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I'm Kerryanna Vanzo,

but you can call me KV.



I’m a Pisces born on March 11 on the Full Moon in Virgo with a 1 degree Capricorn Rising, a 4/6 Generator, to hippie, free love, pot smoking parents (a Sagittarius Dad and Pisces Mom) in the early 70's and near St. Louis. I was born in a town called Highland. I had no fences, no rules, no curfews, no religion, was never told I had to be anything in particular, and I grew up like a weed where at 4 I would be off in the woods all day entertaining myself, just flowing and going and doing my Pisces thing.

Freedom was abundant for me and because of that I always do keep moving when I am guided to go with the flows of change. I moved to San Francisco, Santa Fe and even Durango, where I currently reside, without stepping foot there first and only following the lead of guided inspiration and the feeling of this being where I next need to be.

I never had kids, never been married, have a Venus in Aquarius in the 1st house in a trine with Uranus in Libra in the 9th house -- in a mutual reception, and a Jupiter/Neptune in Sagittarius conjunction sits at the exact midpoint. I have always been different, have lived different, have questioned authority and trusted Spirit at all turns, have always used my voice and gone outside the lines if ever required, and have never allowed another persons path to be the one I must follow.

Wildly unconventional, independent, and wired to the metaphysics I channel wisdom direct, from a higher source and for the world at this time so that we can awaken again to our innate power -- and save Earth.



I am in this work to share of my gifts that lead to people vibing high as they navigate the rough terrain of what life is for us now on Earth. It is not easy, and all of us struggle to process the changes and truth that we see now a days.

I share my gifts that are here to keep you sane and on path so that you can be grounded in reality and not just lofty in the mind where stability cannot be found.

We have big work to do and I am here to motivate the leaders, to help keep you flying true. 

When you fly as you, you fly way higher than when not you. I'll help you find you and then I’ll turn you into Kali, where NOTHING will ever phase you – because you will remember that even if on the edge of the cliff, AGAIN -- you will remember that you got the tools and you ARE going to use them if ever they be called out of you. So nothing to fear here -- or ever in your future.

Life may not be easy, but it can feel easier when you feel safe here and like you are supported. And when you feel safe and held in life your DREAMS EXPAND and you live more consciously and abundantly.

So I am in this to help you living life BIG so that our world can manifest into the beauty we dream for Earth to be for generations to come. It is you and me that bring the new world dream into reality. I will help you dream through hugging you tight and nurturing your soul with what is just right.



Since 2005 I have had the domain name and trademark for Aquarius Nation after hearing those words as if spoken from the parting skies -- and I knew this was the description name for "The Rainbow Tribe", as referred in a Native American prophecy about the beings who are HERE NOW to bring in the Age of Aquarius -- and save Earth.

As the Mayan calendar ended we face the potential destruction of Earth due to the extravagant over consumption by humans -- which is what brought the extinction of the Mayans at this last similar juncture in history. And we all see FOR REAL that extinction is in our close view -- and we know we have to do something about it. We can't just sit and allow our ship to hit straight into the iceberg when THERE IS STILL TIME TO CHANGE THIS. The clock is ticking and we need to be doing. We can rest when we see a better world in sight.

But also with the brilliant name Aquarius Nation, describing the beings who are bringing in the Age of Aquarius comes something NEGATIVE where I exclude 11 other signs from knowing I am reaching out to them too. I personally would not stay around if I heard Leo Nation because I am not a Leo.

On instagram when I share the New or Full Moon readings Aquarius gets around 5000 likes and every other sign gets about 500 likes. So my name BLOCKS a lot of people from knowing that I am reaching ALL SIGNS.

And I stayed stubborn in holding steady to the name until 2019, 20 years after starting my business, when a Mercury Retrograde opened my mind to seeing that it's only hurting the movement to hide my work behind a name that is not inclusive.

So KV Life was born. But the vision remains the same.




