trust what your body tells you and guides you to do. You also need to hear the message that you can start over at any age and no matter how far gone you feel you are. Hold that in your thoughts and steer it back when you start to worry again that maybe something is wrong.

There is something better for you and you will discover this when you open to another view through surrendering instead of judging. Remind yourself to think of NEW and not go back to some old experience or even other people talking about their negative experiences. It’s important that you think of what surrounds you and that it supports what you want to grow.

So that you give others a NO, because they do sort of bring you down, is something to expect as it is self-care to protect yourself in that way. For now, face the East and wait for the new to rise, but wait with anticipation as if you KNOW something is coming around the corner real soon, like an alarm set to go off. Believe that you have a place in the world and that you can figure out the way to be supported and held safe. YOU CAN.

We are in foundational work right now, so that which is out of balance is making a stink, or creaking like floorboards, but it’s time to speak up and set something straight in regard to how you would rather it be, feel, or look. So hear the creak and get the oil to fix it -- don’t hear the creak and worry that it could become something worse or that it means bad news for you. Hear and do. But don’t just do and do because others are doing and telling you to. Be unique and purposeful in what you bring because it’s what gets you seen in the ways you dream.


I begin this day breathing in a new way where I surrender deeply into what surrounds me, while not thinking I need to defend myself or judge how I handle what is there. This new way I flow moves to and fro, and it merely is me valuing that I can control what surrounds me and affects me most. I attract love and peace into my life and therefore it all I can see.



Something is coming into your world that is like nothing you have experienced before and it is opening your mind in ways that you really never thought you would go to. But you are going to it and this is something that is not around you as you seek for it out there, possibly on the internet or just not in your immediate environment.

But this is something where you are going back or making a turn and really, it feels like what happens when we get older in life and realize that what we thought back then doesn’t always stay the same when life presents and the journey of the actual steps are walked. So, in reality, we don’t know until we know.

You are coming to some sort of crossroads where you are giving thought to a big change and it may have to do with a contract or sharing love or sharing your art with the world or communicating in new ways. So there are considerations here as parts of a plan are being put into motion and what is important is that you allow your mind to remember that all YOUR things come to you in the perfect timing and your life is not a mistake and you CAN take leaps of faith and believe that you will succeed. You don’t have to worry about anything as all things that maybe even don’t go as planned also teach us something that prepares us for the next level of our journey.

So, things are here for a reason and if they have a feeling to them then there is something to go on. But we too are often led into things that we consider as mistakes down the road -- because our soul was there to learn that particular lesson or journey. The feeling parts of it were ours to experience. So all is always perfect and you are to let yourself off the hook or do that thing that you thought you maybe wouldn’t because this experience is here for you and it is giving you life, and life is what you need more of.

The thing too is that change happens when life is being lived. So any resistance around that needs to be released. Not so easy for a fixed sign like you! But this change is going to be good and you just need to hold your mind to the positive and trust as you take this leap over the cliff into some dream of your heart. But attention is coming where you will be communicating about ideas and wanting to do things and share on the internet or really get to creating a better foundation to hold your life that you can FEEL is going next level in some way.

You may only smell this in the air but you are onto something and the coming together with others is a big part of what moves you into feeling much more solid and secure and with that coming soon, other parts of life will feel more comfortable. It’s like a hammock is no good when only one side is hanging. But both sides and you have serious satisfaction. So think of coming together and using your ways to be different or show yourself where you are wanting to create harmony and bring balance to things that need your gentle touch or the way only a Leo can do it. Step into this new thing that is showing up as an opportunity and blast your heart with how awesome you are going to start over and begin again soon. Light up the way and show what your creative heart has to say.


I am speaking from my heart and bringing clarity to my intentions as I express in new ways that take me to new places in life. I am ready to see things go to new levels where my inspiration soars to new heights. And until this is my reality I will write this story into my breath as I walk each day in the present.




This will bring a big shift into some area where you have been stuck and probably have been sitting in something money or scarcity based. This also can be about doubting your creative gifts or thinking maybe there is not a way to sustain yourself. Something lifted you, but then it dropped you -- and this is how it actually needs to be so that you can address some hidden fear wounds that you probably don’t admit to many people but where you are kind of fixated and focused into thinking something is wrong AND thinking you can’t do anything about it.

So the point of this test is about getting you to step into challenging situations that feel heavy and burdensome FOR THE PURPOSE of figuring the way out and seeing that you DO have it in you to get through things and to get the jobs done in the best way possible. That is Virgo! Something had you doubting yourself but with this energy you will go in the direction of where you are fixated and will now build a strength within so that you do what you were born to do. Get up and re-map out a plan of how you are going to grow a better crop from what you learned this last year.

