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POTION DROPS | must have mini's
POTION DROPS | must have mini's
POTION DROPS | must have mini's

POTION DROPS | must have mini's


Tinctures & Oils:
High Vibe Woman
Empath Shield
Lightning Bolt
FIX Face Oil
Clear Skies

All of our apothecary are also available in 1/4 ounce sizes too! These ones you can throw in your bag or pocket or have in your car for emergencies!

(The picture has our old size which is 1/8 ounce! You will get 1/4 ounce with this listing!)

► HIGH VIBE WOMAN: Balances your hormones, helps you to feel beautiful and energizes you to take care of what needs to get done!

► EMPATH SHIELD: Protects you against other peoples energies and opens your heart!

► LIGHTNING BOLT: A serious MOOD ELEVATOR!! It makes you feel very carefree and giddy about life! Helps with KEEPING YOU GOING. Anti-depressant. Helps calm and ground you when something shocking happens like a car accident or death. This SAVED me when Moon Bear died. I went through a whole bottle in one week.

► BLOSSOM: Helps you to open your heart and WALK your true essence!

► DETOX: Cleans the liver and helps your skin to look BEAUTIFUL!

► ENERGIZE: Charges you will energy and a clear mind but does not keep you awake at night!