I am a Psychic Astrologer so reading astrology is pretty magical for me because all I have to do is throw out a question and the answer comes through me in symbols, words or things to interpret. With my daily readings I go into this reading room and I just interpret whatever I am seeing and feeling on that day. With the Full and New Moon readings, the best way to express it is that I step into the body of a which ever sign and then I interpret what I am FEELING. I have keen senses with my feeling abilities. What I feel effortlessly comes into words and that is what I share in the readings. So I step into energy and then I am able to just share whatever it is so that it is easy to understand and learn from.



Astrology was woven into my upbringing with opportunities to intuitively study the planets when I was younger. Even when I was 28 I went to this garage sale where this astrologer was selling all of her astrology books, which there were about 200 of them, and all for $20. I took them all and still carry them with me over the decades even though the majority of them haven’t even been opened by me! But I joke that astrology chose me and forced me on its path, even though I first was in fashion design, and still really dream of having my own café one day. But astrology comes natural to me and all of my work is channeled messages that I have no idea I even know. My business started as Galileo's Vision back in 1999 and I believe that I share the same soul as Galileo and it’s why I incarnated with these gifts to read the stars as if I already have established a relationship with them.



KV Life: Raising your Kali Awareness and supporting your Mastery of Life.


Well from one angle, I am KV. But KV Life has a deeper meaning than just making it about me.

In numerology the K is number 11

and the V is number 22,

and they are the only master numbers we can have in our name.

And MASTERY indicates something of a challenging or testing journey. Mastery means we have to put in time and effort -- and that way of being goes against our programmed microwave mentality of wanting all things as quickly as we can get them.

But mastery also means we learn through trial and error because we have to get out there and do it to learn how to do it better.

And we often make mistakes as gateways for growth.

When we fall, we remember. And the key component to KV Life is that we get back up and don’t accept defeat as an option, as our new wiring knows there is a way to bring some level of change or healing to all things that are out of balance.

We are to just keep at it and believe that there is a way and that there is great purpose in staying dedicated to the patient and slow climb of life mastery.

Here at KV Life we strive to imprint you with the support and tools you need to keep with your challenges and to move through them until they become blessings gracing your life with the better things that are a part of your destiny to obtain.

There is more available for you in life and Spirit brought you here to activate and awaken your power. It’s time to live your best KV life and to rise from the ashes of the provocation that rebirths you new.




KV Life: Raising your Kali Awareness and supporting your Mastery of Life.


Kali is what we strive to embody in the KV Life.

Kali is our Goddess and here to represent the strength we are to discover in life. She brings the message that you DO have the tools you need to succeed and thrive just as you dream. You got what it takes, therefore no need to worry or fret about future steps in life. With tools, you are good to go.

She also brings the message that you ARE to use whatever tool is called out of you WHEN it is called out of you. Kali uses her throat to deliver and to never hold things inside, which leads to resentment, or keeping the true self hidden -- nor does she forget her power in the face of others with flashy threats or manipulations and intimidations to get her going small.

Kali sees through all the disguises set to make her fall weak and lose hope in her power, lose faith in her feminine, lose value in her visions.  She is not fooled BECAUSE she has the tools, she is equipped. And she may not know what is coming her way as a threat, but she does have the tools to handle it all.

We cannot choose what befalls our path, but we can handle it and we do have the tools to get through any struggle or challenge on our journey.

The last message that Kali brings is that we are not to think in terms of expecting a fight with life, expecting a challenge from life, being on guard believing that something negative is on the way, but rather we are to surrender to life and accept what is, and just flow from that, while consciously working to create something better if suddenly a challenge arises on path.

Kali walks loosely with full on trust, but acts quickly IF NEED BE. And if the terrain changes, she changes with it, but she does NOT go out looking for a fight. She is not a fighter as she is THE lover, actually -- but if called to fight, she will pull out whatever tool is required and DELIVER.  


Here at KV Life we discover our tools, awaken our strength, and move forward with confidence knowing that no matter what WE GOT THIS.

Kali doesn’t waiver. She is not unsure ever. And she is inside of you just waiting to get out and manifest you the KV Life you deserve to be living. It is there. I will help you find it.