AND this energy, in taking you down again, was for the sole purpose of getting you to want to fight for stability or fight for something that supports you. And, like, fight for yourself in remembering that you CAN figure this out. So now you dive into figuring something out and a solution or answer will come that then gets you very focused on your creative gifts or something that is love or relationship based.

There will be a blossoming for you and things will feel like they go from closed to open, so be excited for that!! This energy wants you to express more of the things that you are really good at and that you love to do. So your mind will be on plotting the course and finding the ways to have the time and space to bring more things into your life that make you feel like you are doing something or that lists are being checked off.

Burdens are heavy right now but they are pointing us into addictions or things that are patterns that are basically taking us over the cliff because we aren’t dealing with something. And we know this. By not using our voice or expressing our feelings or being open about something, we took on a pattern that supported us not getting to the root of something. This is like driving on worn tires that are keeping us from a smooth ride and they are okay until suddenly they aren’t. So this pattern needs to be thought of like that, where YES escaping is something you can do that will make things feel better but facing this and going head first into it is really the only solution – even if it does feel so heavy and frightening to face.

Again, this is part of the test because all the energy is just lining up situations where you are to show how strong and dedicated you are instead of going glass half empty and negative into thinking it’s all too much, so go out and drive on the worn tires some more. Really, you are to feel how it all is too much and then have that prick you like a thorn and get you paying attention to taking the step by step into making this better.

It’s like taking an old city block and turning it into a community garden. IT’S WORK. But the end result is what you need to keep your eyes on because the things in your life right now are just happening to show you that you ARE a boss, not that you need to run and hide from your responsibilities. Each obstacle faced will lift your faith in yourself AND the higher power because the magic that you have no idea about yet is that the rewards will come out of the blue and FAST. So move into holding this position of the nurse, where you just deal with what is there, KNOWING you are there to heal and bring things into balance, KNOWING that deep in your bones -- and then things will fall into line quickly and the closed sign will FINALLY go open again. So get through this space but realize holding value for yourself and remembering that you are going to do everything best and you WILL figure your way out, is all it will take to pull you into this new space where things go from dry to lush. Your sense of value and worth invites this in. 


I am patiently facing what I have seen as a burden in my life and I am setting this straight with a new plan to build something that will support and sustain me. I commit to going one step at a time and not running away because it feels too heavy to get through. I will grow the crop of my dreams this time and nothing is going to stop me. I have it in me.



This is going to be a good year, my love! So hang in there and keep with this. I kind of feel something that is intense and not as joyful as you were expecting, but something about this is also making you appreciative for what you have in this moment and with what you can do in future moments.

So all the past and the things that have been confusing about how things went down will now start to fall away as what will be most important to you is just making the most of the time and life that you DO have left. So this can bring an epic shift for you, but like I said, it starts pretty raw and feeling like you are crawling out of your skin and NOT very comfortable here. But from this will birth a better you.

And keeping it real. This energy is saying that you are filled to the max in wearing the wounds of others or things that you have just taken on and gone along with, even if they are dreams or expectations, about what life is all about – but you have taken a lot on and something about this messes with how you flow and walk in life and it needs to be corrected at this time so that this wound is not crippling your potential, going forward. Something from others HAS impacted you and it got you wobbling in life, so allow for the slow and steady steps to now place you into a better groove for you.

Something may happen surrounding death, and it comes with a rebirth and the same thing above, where it will give you more passion to live this moment now. This is a time where transformations occur that deal with setting you straight on your path or doing something to correct where you had been going along, pleasing others but now, in some way, you are free to see this in a new way or to walk different because of what is now happening and being let go of.

Allow the raw to birth into something strong because you are rebuilding a life here and it takes steps at a time. Also be aware that you will want to see that something is perfect or you may be holding back because it’s not exactly the best thing, but you are to think in steps right now, so you will need to appraise things from the perspective of: maybe this new thing is not perfect, but is it better than what is currently in place? Then give it a think and feel if your body wants to move on this. You can expect to land at places only temporarily as you climb into this higher expression with your life. And it is totally okay to skip from rock to rock as you discover what will hold the REAL YOU and not the wounded you that just wants to hold everyone else first.

So lead with what you are feeling to go with and know that you may be showing yourself in new ways to the world, shocking them even with decisions you have planned, but continue on and remember that all the hard work and all the pain will be worth it. This is a time of transformations and where what you show is not what others are expecting, but this is a strength in you rising, where you now will learn to have more faith in life and more belief in the afterlife. Your Phoenix will rise again – and you should feel that in your bones. Something inspires you to move and from here on out, things get going.


I am deciding to do things my way, where I paint the world I see in colors that are lovely and pleasing to me. I feel myself growing stronger with each challenge I overcome, each heavy load I release, and each dark issue I face. This inspires me to see the person I am becoming and the new life I will manifest from using my voice to guide the energy into the direction of my dreams. 



So things are changing with you and with who is around you and with the you that you can feel is starting to rise in NEW WAYS. So it can be an introspective time where you can see that you are looking at something that IS changing, but the change or the end result isn’t really there, so for now you explore in the feeling realm where the entirety of life can be processed.

It can feel like a big time for you, where you just don’t know but the feelings are getting your attention and letting you know that something is changing. Now what is really beautiful is that the change is very much like the butterfly birthing and what is to come in your life is a much stronger focus on love and wanting to have spaces in your life where you are just alone and quiet and not doing and not thinking about and not being pulled towards. You are birthing into wanting to do things your way and to find your voice in some upleveled way.  

The desire to withdraw into a more sacred space in life is going to take root and it’s going to calm your temperament and anxiety. This is really just about deciding to be an artist in life and to not buy into what you can see is ruining people. This time now is where you ponder over big thoughts and remember old dreams or old feelings around things that are getting you into position to think of new ways to explore life -- in the same way the caterpillar has these certain options and the butterfly has other ones. 

So from feeling maybe awkward or uncertain or seeking for something and never finding it, you now will learn the more trusting flow that we ultimately discover when we make more time to be artists and to just meditate with something we love to do.

You also are in such a sweet position, even though your nervous system may say otherwise, this is a magical time where you make connections and things come together for you to make sense, but it’s from the meandering of life and the traveling with no rules and just this new allowing way. If you do try to force control on your life right now, things just won’t really move forward and then you can start to beat yourself up, thinking you are getting it wrong and that the wait or the process is a sign of how things will always be.

But you are behind the curtains for a good reason because something is drawing you in and when you get in there something you need to know will be shared with you – actually MANY things. So pretend it is time for winter, which it is in some places, and plot out the next amazing project you will bring forward or the next big thing you will passionately give your heart and soul as you go into this retreat.

I feel this time will have a lot of yearning for, and instead of seeing this as something negative, see that it is like a baby bird reaching for food and not something affirming the hunger or what is not making you happy. The yearning for is because you are changing, and this changing version wants something more.

Now you also will be getting LOTS OF SIGNS. Birds will show up or things will happen that keep guiding you into the mystery and guiding you into that other way of perceiving life and what we need to know and do next. So expect things loud around you in synchronistic ways that are actually working together to get you into this space where you shift your focus and FLY instead of scarcity scoot.


I am taking this time for me to slow down and appraise my feelings and what they are saying about this next leg of my journey. I pause and feel and wait to receive the guidance from within that will direct me to the most positive outcomes. I surrender into the mystery to take over and lead me home to me. I can trust this process and soon I will feel free.



So here is where things change in the blink of an eye, as you will finally round corners where synchronicity or the return to what was lost will find you again and from there something upgrades in regards to what you start wishing your life to be. A burden will release or something will come in to alleviate the pain and provide a solution to something that deals with your career or people you are involved with, where you need another or are counting on this outside thing to provide for you or see you.

One thing about this energy is saying that you are in this sort of testing space in regards to the thoughts that you are holding that deal with the wonderment of future things and also how you fit into the world and if you do feel supported out there. So the universe put you into this position to maybe get things feeling a little off so that you do start to believe in more for yourself or that there IS a way IN FACT and to get you remembering that you can figure it all out. And even if the terrain has changed and what you did before is not working now, remember that you do have the ability to come up with the solutions and figure your way out.

Something is waking up in you again and it will come in flashes and the changes will bring the sense that love is back or creative inspiration is back or something gets you feeling hopeful and that you can dream for a better life.

What is important is that you do not operate in ways where you morph your messages into what you feel others want from you. The quality of unique is what you need to share, no need to be insecure or raw in keeping it real with sharing yourself in some way or sharing your creative gifts or revealing what is in your heart that NEEDS to rise out.

In relationships you can be needing to break the silence and be like a lightning bolt if going against the grain is what need be occurring. Where others have formed you into something else or kept you from believing in yourself or giving you the light that you deserve, you can really spout off at this time and find many reasons to complain about things, but also to really put a plan into rebuilding things.

So how this plays out is not a mistake. If you get a rise, then something will rise to the occasion to meet your needs. But you lead this process and you valuing yourself enough to know you DO deserve to live the upgraded life you dream for, and if you aren’t going to hold the highest values for what you expect to manifest, then who is? This energy is about you taking responsibility and also directing the energy in the most positive way, as if you believe you are charmed and destined to rise quicker than most because of the unique ideas you have for navigating the new terrain before us. You are to think 3 steps ahead and that means accept that what is here right now may be good for you right now, but solutions are coming and each change changes so much else. So what you see today will not be the same in 2 weeks. Just wait and see.

Things are coming to surprise you and what you need to do is now sit in the space of expecting to win the lottery and expecting to get that huge deal and expecting that wildest dream to finally manifest. Put a little wonder into how to make things better, and the ways will find you. You are charmed. Own it and then you get to walk it. There is so much out there for you. Believe there is a way. 


I believe that my past does need to describe what I dream my future to be. I believe the answers will come and the solutions will find their place in perfect timing as I walk this life with grace. I am wide open and ready to receive as I dream for a future that truly holds, sees, and sustains me. My world is full of peace and harmony and that is what I see.



So this is what you have been waiting for!! Okay. So I just saw this thing with all these Capricorns behind this gate that they THOUGHT they should be walking through and were sort of ready to get the party started but something kept stopping them or delaying some process that ultimately was not going on your schedule.

And now the gate has cracked open and we are moving through it, one by one. Now, this also says that we are not all moving through it all at once, so do know that you will hear of other Capricorns talking about awesome things finally being seen or shifting into a new flow or path, while others are still having to wait as they are feeling stuck and the news of others’ success can set them into a negative space.  AND the ENTIRE POINT HERE is that the flow of how you innately move has got to experience an upgrade and shift because waiting is not a bad thing and what you don’t realize is that as you sit back and watch all the others suddenly move forward, you are being given this opportunity to become inspired for what is to come, and hopefully, excited at seeing good things for others.

If you are in the wait right now, it is 100% because you have something from childhood that deals with scarcity or not being held safely. If you don’t feel seen or supported then you will think that others getting seen or supported means you will be the one without and when you get to the front of the line there won’t be anything for you. So inside of you has this SPEEDY GONZALES that was improperly planted into your system. This particular time of wait is getting you into this starting over position where you can start your day on full instead of empty. And when on Full you will have more time and energy to focus on your creativity or plans for bringing more love and beauty into your life.

Things can be changing with your schedule or your balance of what you give and receive and what you will discover is that the more you receive, the more you will have to give. And things that receive are like self-care and hiking and being out in nature and taking breaks and focusing more on family and friends rather than business and the outer world. With a better balance of those things you will be able to GIVE of your gifts and your career with your energy coming from the FULL position.

Something with your roots and what you came from and what you saw WAS NOT OKAY or good enough. And fractures never do go away but we learn better ways to deal with them AND we grow strong because of them, which usually means they become an aspect of our career work or what we end up offering the world. So allow yourself to be taken to places where you DO see that not feeling safe back then has led to OVER emphasizing this control on trying to create future safety through old word ways, or through your career.

You are to discover that when you RECEIVE and focus on your home and roots and cooking and taking care OF YOURSELF and loving on yourself and managing the things that you CAN control, then the outer world pieces just come together on their own -- and better than the version you would get from FORCING things into place.

Things will be shifting quickly that deal with the return or coming around again, and they respond to the love you have been giving yourself. So please, go take a break and bring balance to things you have been overly fixated on. From a grounded position, things WILL fall into place in perfect timing. You are missing out on NOTHING. It IS on the way to you. 


I am seeing a new world manifest before my eyes and it excites me to think of the potential for new that I can create and start over with, like a ball of clay, inviting my creativity to show it the way. As I wait for the pieces to come together, I hold trust for the process and KNOW that I will not lose my place or miss out on anything when I need to take a break.



OKAY THEN!! This one offers so much hope for you! And it 100% is saying that YOU MUST reboot and start over in regards to how words run in your mind. The way your words have run are coming from your sense of value that was established from your early childhood days that imprinted you into thinking you don’t have a place or you can’t be supported and live a safe life that you can count on.

Something with scarcity or not being held is what now has you bracing and expecting your future to contain the same elements. And because of this you can end up creating things that take you to the edge of the cliff where you then can ONLY get through it by believing in yourself and mustering up strength to remember that you are born under the sign of the AGE we are bringing in at this time -- so like, to bring in the new is always something challenging because the old has already taken root and maybe doesn’t want to move along. AND the new is like a new baby and we know how we need to be supportive and gentle with them as they learn to grow into adults. So in all ways the Aquarian journey requires that we be a responsible parent to ourselves -- because you and your things ARE new.

But, knowing that, are you going to walk into your battles or obstacles expecting failure? It is time to upgrade your mind and expand into what TRULY is your potential. And with this you are being asked to coach your inner voices that get you doubting yourself or your magical abilities for things yet to manifest and, instead, plant them with the most gorgeous seeds and visions for what THEY WILL BE. Like, you need to snap those negative things down and BRING the life that you DO imagine for yourself – that you just maybe haven’t seen yet.

You ARE taking a risk at this time that requires you to hold faith and believe the best about something. This is a TEST. So do NOT allow your mind to stay in places where you are not accomplishing big goals. Instead, keep your mind always on knowing you will get through the steps and all the details and you will BUILD this thing and it WILL WORK and you WILL MANIFEST and IT WILL be in your arms and a part of your foundation, eventually.

Because this is a test right now for you, you NEED TO EXPECT that things will push you to the edge and tease you with wondering if maybe this is the end or you do got it wrong or this was the wrong path to take. The path you have taken was perfect. All the things you think of as wrong moves were divinely inspired to get you walking a path that would teach you something. Without the walk you wouldn’t have the plethora that you want to share. And this time is getting you ready to share more and to expand your life through some new form that actually brings freedom or some new sense of joy because it’s like finally being seen or finding a place that feels like home. So prepare your mind for what is to come and do not delay the beauty that is on the way by doubting it with old world fears that need YOU putting them into their place. Who really has the power here???? AQUARIUS DOES. Stop muddying up your future by doubting it away. The Age of Aquarius is here to stay. So walk it for the rest of the world to witness, and talk it as if it is already here.  


I am facing the reality that I am not always a best friend to myself inside. And I am changing that today as I plant seeds of hope into all the fears I doubt into my future through buying into what others programmed me to believe. I have awakened and I believe there is a higher plan for me. Therefore, I lean into my future with trust in the yet unknown. I am my best friend.



So this energy is going to feel like a bit of a test to you but notice that something inside your mind is changing so that all the obstacles and tests are being talked down by you and not allowed to be the looming and fearful thing OTHERS have programmed you to believe. This is a big shedding of your skins where the truth of how your system CAN RUN is breaking through the mold of others telling you it can’t be done.

Therefore, you will hit this edge OFTEN where the doubts will come or things making you think maybe you are wrong about visions or dreams you hold for your future, that MOST LIKELY are around money or supporting yourself with your creative gifts. So it can feel like a nagging inside you where, because you are still working for something, the weight of what needs to be worked through can just dampen your hopes.

BUT. What you really need to know is that this is all a strengthening that is occurring or something similar to testing if you are really walking the talk that you are intellectualizing. In 2020 a new energy comes in that basically will be asking us daily, are you walking it or are you still only talking it? We forget that the talking is the easy part and the walking takes us bravely heading into the unknown where we will be asked to use all of our tools and skills to navigate terrain that won’t be as easy as just talking it. Like, talking about hiking a mountain is NOTHING like the actual huffing and puffing of the upward climb. Talking about building a house is nothing like the actual building of the house and the stress from working with so many details and people that you are depending on.

And you are in something that is JUST TEACHING YOU about your value system and all the work of the past year where things have shown you rips in your tapestry that allow others to cross boundaries and to take what you SHOULD be saying NO to. But saying no is WALKING IT. Bringing the boundaries for others to see and understand is WALKING IT.

So this time is giving you reasons to STOP the fear, the scarcity, the worrying that YOU DON’T GOT IT, when in fact you 100% DO. And you do when you listen to YOUR VOICE and YOUR WAYS and NOT what the rest of the world is doing. Your body has given too much. And something with how you assert yourself is changing your role, but this is different than how you have been, and it needs to be your STRONGER SELF.

So expect some STRONG WORDS and to direct them like an arrow declaring your boundaries and drawing the line. YOU NEED TO DO THIS. And next month is going to flutter open in a very positive and magical way IF YOU DO. So find your Kali and use your voice and allow your body to guide you through all the obstacles that are only here to test you. This is when we find the fears that you don’t want to take with you to this next destination that you ARE getting to soon.


I am climbing this mountain towards the life of my dreams and I understand and respect that challenges are there to test my dedication towards ideas in my mind that are not yet actualized. I believe in something greater and I know I got it in me to manifest a life that honors and values my Piscean Divinity. I will succeed and manifest my dreams.